• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 46 (32, 10, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 51 - 75 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Post-game grinding
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, all trophies can be obtained on beginner difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: Trophy list is shared across all regions
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No
  • Additional peripherals required?: None

Welcome to Kingdom Hearts III! Developed and published by Square Enix under supervision from Disney, this installment of the series takes place after the events of Dream Drop Distance and serves as the conclusion of the Dark Seeker saga. Having completed the Mark of Mastery, Sora, Riku, and their friends embark on a journey to find the remaining guardians of light before Xehanort and his thirteen seekers of darkness (also known as the Real Organization XIII) bring about another keyblade war.

Trophy-wise, this game is much easier in comparison to previous installments, as the difficulty you choose to play the game on does not matter at all when in contrast to the games featured in the HD ReMIX collections, meaning that you can enjoy the game as much as you want without having to start another playthrough on a higher difficulty. However, this installment isn't without its traditional grinding, as you will need to collect specific items, synthesize materials, complete entries in the journal, and reach the max level among other things.

Be warned that this guide contains spoilers for the game's story.

PowerPyx's KH3 Wiki - A useful repository containing guides for collectibles, synthesis materials, etc.

: Movement
: Camera
: Navigate Command List
: Execute actions (Attack, Use Magic, Summon Links, etc.)
: Jump
: Dodge/Guard
: Situation Commands
: Trigger shortcuts
: Switch Situation Command
: Lock-on (Press)/Shotlock (Hold)
: Change Lock-on Target
: Use Camera.
: Pause

Step 1: Finish the game's story

This should be both your first and most important step before moving on to complete other tasks that the game has to offer. As stated in the roadmap, this game concludes the story arc that started in the original Kingdom Hearts (or in chronological order, Kingdom Hearts χ (pronounced Key)).

Whichever path you have chosen to go in the beginning of the game will not matter, as these will not affect the game's story in any way, shape, or form, but it will greatly determine Sora's stats. Additionally, you can also play minigames and grind for items such as ingredients and materials in this step, but I recommend saving that for later.

By the time you complete this step, you will have the following trophies unlocked.

A New Journey
Clash of the Gods
A Wish at Twilight
Inseparable Friends
Happily Ever After
The Power of Laughter
An Act of True Love
Way of the Pirate
Making a Difference
The Hearts Joined to His
No Matter What
The Battle to End All
Another Chapter Closed

Step 2: Post-game - Collectibles, Gummiphone, Mini Games, and Synthesis

After completing the game, you will start on your post-game grind, where you will continue doing the stuff you have put aside for after you completed the story, such as any remaining minigames, exploring the Hundred Acre Wood, Finding Collectibles, and Synthesis Materials among others. Additionally, you will be completing the aspects of the Gummiphone that need your attention for specific trophies, which also includes playing Classic Kingdom mini games, cooking recipes at the Bistro, and completing every task from the Flantastic Seven.

By the time you complete this step, you will have the following trophies unlocked.

Hidden Kings
Know Thine Enemy
No Stone Unturned
One for the Books
Festive Dancer
Shield Shredder
Full Course
Master Chef
Muscle Memory
Classically Trained
Ultima Weapon

Step 3: The Gummi Ship

This step will have you going on your gummi ship to take on tasks such as obtaining treasures from Gummi missions, photographing constellations, and taking on a difficult boss that will require you to buy a stronger gummi ship, increase its speed, and equip better weapons before taking it on for the first time. Additionally, you can also look for Synthesis materials to create items as well!

By the time you complete this step, you will have the following trophies unlocked.


Step 4: Cleanup

By the time you completed all of the above steps, you will now enter the cleanup phase, where you will now go your way to unlock any trophy you might have missed throughout your journey, such as defeating a number of enemies, or leveling up your ship and taking on enemy ships in the Caribbean, to name a few. If you feel that you're also missing something from previous steps, you can use this step to backtrack and complete whichever trophies you were missing.

By the time you complete this step, you will have the following trophies unlocked.

