- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 Platinum Difficulty Rating
- Trophy Breakdown: 32 (1/6/9/16)
- Offline Trophies: 32
- Online Trophies: 0
- Approximate Time to platinum: 10-15hrs
- Missable Trophies: None, All missions can be replayed
- Glitched Trophies: Yes, some may take multiple tries to unlock.
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 1 story mode playthrough, freeplay and Justice League Mode
- Cheat Codes Disable Trophies: No

Throughout the game you will encounter different coloured blocks which can only be manipulated by certain characters. You will also encounter areas which can only be accessed by some characters, eg. only a few characters can fly across gaps. I have listed them all below to avoid cluttering the collectibles guide below.

Silver blocks - These can only be destroyed by an explosion. Use Power Suit Batman, Aquaman or Green Lantern for these.

Gold blocks - These are destroyed by heat blasts. Use Superman or Cyborg for these blocks.

Green blocks - Can only be manipulated with Green Lantern.

Black blocks - These blocks can only be deconstructed using Lex Luthor.

Treadmill - Treadmills are red and yellow and only the Flash can use them.

Chutes - These are chutes in the wall which can only be accessed by acrobatic characters, eg. Robin and Poison Ivy.

Ivy vines - Can only be removed by Poison Ivy.

Red Walls + Electrical wires - These can only be destroyed with characters who have laser powers, eg. Superman or Cyborg.

Orange Handles - These can only be pulled with characters who have super strength, eg. Superman or Green Lantern.

Water - Only certain characters can sink into the water and have super strength, eg. Aquaman and Killer Croc.

Red Arrows - Only characters capable of flying can use these, eg. Superman or Green Lantern.

Freeze - Only certain characters have the abilty to freeze water, eg. Superman or Supergirl.



Step 1: Complete story mode
This step will get you all story related trophies as well as a few collectible items. In addition you may get a few miscellaneous trophies but you will need to go through most levels again on free play so if you want, leave all collectibles for the freeplay playthrough and focus solely on story-related trophies. I would advise buying the 2x studs multiplier as soon as possible so you can afford the characters needed for freeplay. Along the way, stun all the enemies you see for the Happy Daze trophy. Upon completion of this step you should have the following trophies.

Open Mic Knight
The Joke's on you !
A-maze-ing Chase
Dishonourably Discharged !
A Winning Formula
Road to Ruin
Deconstructive Criticism
Flying Lessons
Behind Enemy Lines
Frequent Flyer
Hero in Train-ing
Double-crossed !
Hostile Takeover
Justice League, Assemble !
Taking the Plunge
True Hero
Happy Daze

Step 2: Complete Freeplay playthrough
You will need to replay all levels except for Robot Sky Battle, in order to collect the remaining collectibles. You will need to buy several characters in order to get specific minikits. I would advise buying Cyborg, The Flash, Poison Ivy, Aquaman and also Lex Luthor as soon as you get his minikit. With those characters and those unlocked through story progression, you will have all you need to get all collectibles. Continue following the collectibles guide to find all collectibles. While doing this step you should unlock the following trophies.

All Change !
Sound Advice
Brick By Brick
Super Friends

Step 3: Complete Miscellaneous Trophies
To complete this step you will need Bane, Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon. Once you have all three, simply go into any level and complete their trophies. If you haven't already, customize a character for another trophy. You should also go to the Batcave hub to complete Batter up!. Finally, you will need to unlock all ability packs, to do this you must purchase characters with specific abilities, the characters you need to buy are listed below. Upon completion of this step, you will get the following trophies.

The Big Brick Theory
Bane of my Life
Call Shotgun
Siamese Bat
Batter Up!
Starter Pack

Step 4: Complete Justice League
Justice League consists of five unique missions each of which contains 8 waves with you taking control of a different character each wave. These missions aren't too difficult and this step should only take 1-2 hours. Look at the trophy guide for strategies on these missions. Upon completion of this step, you should unlock the following trophies.

Justice is Served
Bad Influence
Complete Hero

[PS3T Would Like to Thank hutch_2100 for this Roadmap]

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

32 trophies ( 16  )

  • Collect all trophies.

  • Complete Gotham Theatre.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Gotham Theatre to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete The Joker Getaway.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete The Joker Getaway to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete Arkham Estate.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Arkham Estate to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete Arkham Asylum.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Arkham Asylum to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete ACE Chemicals.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Ace Chemicals to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete Juggernaut Chase.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Juggernaut Chase to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete The Batcave.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete The Batcave to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete Assault the VTOL.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Assault the VTOL to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete Attack on LexCorp.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Attack on LexCorp to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete Robot Sky Battle.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Robot Sky Battle to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete Gotham Metro.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Gotham Metro to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete Brawl at City Hall.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Brawl at City Hall to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete Wayne Industries.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete Wayne Industries to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete The Final Battle.

