Pack Mule Trophy in Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

  • Pack Mule


    Be the player delivering the most sacks to base during a round. Repeat 3 times.

    How to unlock Pack Mule

    This trophy can be a pain, you must be the player with the most sack returns in one round. If you would like a headstart host a "Greed" server and start the game before anyone joins. Just be very quick and you should manage to return a few sacks. Giving you the upper edge, repeat this 2 more more times for the trophy.

    There is a dirty little trick that i discovered! Stand at the bag drop off point and wait for a team mate to bring back the bag, as soon as he drops it press instantly and you will pick up the bag before it disappears! Then simply drop the bag by pressing and you will get the credit for bringing the bag back!

    Although the game is that dead now that you should be able to get this trophy no problem! For some reason everyone thinks "Greed" is a deathmatch so they dont bother getting the bag.

    Note: If you are hosting the game im pretty sure atleast one person must join for it to count towards the 3.


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