Tall Enough to Ride
Grand Mage
True Captain
Say Cheese!
Lasting Memories
Leveled Out

[PST Would Like To Thank MikelAL93 for this Roadmap]


Re Mind DLC:

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Personal Opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 6 (3, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 15 - 25+hrs (Personal Opinion)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 for each of the three DLC episodes (Re Mind, Limitcut Episode and the Secret Episode), post-game cleanup for EZ Code Merits in the base game, and a second playthrough of the game's main story with Pro Codes enabled.
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, all trophies can be obtained in beginner difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: Trophy list is stackable between the rest of the world and Asia.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Certain EZ Codes disable trophies in the base game.
  • Additional peripherals required?: None

NOTES: This guide contains spoilers for this DLC's story so be sure to read at your own risk. It is also recommended to finish the main story of Kingdom Hearts III first before starting this, as your clear data is required in order to start Re Mind.

Nearly a year after the release of Kingdom Hearts III comes the release of an expansion known as Re Mind, which comes with a new storyline that rewrites the course of the game's ending with new cutscenes added between each scene, new abilities, New Game +, a new extra boss and the return of the Oathkeeper and Oblivion keyblades with a second Form change that allows Sora to wield two keyblades at once. Another feature that is also added to the game is the option to switch between English and Japanese voiceovers, albeit only in the Japanese version of the game.

To access the DLC, you will need to have the latest update, along with the DLC installed, an option known as Downloadable Content will appear in the main menu. This is where you will select the Re Mind scenario, the concert video (provided if you buy the DLC with said video), and much more. This will also require you to load your clear data saves for the base game and/or any DLC episodes whenever you start them.

New Game + Information

When starting another playthrough through New Game +, only the following items will be kept:

  • Your Keyblades
  • Your Selfie Poses

However, you can now start with the option of starting the game with EZ Codes, Pro Codes or without the Premium Menu (like on your previous playthrough prior to the release of Re Mind). In addition, if you defeat the extra boss, you will be able to unlock any of the above options depending on what choice you have made (for instance: If you started with only Pro Codes, defeating the boss will unlock EZ Codes and Merits, while defeating him on your first playthrough (without either one or the other)) will unlock both EZ and Pro Codes, as well as the premium menu.

Step 1: Finish Re Mind's Story

Much like the base game, your first and most important step is to complete the story of the Re Mind expansion from start to finish. This picks up from the original ending of the game and contains a plethora of new cutscenes, new boss fights and a revised version of the events in the final half of the game which will result in a definitive true ending. Keep in mind that access to this DLC requires you to complete the story of the base game.

Upon completing this step, you will now unlock the following trophy:

Behind the Curtain

Step 2: Limitcut Episode (Data Organization XIII boss battles)

After completing the main Re Mind scenario, you will now start another extra episode known simply as the Limit Cut episode. In this scenario, you play as Riku as you use the computer inside Radiant Garden to access a recreation of the Garden of Assemblage, where Sora will fight against recreated and enhanced data of each member of the Real Organization XIII. This is similar to what was found in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, where each boss is much harder than usual, regardless of what difficulty you have set.

Upon completing this step, you will now unlock the following trophies:

Start Analysis
Analysis Complete

Step 3: Secret Episode (Yozora boss battle)

After completing the Limitcut Episode, you will now proceed to the last of three extra episodes known as the Secret Episode. This is where you will fight against Yozora, the extra boss of the game. His difficulty is similar to that of the Data Organization XIII battles from the limit cut episode, which will make this boss fight a challenge, regardless of what difficulty you are playing the game on. With the tips provided in this guide, you will be able to defeat this boss in no time.

Upon completing this step, you will now unlock the following trophy:

Beyond the Curtain

Step 4: EZ and Pro Codes (Merits and second playthrough of the main game + Re Mind DLC with Pro Codes)

The final step of this guide will have players make use of the new premium menu and a series of modifiers known as EZ and Pro Codes. These allow the player to make certain aspects of the game easier or harder depending on which ones they use and in addition, they have their own pairs of trophies: one where you will need to complete merits with EZ Codes and another where you will need to do a second playthrough with Pro Codes enabled.

