Shutter Bug Trophy

  • Shutter Bug


    Help Nancy by testing the photo camera


    On September 5th, you'll deliver a box to the convenience store in town. When you talk with Nancy, she'll tell you that they're opening up a photo-developing station and ask for your help in taking some pictures. Agree to take the pictures and when the conversation is done, you'll have until September 10th to take 12 photos with the camera. Press triangle.png to equip the camera, then cross.png to take a photo. 

    You'll receive the camera from Nancy on the morning of September 5th. You just need to take 12 photos with it before returning it to Nancy on September 10th. You'll need to deliver a box to Nancy on the 10th at which point she'll ask you about the camera and how the photos are coming along. Tell her your quest is complete and you'll return the camera. On September 13th, you'll return to the store to deliver a box. When you talk to Nancy, she'll give you back your developed photos. Exhaust the rest of the dialogue and the trophy will unlock. 

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