Road Map


  • Estimated difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Trophy Breakdown (all offline): 37 (1, 4, 12, 20)
  • Approximate amount of time to : 20-30 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 2 (See Introduction)
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: No difficulty levels
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: No


Here's the next instalment of the Lego franchise and the first of two Lego Harry Potter games. This game will take you through years 1 to 4, following the wizarding life of Harry Potter from his birth to narrowly escaping Lord Voldemort. This game has endless hours of fun alone or with a friend from completing the story levels to purchasing every character to play as. This game is extremely authentic and is a near match to the films/books with the added hilarity of the Lego game series.

You will be playing each level through twice, once for the story and once again in free play to obtain all the collectables. We will go into more detail in the walkthrough.

While it is a relatively simple Platinum, a few glitches involving collectibles can make it a nightmare. These can force you to start over due to one little collectable glitching out on you, thus rendering all your progress useless. This is because it causes 'You're the best' along with 'The Bonus Level is Yours' to be unattainable on the save file it glitched on. See the descriptions for these trophies for more details on which collectables can glitch on you, how to prevent problems and when to make a backup just in case as it can be really demoralizing to be so close and lose it all. Also, some users have reported instances of freezing so beware of this. Finally there are few other glitches and errors that can lock out collectables. If you hit one of these then try deleting the patch and reinstalling, if this doesn't work then your only choice is to start over.

Finally, as stated in the overview, cheats do not disable trophies so you can use them if you want and not get punished. These cheats are normally unlocked through finding Red Bricks then having the necessary Studs to buy them but if you go into a shop in Diagon Alley, you can enter codes to get coin multipliers, invincibility and collectable detectors that make your job easier. The 5 multipliers are the most helpful as they allow you to get millions of coins in seconds, thus making buying characters later on and getting True Wizard on each level a breeze. This also means you do not have to hunt for the red bricks later as they are already unlocked. However, if you enter them all you will need to find one of the bricks normally before the trophy pops. See 'Power Up!' for a full list of cheats.


Step 1 (Story):

Simply play through all the story levels. There are 24 levels spread across Harry's first four years at Hogwarts, plus some lessons on spells and small sections inbetween that teach you new spells. If you pause and the name of the book is at the bottom, there are no collectables to look out for (except for the ones spread around Hogwarts free roam) and it is not replayable later. All you need to do is follow the ghost and his studs (which you should pick up to get 'Ghostly Treasure' faster) and you will be taken through the story. You shouldn't have any problems but if you get stuck, destroy everything you see and you will find your way.

Step 2 (Replay levels):

In the Leaky Cauldron you can replay missions on a board on the right wall. Each level has 4 golden bricks to collect, one for completing the level and one each for getting True Wizard (you shouldn't have to worry about this if you use cheats), the Student in Peril and each House Crest. Each level also has 3 characters to collect. Some of these require characters with different skills first, you will want to collect one of each first to make everything possible in one replay.

Here is each skill required along with the easiest character to collect with it, see the collectible guide linked below for the exact location of these.
  • Key Character - Griphook (1-1)
  • Strength Character - Fang (1-5)
  • Dark Magic - Barty Crouch Jr. (4-1)
All other skills required such as pets and rune doors are possessed by the default trio. Then go through each level again (it should take much less time with the ability to switch characters) and collect each collectible in each level. When you are done (or you can do it every so often, it doesn’t matter) go to Madam Malkin's Robes in Diagon Alley and buy all the characters you collected.

Here is a great collectable guide over at our sister site to help you find everything: collectible guide

Step 3 (Free-roam Collectables):

In this game you are able to explore Hogwarts and Diagon Alley, where every room have their own collectables to find. House Crests are not featured in free roam so you are looking for Characters, Gold Bricks and Students in Peril (and Red Bricks if you decided not to use cheats for them all). This is where you need to watch out for glitches which can mess everything up, check out the trophy guide before getting in to collecting everything. Some were patched whilst others remain.