Upon completing this step, you will now unlock the following trophies:


[PST Would Like To Thank MikelAL93 for this Roadmap]


Additional info:

Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind ~ Boss Guide Supplement

Kingdom Hearts III Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

52 trophies ( 12  36  6  )

  • Unlock all other trophies.

    Once you have acquired all of the game's trophies, you will now have a platinum keyblade in your collection as proof of your dedication to the series since the beginning. Now go on and brag to your friends about the countless adventures you've had with Sora and his friends over the years!

    May your heart be your guiding key.

  • Begin your brand new adventure.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    As with the first game and Birth by Sleep, you will find yourself starting at the Dive to the Heart, where you will learn the basics of the game's controls, choose the path(s) you want to take, etc.

    Once you learn the controls for movement, you will have to make your first choice for which path you want to take, with the first three determining which stats you want to go for.

    1. Wisdom - Start with less HP and strength, but more MP and magic power
    2. Vitality - Start with more HP and strength, but less MP and magic power
    3. Balance - Start with a balance between all stats

    Afterwards, you will make another choice, but this time, you will have a choice between three paths for which abilities you want to go after.

    1. Guardian - Defensive Abilities
    2. Warrior - Offensive Abilities
    3. Mystic - Magic Abilities

    After making your choices, you will select whether this is the path you want to take, or if you want to pursue another path instead, if the former is chosen, then you will learn the basics of combat (along with an optional tutorial) by fighting against three Shadow heartless, followed by a mini-boss fight against the Darkside, and like the first game and Re:Chain of Memories, you can only attack his hands.

  • Adventure through Olympus and complete the story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing Olympus and obtaining the Hero's Origin keyblade (with the Counter Shield formchange) for the first time.

    The main bosses in this world are the Lava, Ice, and Tornado Titans; but in the first half of the fight, we are going to take on the former two (Lava and Ice).

    In this boss fight, you will find yourself walking up the same pillar where both titans have imprisoned Zeus in. Keep in mind that the Lava Titan can make his face invincible from your own attacks once it melds the rocky crater from his face with lava, while the Ice Titan can freeze the pillar at any time, meaning that you will find yourself jumping away from it once that happens. The Tornado Titan will also blow wind from his arms to keep you away from the pillar and the titans while you are fighting against them.

    After defeating both titans, you will now fight against the Tornado Titan, where you will start from a distance away from the boss. His attacks include shooting buildings from his hands, which you can reflect to attack him if you time your guard(s) correctly, and a mid screen attack that will have him send you away from him. In his second phase, you will first find yourself diving to avoid the lava, ice, and buildings that it shoots from its arms as you descend to attack him afterwards.

    You will then find yourself using your focus shot to jump towards the other pillars without needing to dash your way towards him. He will also inherit abilities from the Ice and Lava titans during the fight, where he will use their elemental abilities to attack Sora, such as shooting spreads of icicles when near the Ice Titan, and shooting a rain of lava from his arms when near the Lava Titan. Once you have his attack pattern down, you should be able to defeat the Titans and stop Hades from overthrowing Zeus and taking over Olympus.


  • Adventure through Twilight Town and complete the story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing Twilight Town and obtaining the Shooting Star keyblade (with the Double Arrowguns and Magic Launcher formchanges) for the first time after collecting the ingredients that Scrooge needs to open up his bistro with Little Chef.

  • Adventure through Toy Box and complete the story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing Toy Box and obtaining the Favorite Deputy keyblade (with the Hyper Hammer and Drill Punch formchanges) for the first time.

    The boss in this world is the King of Toys, which is a heartless that takes the form of a fighter ship.

    In this fight, your main objective is to reach the top of the ship to attack its head, which is the only way for you to deal damage against it. Keep in mind that if it reaches higher altitude, then you will need to run up any of the buildings in the area for you to jump on top of it. Using the Rocket Ruckus command is helpful, as it will have you reach its weak spot using the rocket Sora, Woody, and Buzz ride on.

