Art Afficionado Trophy in Last Day of June

  • Art Afficionado


    Look at every viewable in Carl and June's house.

    How to unlock Art Afficionado


    When you gain control of June, before answering the door, there will be 10 viewable items that you can interact with. Their locations are below:

    Portrait of June painting.

    Portrait of Carl flexing.

    Portrait of Carl and June on a boat.

    Portrait of everyone in the living room.

    Portraits of the Kid, June, the Best Friend & the Hunter in June’s artist area.

    Portrait of the Old Man in June’s artist area.

    Sketch on the fridge in the living room.

    If you answer the door on accident, you'll still be able to view the items necessary for the trophy. However, you'll have to avoid putting the present on the desk in the upstairs room or you'll advance the story.

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  • When you wake up in the house right after you receive the gift, walk around the entire first floor of the house. Each picture should prompt you to view with the X button. Nothing was able for me to view on the second floor. And don't forget the kitchen in the back of the first floor, that has two viewable pictures in there as well.

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