• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Personal Opinion) 4/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 17 (15, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-10hrs (Depending on skill)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 (One for normal bunny mode and one for hardcore bunny mode)
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you have to beat the game on "hardcore bunny mode"
  • Do trophies stack?: No. Two playthroughs required, Easy mode unlocks hardcore bunny mode
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats

Note: This guide is the property of "jefXfree" and is for use only on PSTrophies.org. If you see this guide listed anywhere else, then please let me know so action may be taken. All photos and banners were created by me using screen shots taken from the game.


Kung Fu Rabbit is a PlayStation Vita action platforming video game developed by Neko Entertainment. The gameplay is pretty similar to other platformers. You take control of a rabbit tasked with traversing various level traps and enemies in order to rescues the sleeping baby bunnies at the end of the level.

The game is made up of 3 campaign stages and one bonus stage, each consisting of 20 levels. Once the 60 campaign levels are completed, the player unlocks "Hardcore Rabbit mode". "Hardcore Rabbit mode" contains an additional 3 campaign stages and one bonus stage, each consisting of 20 levels.


Step 1:

Complete basic rabbit campaign. This campaign consists of 60 levels spread across 3 worlds. During this step I would recommend purchasing the "Mexican Avenger" costume to get that trophy out of the way but most importantly I would purchase the "Master of Arms" Artifact. This Artifact allows you to slice through enemies making the game considerably easier.

Although you don't have to purchase them, buying 5 or so "Soul of the Rabbit" single use items might make life easier, the "Soul of the Rabbit" acts as a "checkpoint" anywhere you place it in the level. In this Step you should unlock:


Step 2:

In this step you will need to complete all 20 of the bonus levels. In this Step you will unlock:


Step 3:

This is the final Step in your journey to 100% the game. For this Step you need to switch to Hardcore Bunny mode, indicated by dark purple level icons and the hardcore bunny on the level select screen. You do not need to complete the hardcore bunny bonus levels for this or any other trophy. In this Step you will unlock:


Step 4: (Optional)

This is the Clean Up Step, just in case you missed any of the trophies during your play through of the basic and hardcore levels. Although not necessary, you can also use this Step to enjoy the hardcore bunny bonus missions. You won't get a trophy, but they're there if you want to play them.

[PST Would Like To Thank jefxfree for this Roadmap]

Kung Fu Rabbit Trophy Guide

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17 trophies ( 15  )

  • Finish a level with the Mexican Avenger.

    To get this trophy you must collect enough carrots to purchase the Mexican Avenger outfit in the Dojo. Once you purchase the outfit you must equip it then complete one level, it doesn't matter which level you complete for the trophy to unlock.

  • Pick up a carrot. Use your carrots in the Dojo to purchase new equipment!

    This trophy is the easiest to acquire in the game. Simply pick up one carrot and the trophy is yours.

  • Pick up a gold carrot. These carrots are worth more than ordinary carrots, and reappear at the end of a level. Play levels over to collect the carrots.

    This trophy is similar to the I LOVE CARROTS trophy, except you must collect one of the larger gold carrots. There's only one of these carrots per level but they are often out in the open making this trophy extremely easy to acquire.

  • Collect 15 carrots. Now go to the Dojo to purchase a Power Aura.

    This trophy is much like the BULIMIA trophy. You must collect 15 carrots, purchase a "Power Aura" from the Dojo and use it in game.

  • Collect 60 carrots. You can now go to the Dojo to train in the following technique: Death from the sky.

    For this trophy you must collect 60 carrots throughout your game play, purchase "Death from the Sky" from the Dojo and equip it. The "Death from the Sky" artifact allows you to kill enemies by jumping on their heads.

  • Kill an enemy after you die. Banzai!!

    Although this trophy could come through natural progression, some people may find it tough to complete. You’re going to have to find a location where two enemies are on screen with one above the other. Let the first enemy kill you and your corpse will fall onto the enemy below thus killing it.

  • Kill more than 100 enemies during your journey. It's absolute slaughter.

    This trophy should naturally come over normal gameplay during the 140 levels you must complete to acquire the other trophies. If by some chance you don't have this one by the time you acquire all the others, then you will need to load into additional levels and kill all the enemies present in each level.

    There are three types of enemies you can kill: Those that walk, those that fly and those that climb the walls.

  • Show you've got lots of vigour by using a Power Aura.

    For this trophy you must collect enough carrots to purchase a "Power Aura". Once purchased, load into the level and use it for the trophy.

  • Kill two enemies with one blow. That's what you call economising.

    At various points in the title you will see two enemies walking side-by-side you must either jump on their heads (with Death from the Sky equipped) or slice them with (Master of Arms equipped). This trophy can be a little frustrating if you don't know where to look but once you spot two enemies walking side-by-side, you can kill yourself after each failed attempt until you finally get the timing right and unlock the trophy.

  • Get killed in less than 2 seconds. This feat will remain written in the annals for centuries and centuries.

    This should be unlocked through natural game play, however, if you want it quickly then wait until you are loaded into a level with goo close by and walk straight into it.

  • Finish a secret level. The secret levels contain harder and harder challenges.

    To unlock this trophy you must complete enough campaign levels to unlock a bonus level. Once a bonus level is unlocked simply complete one and the trophy is yours!


  • Finish the bonus levels to become a real Master of the Secrets.

    To get this trophy you must complete all 20 of the basic rabbit bonus levels. These are unlocked one by one as you complete the normal campaign levels. You do not need to complete the hardcore bonus levels for this trophy.

  • Stay on one of these ghost walls when it appears to get yourself walled in alive!

    Throughout the game there will be blocks that disappear and then reappear. All you need to do for this trophy is to stand in the ghost outline of one of these blocks until it reappears and kills you.

  • You have died over 100 times and you're still here!

    This trophy will definitely come naturally over normal gameplay during the 140 levels you must complete to acquire the other trophies. If by some chance you don't have this one by the time you acquire all the others, you will need to load into a level and die repeatedly until the trophy unlocks.

  • You died over 20 times in the same level!

    This trophy really comes down to how you want to go for it. If you want to see how things go in the campaign you can play as normal and see if the trophy unlocks naturally. If not then simply load into any level and kill yourself 20 times. If you want to acquire it quickly and have it out of the way, then simply kill yourself 20 times in a row in the first level.

  • Finish all three worlds. The enemies are coming back in strength. More, stronger, uglier! Finally a bit of fun…

    To get this trophy you must complete all 60 of the basic rabbit campaign levels. You do not need to complete any of the bonus or hardcore levels to unlock this trophy.

  • You finally won. They're erecting statues in your honour and fans are throwing flower petals before you. You're pure class.

    To get this trophy you must complete all 60 basic rabbit levels, then complete all 60 hardcore rabbit levels. You do not need to collect a certain number of carrots or kill a certain number of enemies. This trophy is unlocked for completing all 120 levels. The hardcore levels are denoted by new purple images on the screen (see below) as well as new purple level icons.

    According to Easty: It's not necessary to complete all 60 levels again, you can unlock world 3 with 50 carrots and complete only these 20 levels to get the trophy.

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