    After you have taken out four of its health bars, the scene will change to where the area becomes darker and the boss will surround itself with a lightning barrier on high altitude. This is where you will need to use focus shot to reach the boss, but after you have depleted its health to where it'll almost reach its last bar, it will surround itself with a tornado that will charge against you. Unfortunately, you will not be able to attack it while in this form, so you will need to avoid it as much as you can until it stops, where it will go back to how it was in the beginning of the fight, which will give you the chance to defeat it once and for all.


  • Adventure through the Kingdom of Corona and complete the story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the Kingdom of Corona and obtaining the Ever After keyblade (with the Mirage Staff formchange) for the first time.

    The boss in this world is the Grim Guardianess, a heartless that has manifested from Mother Gothel after her fall to darkness following her death. This boss fight may seem tricky in comparison to the King of Toys, but be sure to equip a counter ability and upgrade your strongest keyblade(s) before attempting it.

    In the start of the fight, you will see it summon dark crows from its mouth as its means of defense, but you will still be able to attack its head (which is its weak spot) despite the crows still being able to attack you. If you correctly time your guard(s) while the crows are still there, you will be able to attack the boss without taking damage from them.

    Once the crows disappear, it will now stand its ground to attack you without them surrounding it. When it charges or does a headbutt towards you, you will need to time your guard(s) to initiate your counterattack against it.

    After you have taken out at least four bars of its health, you will now see it clinging on to the roof of Rapunzel's tower, with you making your way through it while jumping a series of fences and avoiding bombs that take the form of apples to reach your destination by running up the tower to attack it so it can fly away from the top of the tower.

    Be warned that there are flowers that will tether you, which will give the boss the opportunity to grab you if you don't destroy them as quickly as possible. Needless to say, it will repeat the same cycle throughout the fight, so once you know its strategy, you will be able to defeat this boss without any trouble.


  • Adventure through Monstropolis and complete the story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    The boss of this world is the Lump of Horror, an Unversed that was created by Randall thanks to his negative emotions and desire to take over Monsters Inc..

    In the beginning of the fight, it will charge towards you up to at least three times before shooting a fireball from its mouth; during this phase, you will need to avoid it as much as you can. At certain intervals, he will guard his face to prevent you from attacking it and summon five hands, which you will need to defeat in order for you to attack the boss again.

    After taking down at least two bars from its health, it will now enter its second phase where there are multiple hands right by the walls, as well as a giant bat-shaped version of this boss in the middle of it, with its weak spot being the face. Keep in mind that it will keep you away from it by using its wings, similar to the Tornado Titan when you fought against the Ice and Lava Titans in Olympus, where you will be attacked by the hands. Once enough time has passed, it will return to its first phase, except it will now charge towards you four times instead of three, but the other attacks remain the same as they did when you started fighting it. It will later submerge and use its second form once more.

    Completing this world (alongside Arendelle) will also unlock The Caribbean and San Fransokyo for you to travel to on your gummi ship.


  • Adventure through Arendelle and complete the story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing Arendelle and obtaining the Crystal Snow keyblade (with the Blizzard Claws and Blizzard Blades formchanges) for the first time.

    The boss of this world is the Sköll, a wolf-like heartless that manifested after Hans' attack against Elsa was repelled by Anna, who sacrificed herself to save her sister. While you can go all out on the boss, once you have taken out three health bars, it will howl and begin summoning wolf heads that fly around the arena; so I recommend taking out as many heads as you can if they prove to be distracting you from attacking the boss.

    Once you have taken out almost half of its health, you will see it howl again, but this time it will form a dark eclipse that will drop down, this is where you will need to destroy as many wolf heads as you can within forty seconds; and once you have defeated a specific amount, you will see the "Subzero Impact" situational command, which will see Sora and Marshmallow repel the dark eclipse and destroy it, causing the boss to go back to lower ground. The cycle will repeat itself afterwards, so be sure to memorize its attack patterns from the first phase, as that will prove beneficial to defeating it.

    Completing this world (alongside Monstropolis) will also unlock The Caribbean and San Fransokyo for you to travel to on your gummi ship.


