Force Multiplier Trophy in Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

  • Force Multiplier


    Win 100 Matches.

    How to unlock Force Multiplier

    The easiest mode for wins is definitely Conquest! All other game modes take like 20 minutes for one game. (Two rounds.) With a good team you can get wins every 5-10 minutes. You cant just host a game late at night and farm wins as they dont count! There must be at the very least one person on the Red team and one person on the blue.

    Private game also dont count! All wins must be earned in a public game with 2 players present. (Yourself included) Wins can easily be boosted if you can put together a group of atleast six people. (Gives the abilty to vote kick players.) Just try to enjoy the game and find a class you do best with.

    If you dont mind leaving your PS3 on for long spells you can host a game and just leave the game running. The team will be one player down and you might get some hate mail but if you really despise the game you are guaranteed to get the trophy if you leave it on long enough. I recommend doing this while playing the game normally too as it could take a long time just leaving your PS3 run.

    Here are some tips for winning conquest games:

    • Hold while the match is loading so your character starts running straight away.
    • Try and stick together as a team, trust me 4-5 people charging at a Zone is more intimidating than a single person...
    • If you are going to be a sniper do NOT take the Spawn flag as its going to stop your teams chances of winning immensely!
    • When capturing a zone always keep moving, be it rolling with or just running in a circle! You will be a much harder target for the snipers!
    • If you are not on the hosts team simply quit the game! 90% of the hosts will quit if they are losing. So either host all your own games or try and get on the hosts team. Trust me this will save alot of rage!

    Note: Force Multiplier was glitched until recently Fatshark released patch 1.02. (I think its 1.03 in the US) Carbon Lancer and myself both believe that more than 100 wins is required for the trophy to unlock. (Sweet spot is around 200 we have found.) So if you feel you have won over 100 games dont worry and just keep plugging away! I strongly suggest you bust out the old pen and paper and note down all your wins.


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  • this isn't glithy. win the 100 mathes, is misleading. one match win, is only registered if your team win the map.(etc. your team win 2.0 or 2.1) otherwise it won't count as a win.
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