Goldie Blocks Trophy

  • Goldie Blocks


    Overheat and destroy 50 gold LEGO bricks.

    Dotted around all levels of the game are gold LEGO bricks that can only be destroyed by overheating them. This is easiest done when playing levels in free play and using the chain gun Clone character. Just destroy 50 of these gold blocks across all levels and this trophy will unlock.

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  • If you want to take this one out of the way faster, just Free play Blue virus, on the tunnels there are around 20 Golden boxes that you can easily destroy in a row with the heavy gunner.
  • If you want to do it even faster. Do the space missions. You have to use a aircraft with rapid fire. I did the space mission twice and got it.
  • Easy way to do it was posted by hellslegion92 on your sister site. After you have 10 gold blocks, use the elevators in the game hub to get to the hanger. Purchase any ship, then fly to the CIS (droid) command ship and purchase the Soulless One (Rapid Fire) for 200,000 studs. When in the Genosis system, fly outside in the Soulless One and shoot all the gold asteroids floating about. After shooting 50 of them, you'll get the trophy. -- Yours Truly, Paul R. # Spook Central: The Ghostbusters Companion - # The Corner Penthouse -

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