You will want to do the underground section of the left-hand Charms Room last due to a nasty glitch where you cannot leave. We also recommend saving the Dorm Rooms until later, as you will need someone from each house before being able to access some of them. When you are done go back to Diagon Alley and purchase all the characters. Go into Gringotts at the end and do all the bonus levels. Go under the Leaky Cauldron and build all four statues. You should now have all the collectables except for one character. Go into Knockturn Alley and go into the shop at the end called "Borgin and Burke's", build the door for the bonus level and complete it to receive Lord Voldemort. Buy him and you should have 100%. Here is the collectable guide again: collectible guide

Here is also a great map by RadiantViper of if you are struggling to find an area: CLICKY

Step 4 (Misc trophies):

Now get any misc trophies you have remaining. For any 'Kill x enemies with y' trophies the best level is 'The Forbidden Forest' or 'Follow the Spiders'. Do the trophies that need to be done in a specific level such as defeating the 1-2 boss with Quirrell, finishing 1-3 in five minutes, finishing the 1-6 boss with Voldemort and defeating Harry with Voldemort at the end of 4-6 etc. Two other trophies you may not have are Watch Out! and 'Solid Snape', both of which can be done in the first level. Finally you need to become a ghost character and scare 20 people (Boo!) and freeze 20 people with Glacius (available in 'Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment') for the 'Chilled out' trophy and you should have a new Platinum!

You enter all cheats on the top floor of 'Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment' in Diagon Alley. These are normally obtained finding the red bricks, entering these mean you only have to find one (see 'Power Up'):

H27KGC - Character Studs
HA79V8 - Character Token Detector
T7PVVN - Christmas
J9U6Z9 - Extra Hearts
ZEX7MV - Fall Rescue
Z9BFAD - Fast Dig
FA3GQA - Fast Magic
84QNQN - Gold Brick Detector
TTMC6D - Hogwarts Crest Detector
QQWC6B - Invincibility
7AD7HE - Red Brick Detector
89ML2W - Regenerate Hearts
H8X69Y - Score x10
74YKR7 - Score x2
J3WHNK - Score x4
XK9ANE - Score x6
HUFV2H - Score x8
BMEU6X - Singing Mandrake
67FKWZ - Stud Magnet

Gold Bricks:
These are the bricks normally purchased in Diagon Alley. You still need to buy the most expensive ones but these codes can save you a few million studs:

QE4VC7 - Gold Brick 1
FY8H97 - Gold Brick 2
3MQT4P - Gold Brick 3
PQPM7Z - Gold Brick 4
ZY2CPA - Gold Brick 5
3GMTP6 - Gold Brick 6
XY6VYZ - Gold Brick 7
TUNC4W - Gold Brick 8
EJ42Q6 - Gold Brick 9
GFJCV9 - Gold Brick 10
DZCY6G - Gold Brick 11

[PS3T Would Like to Thank C-IRVINE-94 and TheManUtdFan for this Road Map]


LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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37 trophies ( 12  20  )

  • Collect all the bronze, silver and gold trophies

    Earn the other 36 trophies in this game to obtain this shiny Platinum.

  • Complete Year One Story Levels

    As this trophy states, you must complete all of the Year One (Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone) levels. The levels are as follows:

    • The Magic Begins
    • Out of the Dungeon
    • A Jinxed Broom
    • The Restricted Section
    • The Forbidden Forest
    • The Face of the Enemy
  • Complete Year Two Story Levels

    As this trophy states, you must complete all of the Year Two (The Chamber of Secrets) levels. The levels are as follows:

    • Floo Powder
    • Dobby's Plan
    • Crabbe and Goyle
    • Tom Riddle's Diary
    • Follow the Spiders
    • The Basilisk
  • Complete Year Three Story Levels

    As this trophy states, you must complete all of the Year Three (The Prisoner of Azkaban) levels. The levels are as follows:

    • News from Azkaban
    • Hogsmeade
    • Mischief Managed
    • The Shrieking Shack
    • Dementor's Kiss
    • The Dark Tower
  • Complete Year Four Story Levels

    As this trophy states, you must complete all of the Year Four (The Goblet of Fire) levels. The levels are as follows:

    • The Quidditch World Cup
    • Dragons
    • The First Task
    • The Secret of the Egg
    • The Black Lake
    • The Dark Lord Returns
  • Complete All Story Lessons

    This trophy is story related and can not be missed. All classes are attended during the course of the story, the last one is the 'Reducto' spell in the Defence Against The Dark Arts class.