    Story-Related Trophy, Can not be missed.
    Complete The Final Battle to unlock the trophy.

  • Create your first character in the Character Customiser.

    From the computer where you buy characters, red bricks etc. Go left, and you will come to
    three chambers alongside each other with a interactive prompt in front. Choose your character and
    change any one element of him/her, then save and exit to unlock the trophy.

  • Take down Batman with Bane. (Single Player Only)


    Must be completed in freeplay. Firstly you must unlock Bane whose Minikit is in Joker Getaway and costs 200,000. When entering a freeplay level choose Bane as your character, when you enter the level change the other character to any Batman and simply kill him with Bane to unlock the trophy. You may need to kill Batman with Bane multiple times for the trophy to unlock.

  • Swap characters using Super Freeplay.

    Once you begin freeplay, you may switch a character in your party for any other character you have bought who isn't currently in your party. When cycling through your party the right-most icon will be light blue S shape, select this to change to any character. Once you change character the trophy will unlock.

  • Collect all the Sound Bite tokens.

    There is one soundbite per level for a total of 14. Please follow the collectables guide below
    for the locations of each soundbite. Purchasing the soundbites is not required for the trophy, unlocking them will suffice.

  • Stun an enemy using Commissioner Gordon's trusty weapon and finish them. (Single Player Only)


    Must be completed in freeplay. Firstly you must unlock Commander Gordon whose Minikit is in Assault the VTOL and costs 80,000. With Commander Gorden use the button to draw your weapon and press it again to fire weapon. Once you hit and stun an enemy, quickly run over and press again for the trophy. You may need to kill an enemy multiple times with Commissioner Gordon's weapon for the trophy to unlock.

  • Help an enemy off a ledge in Wayne Industries.

    On several occasions in the Wayne Industries level you will be outside on various ledges where you will be attacked. Simply grab an enemy with and throw him towards the edge. Be sure to press when grappling him otherwise he won't throw the enemy off the side.

  • As Catwoman, use the Stealth Takedown ability to attack Batman. (Single Player Only)


    Must be completed in freeplay. Firstly you must unlock Catwoman whose Minikit is in Arkham Estate and costs 100,000 studs. Once you are Catwoman and the other character is Batman, hold to enter stealth mode, then walk behind Batman and press to kill him and unlock the trophy. You may need to kill Batman multiple times with Catwoman for the trophy to unlock.

  • Using the Batman glide ability, spend 5 seconds or more in the air.

    Go to the Batcave hub and go up to the area where you start the Justice League arena missions, from here jump and glide with Batman while moving to the right and just keep gliding until the trophy unlocks, you will have plenty of space available to get five seconds airborne so it shouldn't be any trouble.

  • Achieve a True Hero stud total.

    To unlock true hero for a level, you must max out the stud meter at the top of the screen. The true hero amount varies per level. To achieve true hero keep your deaths to a minimum, break every object in sight and explore all areas of the level. The best area to achieve true hero is the first level where the true hero amount is only 40,000 studs, however if you wish you can do it on the final level where the amount is only 1,000 studs. Using a stud multiplier will not disable this trophy.

  • Unlock all the Ability packs for the Character Customiser.

    These packs are unlocked for the Character customizer and gives characters additional powers. These will unlock when you unlock a character with the specfic ability. Here is a list of the abilities that will be unlocked:

    -Import Character Pack: Default
    -Hazard Pack: Purchase Poison Ivy
    -Demolition Pack: Purchase the Joker
    -Speedster Pack: Purchase Shazam
    -Ninja Pack: Purchase Nightwing
    -Archery Pack: Purchase Green Arrow
    -Justice Pack: Purchase Wonder Woman
    -Brawler Pack: Purchase Commissioner Gordon

    These are the characters that have unlocked the ability packs for me. I have read reports that the above characters didn't unlock the packs for others, so they may be different for you.

  • Collect all the Red Bricks.

    There is one red brick per level for a total of 14. Please follow the collectables guide below
    for the locations of each red brick. Purchasing the red bricks is not required for the trophy, unlocking them will suffice.

  • Collect all the Hero characters.

    There are a total of 85 characters in the game. You will unlock them through story progression, unlocking their minikits and completing Justice league missions.

    See Bad Influence for a complete character list and view the collectibles guide for their locations.

  • Collect all the Villain characters.

    This list includes characters, you do not need to buy them for the trophy, only a few characters are needed to be purchased for other trophies and simply unlocking the others will suffice.

    The list will Cover all characters in the game and where to find them. Refer to the collectable guide for exact location.

