Not Great At Basketball Trophy in Last Day of June

  • Not Great At Basketball


    Shoot the ball at the basketball hoop four times.

    How to unlock Not Great At Basketball


    During your first time playing as the Kid via his portrait, in the same yard as his treehouse, go through the hole in the fence on the right side of the yard. As you go through this hole, you will notice a basketball hoop attached to the side of the house. Go around the house and pick up the soccer ball. With soccer ball in hand, go back around the side of the house and approach the hoop. When you are close enough, you will get a prompt to press . Press it to attempt a shot. Pick your ball and repeat this process three more times.

    Basketball hoop attached to the Kid’s house

    If you miss this opportunity, you will be able to enter the Kid’s portrait again as long as you haven’t reached the point of no return. See Why Won't This Work?! for information about the point of no return.

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