  • Complete the Story Levels in all four years

    This will unlock automatically once all of the 24 story levels are completed. Once you have the following four trophies, this one will pop:

    • Junior
    • Senior
    • Prefect
    • Head Boy
  • Collect all of the house crests in Year 1

    See 'The Ultimate Collector'

  • Collect all of the house crests in Year 2

    See 'The Ultimate Collector'

  • Collect all of the house crests in Year 3

    See 'The Ultimate Collector'

  • Collect all of the house crests in Year 4

    In each of the 24 story levels, there is a crest to collect. The crest is split into 4 parts (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin). Once you obtain all four pieces, you will have the full crest. You will need some special characters such as dark magic and strength characters to obtain some or some spells that you don't learn until later. It is impossible to get some crest pieces in story mode so you will need to get them in free play after you have the necessary characters unlocked (see Step 2 of the roadmap)

    For the locations of these, you can either use the 'Crest Detector' cheat which is outlined in 'Power Up' or use the collectible guide.

  • Collect all of the Red Bricks

    As stated in the Roadmap you don't need to find all the red bricks if you don't want to. You can enter the 19 cheats in Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment in Diagon Alley to unlock all but one, then go and find the last one (Collect Ghost Studs) in the Fountain Courtyard and the trophy will unlock. Refer to this collectable guide to find it or all of them if you don’t want to cheat. It is recommended that you do cheat though if you want to breeze through the game and get enough studs to buy characters easily.


    • Character Studs - H27KGC
    • Character Token Detector - HA79V8
    • Christmas - T7PVVN
    • Extra Hearts - J9U6Z9
    • Fall Rescue - ZEX7MV
    • Fast Dig - Z9BFAD
    • Fast Magic - FA3GQA
    • Gold Brick Detector - 84QNQN
    • Hogwarts Crest Detector - TTMC6D
    • Invincibility - QQWC6B
    • Red Brick Detector - 7AD7HE
    • Regenerate Hearts - 89ML2W
    • Score x2 - 74YKR7
    • Score x4 - J3WHNK
    • Score x6 - XK9ANE
    • Score x8 - HUFV2H
    • Score x10 - H8X69Y
    • Singing Mandrake - BMEU6X
    • Stud Magnet - 67FKWZ
  • Collect all of the Gold Bricks

    Some of the Gold Bricks can glitch on you and not reappear so you are stuck out of your 100% on that save file and are forced to start over. We will detail these at the end of the description of this trophy, make sure you read it before starting on the Hogwarts collectables.

    There are 200 gold bricks in total. Most of the tasks also have a trophy associated with them, check them for more details.

    They are available as follows:

    • 72 for completing, getting all the house crests and getting true wizard in every level
    • 50 for the Students in Peril (24 in level, 26 across free roam)
    • 36 scattered across Hogwarts and Diagon Alley (See the collectable guide)
    • 16 through story progression when you learn new things
    • 12 available in the Owl Emporium for sale, 6.6m studs in total (11 unlockable through cheats in Roadmap)
    • 10 for completing each Gringotts bonus level
    • 4 for building each statue under the Leaky Cauldron (after getting all the gold bricks in the levels)

    When you get all 200 gold bricks this trophy is yours, the bonus level to unlock Voldemort becomes available. Refer to this guide for the Free-roam bricks.

    Charms Left Class Underground Area - Some people have not been able to leave this area meaning they cannot do anything else in Hogwarts. The assumed cause is trying to leave on the dragon when the game is saving. Also, some people have reported not being able to re-enter the room. Make sure you get everything in one go and it may be a good idea to leave this area for last. Make a backup beforehand.

