They Say We Die Twice Trophy in Last Day of June

  • They Say We Die Twice


    Collect every memory of the Old Man.

    How to unlock They Say We Die Twice


    For the Old Man, there are 5 memories to collect. All memories are available from the start. You only get one chance to collect these so do it before delivering the gift to Carl and June. Here’s where to locate them all.

    1 - Go back into the Old Man’s house and exit through the back door. Once in the backyard, go left and around to the side of the house to find the memory.

    2 - Go up the stairs to the Church overlooking the area with the big tree in the center (kite for the Kid was stuck here) and the memory is on the left side of the building, behind a fence.

    3 - After opening the gate to the Graveyard, go slightly down the path and to the right, before reaching the gravestones, will be the memory in a small nook.

    4 - After opening the gate to the Graveyard, head all the way past the gravestones to the back of the area to find the memory.

    5 - After opening the gate to the Graveyard and reach the gravestones, head left towards the Orchard/Ruins to find the memory in front of the locked gate separating the two areas.

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