Cat Lover Trophy

  • Cat Lover


    Help Mildred by taking Mortimer to Burt


    You'll meet Mildred or Miss Jenkins, on September 2nd. On September 3rd, you'll return to her house to deliver a letter and when you do, she'll tell you that her cat, Mortimer, is dreadfully sick. When she asks you to take Mortimer to Burt, agree to help (if you don't tell her yes, you'll be blocked out of this trophy). With Mortimer in tow, make your way to the Northeastern side of the lake to find Burt (Mr. Mackey). 
    He'll be on the dock behind the shop. Give him Mortimer and he'll do what he can to help the poor feline. On the next day (September 4th), make your way back to the Dock (there will be an orange "!" on the map) and pick up Mortimer. Exhaust the dialogue with Burt, then head back to Mildred's house (when you have Mortimer, her house will be marked with an orange "!" on the map). Give her Mortimer and exhaust the dialogue and when you're done, the trophy will unlock. 

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