    Library Second Room - Make sure to have Harry and a Dark Magic Character with you when attempting the Wizard (Red) Character. You need to defeat three enemies including a Dementor. If you leave halfway through, the creatures there may not respawn upon returning. This means you cannot get this thus locking yourself out of the 100%

    Clock Tower - The gold brick in here has been reported to not appear despite the correct things being done, make a backup beforehand just in case this happens to you.

    There are also a few more glitches but they don't affect your %, here is a Gamefaqs thread, (credit to ixbay), that details some of them.

  • Rescue all students in peril

    Scattered around Hogwarts and each level are students who need help, such as being stuck behind vines or somehow hanging from a high spot. Each level has one to find and there are 26 in free-roam, meaning there are a total of 50. You will know if you have got one in a level if the face on the level select screen is smiling, plus a notification will come on screen saying you found one.

    Like the house crests some require special characters or spells you do not learn until late in the story, this means you can not get them all in your first runthrough of the story. Refer to this collectable guide for the location of all the Students.

  • Get True Wizard in every level

    To get True Wizard you need to hit a hidden target number of studs in a level. If you use all the multiplier cheats, you will get True Wizard in seconds meaning you won’t need to worry about it. Here are the multiplier cheats again:

    • Score x2 - 74YKR7
    • Score x4 - J3WHNK
    • Score x6 - XK9ANE
    • Score x8 - HUFV2H
    • Score x10 - H8X69Y

    Once you have gotten True Wizard on every level, this trophy will pop.

  • Complete the game to 100%

    *GLITCH WARNING - See 'The Bonus Level is Yours' for more details*
    This is the big one. You need to do pretty much everything to get this:

    • Complete every level
    • All 200 Gold Bricks (See 'The Bonus Level is Yours' for more details)
    • All 20 red bricks (can use cheats)
    • All characters found and bought from Madam Malkin's Robes
    • All bonus levels and tutorials in Gringotts
    • The bonus level situated in Borgin and Burkes awarded for getting all gold bricks
    • Purchase all spells from 'Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment'

    Once all of this is done the trophy will pop. Please note that it may have a delay of up to a minute before popping.

  • Buy every version of Voldemort (Quirrell/Tom Riddle/Voldemort)

    For this trophy you must unlock Lord Voldemort in all of his forms and then purchase them. The brackets show the cost to purchase them along with their general location.

    • Professor Quirrell (Lord Voldemort) (155,000 Studs, In "The Face of the Enemy" level)
    • Tom Riddle (85,500 Studs, In "The Basilisk" level)
    • Lord Voldemort (1,000,000 Studs, You must have all 200 Gold Bricks then go to Borgin and Burkes for the secret level. Build the arch, do the level inside then the character is yours)

    You will find all these characters automatically when doing the collectables (with the exception of Voldemort), you don't have to worry about this too much.

  • Buy the entire Gryffindor Quidditch team from Book One

    There are multiple characters you must buy to unlock this trophy, they are as follows, (the brackets show the cost to purchase them along with their general location):

    • Harry (Quidditch) - (85,000 Studs, Quidditch Training Field)
    • Oliver Wood (27,500 Studs, Garden Courtyard)
    • Alicia Spinnet (17,500 Studs, Library 2nd room (Restricted section))
    • Angelina Johnson - (17,500 Studs, Small courtyard)
    • Katie Bell - (25,000 Studs, Quidditch Field Entrance)
    • Fred (Quidditch) - (60,000 Studs, "A Jinxed Broom" level)
    • George (Quidditch) - (60,000 Studs, Quidditch Field Entrance)

    You will unlock all these characters automatically when doing the collectables, you don't have to worry about this too much.

  • Use the Time-Turner

    The Time-Turner ability becomes available after the completion of year 3. You use the Time-Turner in front of one of the four Grandfather clocks found at Hogwarts. The locations for this are:

    • Gryffindor Dorm Bedroom
    • Quidditch Field Entrance
    • Hagrid's Garden
    • Owlery

    They are all particularly easy to spot in these areas. To use it take control of Hermione and press whilst standing in front of one. You will get the trophy soon after. This can not be missed while going for 100% as some Collectables are only available in the past versions of these rooms.

