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    Stay in Providence Oaks


    This is one of 3 endings available in the game. You can get all 3 on the same playthrough so long as you make a manual save to reload. You'll want to save at the end of the workday (before you return to the Post Office) on September 13th. You'll need to replay through that night, Sunday and Monday each time you reload it and you won't be able to skip any of the dialogue or cutscenes. It'll take some time for each ending but it's better than playing through the entire game 3 times.

    At the start of your final day in Providence Oaks (after the Open Mic night), you'll discuss your plans with Frank at the Post Office. He'll ask you if you've decided whether or not you're staying. Let him know you've decided to stay in Providence Oaks ("and yes, I want to wear it a bit longer...). When Frank pulls you over, reconfirm to him that you've decided to stay in Providence Oaks. Choose any options after that and when you're back on the road (either alone or with Robert) and the credits start to roll, the trophy will unlock. 

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