    Story Progression
    Batman - Unlocked by default
    Robin - Unlocked by default
    Superman - Complete Ace Chemicals
    Batman (Sensor Suit) - Complete Gotham Theatre
    Batman (Power Suit) - Complete Joker Getaway
    Batman (Electric Suit) - Complete Arkham Asylum
    Robin (Magnet Suit) - Complete Joker Getaway
    Robin (Hazard Suit) - Complete Arkham Estate
    Robin (Ice Suit) - Complete Arkham Asylum
    Green Lantern - Complete Wayne Industries

    Gotham Theatre
    The Penquin
    The Riddler
    Harley Quinn
    Bruce Wayne
    Riddler Goon

    Joker Getaway
    Tim Drake
    Killer Moth
    Robin (Classic Suit)
    Joker Goon

    Arkham Estate
    Poison Ivy
    Two-Face Goon
    Killer Frost
    Asylum Inmate

    Arkham Asylum
    Asylum Patient
    Mr. Freeze
    Mr. Zsasz
    Mad Hatter

    Ace Chemicals
    Clark Kent
    Freeze Goon
    Captain Cold
    Black Mask
    Vicki Vale

    Juggernaut Chase
    Heavy Joker Goon
    Black Canary

    The Batcave
    Alfred Pennyworth
    Batman (Classic Suit)
    Poison Ivy Goon

    Assault the VTOL
    Commissioner Gordon
    Captain Boomerang
    Talia Al Ghul

    Attack in Lexcorp
    Lois Lane
    Lex Luthor
    LexCorp Security

    Robot Sky Battle
    Ra's Al Ghul
    Lady Shiva
    LexCorp Heavy

    Gotham Metro
    Killer Croc
    Man Bat
    Scarecrow Goon

    Brawl At City Hall
    Red Hood
    Red Robin
    Lucius Fox

    Wayne Industries
    Green Arrow
    Diana Prince
    The Joker (Tropical)
    Two-Face (Classic)

    The Final Battle
    Martain Manhunter
    The Joker
    Wonder Woman

    Justice League Mode
    Hush - Complete Gotham Theatre
    Deathstroke - Complete Gothan Metro
    General Zod - Complete LexCorp War Room
    Sinestro - Complete Arkham Nightmare
    Brainiac - Complete LexCorp Lobby

  • Stun 100 enemies.

    To stun an enemy you can either use a projectile weapon by holding with certain characters and targeting enemies or you can use the + combo to jump up and pound the ground to stun the enemy. In addition to that you can throw enemies into other enemies which will also stun them. All three of these methods count towards the trophy, just make sure to use them as regularly as possible in story mode and you will get the trophy fairly early in the story.

    You can also jump on to a surface where enemies cannot reach you, then continually stun them from there with your projectile. A good area to do this is the start of the second level, jump up on the helicopter to the right of the first area and use your projectile to stun the three enemies below until the trophies pops. Thanks to Harry94 for the tip.

  • Finish a level without losing all your hearts.

    Self-Explanatory. This is a lego game and as such this is very easy. Most characters have regenerating hearts and most enemies drop hearts when they die. You should get this within the first couple of levels of story mode. The main thing for this trophy is to use your characters abilities, eg. if you are Batman use his Baterang to stun enemies then kill them. If you are have difficulty with this, I would recommend doing The Batcave mission, there are only a few enemies in the entire level and there aren't many oppurtunities to die.

  • MVP


    Complete every arena in Justice League Mode.

    There are five Justice League arenas, simply complete all five to unlock this trophy.

    -Gotham Theater
    -Gotham Metro
    -LexCorp War Room
    -Arkham Nightmare
    -LexCorp Lobby

    See Justice is Served for more details.

  • Win gold in every arena in Justice League Mode.

    Below is a wave-by-wave strategy for all Justice League missions. The only factor in your ranking is the amount of lives that you use, for each level you must complete them within four lives for gold ranking.

    Gotham Theatre
    Wave 1: Grab each enemy and throw them into each other.
    Wave 2: Use the + combo on the guys in the striped uniform, make sure you kill the guys with the guns as soon as possible and throw the remaining guys.
    Wave 3: On this wave, use your projectile weapon to knock down the enemies from the air and as soon as the enemies are on the ground, grab them and throw them into the guys in the air.
    Wave 4: There will be one enemy here with a gun, so kill him fast. For the rest of the enemies just grab and throw them.
    Wave 5: In this wave you can grab and throw all enemies but be sure to avoid the explosive penguins. If you want you can throw enemies into the penguins to make them explode.
    Wave 6: Almost the same as the last wave but there will be guys without hats on, these guys must be stunned first before you can kill them.
    Wave 7: Do not destroy pillars as they will provide useful cover, from the start fire an arrow at the Joker on the right, then run to the right and fire the Joker on the left. Repeat these steps until they have died.