  • Complete all the LEGO Builder tutorial levels.

    The LEGO Builder tutorial levels can be found in Gringotts Bank at the end of Diagon Alley. There are 4 tutorials which teach you the basics of creating levels. They are found in the 2nd-5th doors of the bank. Simply complete all 4 for this trophy.

  • Defeat 20 enemies with Fang

    Fang is the dog that accompanies you in a couple of the story levels such as 'The Forbidden Forest' and 'Follow the Spiders'. There are plenty of enemies in these levels, mainly bees, so whenever you see one, switch to him and attack the bee to kill it. If you don't get it in your first playthrough of the game, he will automatically be chosen when you go back to these levels in Free Play. This means you will have more chances to get this trophy.

  • Buy the entire Weasley family

    For this trophy you must purchase one of every member of the Weasley family, there are multiple variations of some them but only one is needed for the trophy. we'll list the original characters. The brackets show the cost to purchase them along with their general location

    • Ron Weasley (25,000 Studs, Gryffindor dorm room)
    • Ginny Weasley (75,000 Studs, Defence Against Dark Arts Lesson Area)
    • Fred Weasley (55,000 Studs, Transfiguration lesson area)
    • George Weasley (55,000 Studs, "Floo Powder story level")
    • Percy Weasley (27,500 Studs, Forest Pathway)
    • Arthur Weasley (75,000 Studs, "Floo Powder" story level)
    • Molly Weasley (72,500 Studs, Hogwarts Great Hall)
  • Defeat Quirrell in the Quirrell boss fight, using Voldemort

    To unlock Voldemort you need to get all 200 Gold Bricks and then do the bonus level in Knockturn Alley. See 'The Bonus Level is yours' for more details on unlocking him.

    After you unlock him replay the mission 1-6 but sure you pick Voldemort as a playable character. Then just play through the mission, you don't need to use Voldemort until the final fight with Quirrell at the end. As long as you finish him off using Voldemort you will get this trophy.

  • Collect 10 million studs in one level

    If you have all the multipliers switched on, you will get this trophy a matter of seconds after starting a level. See 'Stud Magnet' for the codes for the multipliers. This cannot be obtained in the Bonus Levels.

  • Defeat 20 spiders with Ron

    There are a few small spiders you will occasionally but the main place you can get this is the boss fight near the end of 'Follow the Spiders'. The giant spider will summon many other smaller (but still quite large) spiders, more than enough for this trophy. As long as you don't defeat the boss by throwing overturned spiders at it, they will keep coming so you can easily get this trophy.

  • Freeze 20 characters using Glacius

    Glacius is available to purchase in 'Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment' in Diagon Alley. It is advised that you buy this spell first and get it out the way before purchasing other spells, otherwise about 15 spells will be alternating in the same spot and you have to get the timing right to cast it. When you have bought the spell, set your top spell and hit when it shows the freeze icon in the top corner. Sometimes you will miss-cast a different spell but it shouldn't take too long to run around Diagon Alley and hit 20 people.

  • Boo!


    Scare 20 students using a ghost character

    First you will need to find and purchase a ghost character. You will get these through collecting everything anyway.

    • Professor Binns
    • Lily Evans
    • James Potter
    • Bloody Baron
    • The Fat Friar
    • The Grey Lady
    • Nearly Headless Nick
    • Moaning Myrtle

    Then you will need to go to Hogwarts and find some Polyjuice Potion (the gold cauldrons). Use that to change yourself to any of these characters, then go around and press in front of anyone you see and they will freeze. You can frighten the same people over and over and still get the trophy.

