358/2 Days Master Trophy in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days HD

  • 358/2 Days Master


    Obtain all trophies.

    How to unlock 358/2 Days Master

    You have finished watching Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days the movie, and reading the files. Good job!

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  • Platinum? I saw the Japanese trophy list, this was a platinum.
  • @1 No it wasn't.
  • Are they seriously "awarding" you for watching a bunch of cutscenes!?
  • Welcome park on vita has a similar trophy. The only difference is on that set its the 1 gold & gives the appearance of a fake platinum
  • is it a platinum or not. really embarassing platinum.
  • WTF Square Enix? Completing the games on highest difficulty doesn't award you trophies for the lower difficulties, meaning you have to complete them 3 times, but here you press "play all" and get 6 trophies? WTF??
  • Easiest gold trophies ever, sadly. Apparently it's going to be the same for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded on the next KH HD 2.5 Remix...
  • The Trophy won't unlock, have all the others so....Any ideas how to get it?
  • my best trophy hunt i just sat back and enjoyed the story. loved it!
  • "Master" ehh? Yes, I'm a god damn master at watching cut scenes and mashing through text.
  • This made me kind of sad after watching this. :(
  • I had never gotten the chance to play this game and I had no idea about the story. Amazing...
  • I got this used just because of this. Wheres the game?
  • @13 It wouldn't kill you to do research before buying a game. Everyone knows that this was just cutscenes and texts.
  • @14 To be fair, where the hell is the game? I knew it was only cutscenes when I bought it but I still don't understand why they left the actual game part out of this remastering. I understand they put in the cutscenes for story reasons but really, why not do the entire thing? We have youtube for this kinda stuff, so I would prefer all or nothing to be quite honest. I have the original on DS anyway, so I've not really missed out on anything, but I would go as far to say I want the full game or nothing at all. Especially when '358/2 days' was a much better game than 'Chain of Memories' and much more deserving of the full remastering.
  • I agree with you tao

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