Admiral of the fleet Trophy in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

  • Admiral of the fleet


    Convert every system to the Republic. (Single Player Only)

    How to unlock Admiral of the fleet

    As you play through the game you get messages after completing levels saying that Ground Battles
    have unlocked. These can be accessible via any control panel on your ship or the Invisible Hand.

    To play Republic missions and therefore aim for Admiral of the Fleet, use the bottom left option of the six you get when you use a control panel. You will bring up a star chart of planets.

    Highlight one that is red and then select Launch Assault. Complete the mission to earn a Gold brick and bring that planet under Republic control. Repeat this for all planets where the name is in red and Admiral of the Fleet will unlock.

    Once you have all the planet's names, blue in colour, you will have them under Republic control and will now need to have them under Separatist control to get Viceroy of the fleet.

    To access the Separatist’s missions, land on the blue hand and then go into the ship at the back of the screen. Destroy the silver gate blocking the control panel and then you will be able to select the bottom middle option, which will be the Separatist’s missions.

    This time highlight a planet that's name is blue in colour and then select launch assault. Complete the mission and once won the planet's name will turn red. Turn all planet names red in colour and you will unlock Viceroy of the fleet.

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  • i dont have the repuplic assult but i have seperatist what to do?
  • To physically unlock both sides -I mean physically because you need to break the pillar that blocks the console where they are available after you proprly made them available by progressing through the story- for the Republic you need to go down the elevator and then move to the back to the room with the bars that take a bit to open when you approach and then take the elevator on the right, to the ground vehicle hangar, select a vehicle capable of destroying silver and access the console to activate them. For the Separatists go to the right side in the Invisible hand hangar, go to the bridge and again pick up a vehicle capable of destroying silver and access the terminal there to make them available in any other terminal.
  • I'm about to throw this game out the window, I've turned every signle system to the Republic all at one time and I haven't gotten anything. Yes I have beaten the story mode, yes I have unlocked all the characters in the Brig and everything. This trophy won't pop and it's extremely aggravating. Unless there's an invisible planet that I have to unlock by doing something else that I'm unaware of I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Someone please help. Many thanks.
  • Got invincibility and super speeders and thes mission are still a pain to do!

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