  • Unlock all Animagi

    Animagi are characters that can turn into animals, you must unlock and purchase all of them. They are as follows, (the brackets show the cost to purchase them along with its general location):

    • Peter Pettigrew [Rat] - (115,000 Studs, The Shrieking Shack story level)
    • Rita Skeeter [Beetle] - (40,000 Studs, Slytherin Dorm)
    • Sirius Black [Dog] - (85,000 Studs, "The Dark Tower" story level)
    • Professor McGonagall [Cat] - (200,000 Studs, Transfiguration lesson area)
    • Professor Lupin [Werewolf] - (185,000 Studs, "Dementor's Kiss" story level)
  • Defeat the mountain troll, using Quirrell

    Quirrell can be found in two variants, in either level 1-6 or in the room connected to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. See the collectable guide for more details on where to find him. When you have found and bought either version of him, start the second level of the game making sure to choose him as one of your characters. Then just play the level normally. When you get to the troll boss, switch to Quirrell if you are not using him already, then defeat the boss as you normally would and this will unlock.

  • Knock over ten characters using a ride-able object

    This trophy can be done as early as the first level. When you get into Gringotts Bank and open the gate, there will be a vehicle inside. Just run over the other person 10 times with it, before advancing to earn this trophy. Alternatively there are a few more times you find vehicles in the game but this is your first chance.

  • Hide in a barrel as Snape

    Snape can be found in the hidden area connected to the Potions classroom, see the collectables guide for more details on where to find him. Once you have found and bought him, start any level with a barrel in making sure Snape is your character. The easiest is the very first level of the game, as there are a couple of barrels after breaking the wall. Shoot the top off a barrel and press by it to hop inside with Snape, the trophy will pop shortly afterwards.

  • Defeat Harry (as Voldemort), in the Graveyard

    The graveyard is the setting for the battle at the end of the game. You will need to get all 200 gold bricks and do the bonus level before being able to do this trophy. See 'The Bonus Level is yours' for more information on gold bricks and unlocking Voldemort.

    When you have Voldemort start the final level of the game, making sure to pick him. Harry will always be picked automatically. Do the level as normal until you reach the end of the maze and go to the graveyard. Switch to the second player and turn him into Harry, then switch back to the original player and turn him into Voldemort. Now choose 'Avada Kedavra' (the green spell), press , Harry will be demolished and you will receive this trophy.

  • Turn the sound and music down to 0 in the options menu whilst in the library

    You can achieve this in two places. Either level 1-4 when you are in the library or when free-roaming, as you will need to go to the library for some collectables. Either way, as the title says, turn down all the sound options in the options menu to 0 and you will get this.

  • Defeat 10 enemies with a Muggle character

    The Muggle characters are as follows:

    • Vernon Dursley
    • Petunia Dursley
    • Dudley Dursley
    • Mr. Mason
    • Mrs. Mason
    • Milkman
    • Station Guard

    As they can't do magic they will just hit enemies. When you unlock one of these, choose them for levels either 1-5 or 2-5. There are respawning Bees in both of these levels, making this trophy quick and simple.

  • Destroy 50 Devil's Snare plants

    Devil's Snare are the plants that are a green circle with vines coming out of it. They will grab you if you go near them. In order to defeat them you need to shoot them with 'Lumos Solem' using , which you learn in Year 1. There are quite a few throughout the story and if you destroy everyone you come across you may get this but if not, the easy way to this is to go into "Create a Level" in Gringotts and place a lot of these (they are under the Dangerous category). Then go into play level, destroy them all and repeat if needed.

  • Complete the Quidditch level within five minutes

    The Quidditch level is the third level in the game. You just need to navigate the it, there's nothing really special about this level. The best thing to do is not worry about it in your initial playthrough but in your collectable playthrough try to remember the route as well as you can, then replay the level again straight after. If you know what to do and don't get sidetracked you will easily make this goal.

    If you get stuck, here is a video to help (credit to RaeRae1192):

  • Collect 500 ghost studs

    When playing through the game for the first time, a ghost will lead you everywhere you need to go. He will drop ghost studs to show a path. These have no value and no reward other than this trophy. Unless you are specifically avoiding the studs this trophy is really hard to miss. If you somehow do miss it the ghost studs red brick/extra in the Fountain Courtyard causes the ghost to stand in the middle of a room and constantly dispense ghost studs, stand under him until you get the trophy.

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