    Gotham Metro:
    Wave 1: Grab and throw each enemy but make sure you kill the enemies with guns first. Once the spiders come in use the + combo to kill them.
    Wave 2: Move towards the center of the screen and go as far back as possible, wait for your enemies to come to you to avoid hitting the toxic pools.
    Wave 3: The same as the last wave but use Aquaman to remove any toxic pools if you have the time and space.
    Wave 4: Kill all the spiders use the + combo, kill the other guys by throwing them and if they grab you rapidly press or you will lose health quickly.
    Wave 5: You will need to stun the Drill-head guys before you can grab them, kill the guys with the guns first.
    Wave 6: The same as the previous wave but you will not be able to use throws near the Drill-head guys, so kill all the gun-wielding enemies first then move onto them.
    Wave 7: Using the Flash, kill the enemies from left to right, position yourself directly to the left of each enemy so when the other enemies fire they will only shoot each other, once you kill the guy on the right dash back to the left again.
    Wave 8: Ignore the guys in white and focus on Mr. Zsasz, when you can see him rapidly press , when he disappears use the Sensor Suit Batman to find him again and use your combos again. Repeat until he is defeated.

    LexCorp War Room:
    Wave 1: Simply grab and throw all enemies.
    Wave 2: Same as the last wave, but watch out for the electric current, it will move clockwise around the pylons.
    Wave 3: Very easy wave, walk to the top right square and then run around the area on the squares at the edge, don't use super speed as you may accidentally get electrocuted and you will be insta-killed.
    Wave 4: Target the flying enemies with your projectile weapon, once they are on the ground use the + combo and then grab and throw them into other flying enemies.
    Wave 5: This consists of three mini-waves, target the top two guys on each wave as they have rocket launcher, then focus on the bottom two. You won't be able to grab and throw here, so just rapidly press .
    Wave 6: In this wave a grid of lasers will come across the screen every 6 or 7 seconds, these lasers will insta-kill you so watch out, the best way to do this wave is to kill one guy, then jump over the lasers and move as far right as possible, by the time the lasers come back to the right they will have turned off so you only have to jump over them once each time, repeat those steps for the rest of the wave.
    Wave 7: Focus on Mr. Freeze and ignore the other enemies, position yourself so that the guy with the gun can't shoot you and will instead hit Mr. Freeze.

    Arkham Nightmare:
    Wave 1: Focus on the guys with the orange uniforms first, then go for the guys in white.
    Wave 2: Very easy wave, use the + combo on the spiders, then grab and throw the skeletons
    Wave 3: Another very easy wave, simply grab and throw all enemies.
    Wave 4: Grab and throw all enemies while making sure to steer clear of the fire
    Wave 5: Stun all the guys in white, grab and throw the orange guys. There will be one guy with a gun, kill hm quickly.
    Wave 6: Grab and throw all the skeletons. Steer clear of the moving kryptonite.
    Wave 7: There will be four Jokers in this wave, one of them will have a gun. The objective here is to get the gun-wielding Joker to shoot the
    crusher-thing which comes down from the roof, to do this stand still towards the middle and once you see the reticule stop moving, move away. Once
    the crusher is down stand directly behind so any bullets fired at you will hit it and not you. Repeat those steps until it is destroyed.
    Wave 8: For the first part use the + combo on the spiders. In the next part focus on the long arms on each side, both of them will die in five hits.

    LexCorp Lobby:
    Wave 1: Stun all enemies using + , once they are stunned grab and throw them into other enemies.
    Wave 2: Very similar to the Wonder Woman wave in LexCorp War room, knock the enemies down with your projectile, stun them and then throw them.
    Wave 3: Be careful of the laser in the center, each time you see it emerge fly up in the air and keep moving in the air until it has stopped, when you are on the ground, grab and throw the enemies, stunning them is not necessary.
    Wave 4: Very easy wave, when the helicopters come down aim your laser at the gold part on the choppers, there are only three to destroy, the third will come from the left when the first two are destroyed.
    Wave 5: Avoid the laser, jump over it when the lower laser comes to you. Grab and throw the enemies as usual but stay aware of the lasers.
    Wave 6: Fight the enemies from left to right. Stand directly to the left of each enemy to avoid getting shot by the others. The Flash cannot stun
    enemies so just use for combos. BEWARE: when walking to the next area, there will be a big hole just in front of you, be careful not to fall into it.
    Wave 7: Here you must fight the LexCorp Receptionist again, when it starts firing rockets stand directly to its right and it won't be able to shoot you, once it stops hit the bullseye. The fight is exactly the same as the story mode fight.
    Wave 8: Here you must defeat a wave of enemies with Superman, you will need to stun the guys with the guns, you can grab everyone else without stunning them. In the next part you will have to defeat a boss which is identical to the final boss in story mode, you will have access to
    eight JLA characters but you will only need Superman and Power Suit man. After avoiding gunfight, destroy the gold plate with Superman. When he comes back down, if you are quick enough you can fire a bomb with Batman without giving him a chance to fire. Repeat this step to defeat the boss.

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