Level 5 Trophy in Knobswitch

  • Level 5


    Complete Level 5

    How to unlock Level 5

    Level 5 will start automatically once you have completed Level 4. You will need to complete all 10 rounds of Level 4 to get this trophy. There will be 7 Interval Options to choose from:

    • Octave – 8 Semitones
    • Major 3rd - 4 Semitones
    • Perfect 5th - 7 Semitones
    • Minor 2nd - 1 Semitone
    • Major 2nd - 2 Semitones
    • Minor 3rd - 3 Semitones
    • Perfect 4th - 5 Semitones

    You can check which round you’re on in the top left corner next to your score – the first round starts off with “Bonus in 10” and when it reaches 0, the level will end. If you guess incorrectly, you will start back at the first round and need to do the level over again (you will also be deducted points). A Perfect Level with no mistakes will grant you 10000 points.

    After you have completed the 10th round, the trophy will unlock and you will start Level 6.

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