All Arrests Trophy in LA Cops

  • All Arrests


    Arrest all criminals in any level.

    How to unlock All Arrests

    For this trophy you must arrest all criminals in a single level. In order to arrest an enemy you must press to melee attack when at close range. This trophy is most easily earnt on Mission 1: Venice Beach Donut Store whilst playing on Normal difficulty. There a total of 6 enemies in this level.

    General tips for arresting enemies:

    • Watch the enemies movement patterns and only enter the room they are in when their back is facing you. If you don’t shoot the enemies will only notice you if they see you, so as long as you are behind them you can run directly up to them.
    • Lock onto enemies before entering a room to you don’t miss when melee attacking them.
    • Upgrade your cop(s) before attempting this trophy, especially your health level so if a criminal does spot you and starts to shoot you still have time to arrest him before you are killed.

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