Movie Carrier Trophy

  • Movie Carrier


    Help Angie by delivering the moviebox


    You'll be introduced to The Flick Shack (and Angie) on September 3rd when you have to deliver a box there. As you're talking to her, she'll give you the movie "The Postman Always Knocks Twice". At the end of the workday, when you have to decide if you want to read a book or watch something on the TV, choose to watch the movie. The next day on September 4th, you'll return to the Flick Shack to deliver another box. You and Angie will discuss movies and eventually, she'll tell you about an idea she has and asks you to meet her later that day. Agree to meet with her and when you end the workday, you'll meet up with her. She'll tell you that she wants to start a movie delivery service for the town and ask you to help with the actual deliveries. Agree to help her and starting on September 5th, you'll need to deliver movie boxes to the citizens around town. The first will be Lori at the gas station, then on the 6th you'll need to pick the movie box back up. Make your way back to the Flick Shack to pick up the next movie, then drop the movie box off to Burt at the Dock (choose any movie for him). On September 8th, pick up the movie box from Burt and return it to the Flick Shack. Exhaust the dialogue with Angie (you can choose to decline or accept the date offer, there's no trophy consequence either way) and when you're done, the trophy will unlock. 

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