Nightmare Mode Trophy in LA Cops

  • Nightmare Mode


    Complete all the game missions in Nightmare Mode.

    How to unlock Nightmare Mode

    Nightmare mode is the hardest difficulty level available in the game, represented by the horned skull in the red shield. Enemies are normally all the higher level variety and most carry shotguns and assault rifles. You also aren’t able to use lock on in this mode, which is why should have been avoiding using it before.

    There is a possible bug (or design choice) where the first two and a half levels of this difficulty are one hit kill no matter what enemy shoots you. These levels are the hardest in the game because of how cheap the AI can be, so these ones you need to be careful on and make sure you’re taking out enemies before they get near enough to shoot you. After those levels the game is no more difficult than the previous two difficulties were because you should always be killing enemies from far away.

    To earn this trophy you must finish all 8 regular missions (green signs) and all 5 bonus missions (blue signs) on Nightmare difficulty. The trophy will be awarded on the score screen after you have finished all the levels on this difficulty.

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