No Hits Trophy in LA Cops

  • No Hits


    Finish a level without any of your Cops getting hit.

    How to unlock No Hits

    For this trophy you must complete a level without either one of your cops being hit by an enemy. This trophy is most easily earnt on Mission 1: Venice Beach Donut Store whilst playing on Normal difficulty. This level is by far the shortest, and only contains 6 enemies.

    General tips:

    • Upgrade your cop's Health level in the character selection screen to increase the amount of damage they can take before dying.
    • Lock on to and shoot enemies from a distance as they will only shoot at you when they are at a close range.
    • Do not try and melee the group of three enemies in the last room of the level if they are close together as you will likely be shot. Sneak through the door and lock on to them from a distance with your gun.
    • As soon as you have killed one enemy, quickly press to lock onto the next enemy.

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