Under The Shadow of My Father Trophy in Last Day of June

  • Under The Shadow of My Father


    Collect every memory of the Hunter.

    How to unlock Under The Shadow of My Father


    For the Hunter, there are 5 memories to collect. Not all memories are available from the start so some backtracking will have to be done in order to collect ‘em all. Here’s where to locate them all.

    1 - After leaving his house, go right through a gate near some bushes with white flowers on them. Go left once through the gate and after a short walk, go right across the wooden bridge. The memory is at the end of this bridge.

    2 - In the Old Man’s front yard, across from Carl and June’s house.

    3 - Behind a pile of logs near the area the big tree where the kite for the Kid is/was stuck.

    4 - After knocking the vase blocking the stairs in the Orchard/Ruins via the Kid (you will have to open the wooden gate for him first with the Hunter or the Best Friend), go up the stairs to reach the memory.

    5 - After knocking down the vase blocking the gate to the bird’s nest in the Orchard/Ruins via the Kid, the vase will be in the corner behind the nest.

    If you miss this opportunity, you will be able to enter the Hunter’s portrait again as long as you haven’t reached the point of no return. See Why Won't This Work?! for information about the point of no return.

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