Field commander Trophy in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

  • Field commander


    Using the Radio ability, command troops 50 times.

    How to unlock Field commander

    When playing ground battles, you get to build clone barracks. When enough clones appear they form a troop. Using a clone character with a radio, walk up to the troop and press to start commanding the troop. Do this to 50 different troops and the trophy will unlock.

    Credit to Boris Johnson for the following tip: To get "Field Commander" really quickly, build two barracks on adjacent spaces. When both groups of clones come out, just keep alternating between them and pressing , you can get the trophy in just over a minute.

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  • Specifically you can put the two barracks next to each other, walk between them, and you will see the circle prompt above them. Just hit circle back and forth between the two barracks and you'll get the trophy. At first I was trying to go between the two groups of troops that come out of the barracks but they'd start walking away when I'd switch between them.
  • Easy way to do it was posted by ChaZey LaMe on your sister site. Play the "Legacy of Terror" level in Story Mode. You start next to a group of Clone Troopers with the red radio waves above their heads. Get control over Commander Cody, go to the group and press Circle. Then press R1 to change character and press L1 to change back to Commander Cody. Press Circle again. Just repeat this until the trophy unlocks. This takes only 2 minutes or less ;-) -- Yours Truly, Paul R. # Spook Central: The Ghostbusters Companion - # The Corner Penthouse -

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