Why Won't This Work?! Trophy in Last Day of June

  • Why Won't This Work?!


    Prevent the crash caused by the Hunter.

    How to unlock Why Won't This Work?!

    Story-related, cannot be missed

    This is the point of no return. If you prevent the crash with the Hunter, you will not be able to access any of the portraits besides the Old Man’s. Make sure you’ve gotten all of the memories and miscellaneous trophies for the Kid, Best Friend and Hunter before ending the Hunter’s story.

    While playing as the Hunter, in order to prevent the crash, you must find a way to get the medal from the bird. This will require you to go back to the Kid’s portrait, change his decision to play with the dog and knock over some vases to clear a way for the Hunter. Also, you will have to go back to the Best Friend’s portrait and get the rope from the new area the Hunter opens up with the apples and the counterweight gate.

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