  • Adventure through The Caribbean and complete the story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    NOTE: You cannot travel to this world until you have completed both Monstropolis and Arendelle for the first time.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing The Caribbean and obtaining the Wheel of Fate keyblade (with the Highwind and Storm Flag formchanges) for the first time.

    The boss in this world is Davy Jones, who will be fought on the Flying Dutchman after saving the Black Pearl from the Kraken. Your only chance to attack Davy is whenever he emerges from the shadows, as he will have a tendency of doing so during the battle. Once you take out at least six bars of his health, he will teleport to the mast of the ship while summoning the Kraken's tentacles to attack you, along with an extra one that pops up from underneath your position, so be sure to attack them until Davy returns to the ship deck to continue your fight.

    The cycle will repeat itself after the tentacles are gone, but when they appear a second time, you will also be able to fight Davy while the tentacles are attacking you, so be sure to deal with them before taking care of Davy.


  • Adventure through San Fransokyo and complete the story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    NOTE: You cannot travel to this world until you have completed both Monstropolis and Arendelle for the first time.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing San Fransokyo and obtaining the Nano Gear keyblade (with the Nano Arms formchange) for the first time.

    The boss in this world is Dark Baymax, who is actually the second Baymax unit whose combat data come from a chip that was possessed by a fake Riku after he had the Darkubes materialize another variation of Baymax, albeit darker and much more sinister.

    The first half of this boss fight has Sora and Baymax flying through the city as they chase after him. While flying, you will be able to shoot at Dark Baymax, along with any barriers you come across during your chase, with your keyblade. Whenever you see him use Darkubes to attack you, you will need to time your punches correctly with . Depending on how much damage you take, press to have Baymax heal Sora, but I recommend doing so when his health is low.

    Once the chase is over, you will now be fighting against him face to face. The same rules for the Darkubes and healing also apply for this half of the fight, but dodging will play a bigger role in it as well.


  • Adventure through the Hundred Acre Wood and complete the story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    As with some of the previous games (with the exception of Re:coded, 358/2 Days, and Dream Drop Distance), the Hundred Acre Wood is an optional world that will be unlocked upon entering Twilight Town again after completing either Monstropolis or Arendelle for the first time.

    It is the only world in the game without any combat whatsoever, as you will be greeted with a series of minigames here instead. The list of minigames that are offered in this world, as well as the goal needed to complete them in your first visit, are listed below.

    1. Tigger's Vegetable Spree - 500 vegetables
    2. Lumpy's Fruit Parade - 700 fruits
    3. Pooh's Hunny Harvest - Full Honey Jar within two minutes

    Once you have completed the last minigame, not only will you unlock this trophy, but you will obtain the Hunny Spout keyblade (with the Hunny Blasters and Hunny Launcher formchanges). You can also replay the above three minigames, as they will award you with ingredients that will come in handy for the Master Chef trophy.

  • Finish the game and view the ending.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    The final boss of the game is Master Xehanort after his armor has been destroyed by Sora in their first fight. Whenever he teleports to attack you, be sure to time your guards and/or dodge rolls carefully, if you chose to do the former, then you can counterattack to deal damage to him and continue your assault from there.

    The arena will change once you knock down half of his hp bar, where Kingdom Hearts can be seen from afar. The same strategy from the first phase applies here as well, but when you knock down more of his health, he will force rage mode upon you since you dealt more damage to him and strips you of the light.

    In this part of the fight, you will need to attack him as much as you can to fill up the special meter (the same one used for formchanges with your keyblade), but you can't deal damage to him, and once said meter is filled, you will see a special situational command named "Return to the Light", which will end Rage Form and restore Sora's abilities.

    In the first half of the fight's final phase, you will not be able to fight Xehanort, but instead, you will find yourself avoiding his clones and laser beams until he returns to the battle. Needless to say, the remainder of the fight will be like the first phase, so be sure to continue fighting him until he reaches his last bit of health, where another special situational command named "Last Ray", which releases the true power of your keyblade, will be available.

    At first, Xehanort will overpower it and kill Sora in the process, only for him to be revived thanks to the bonds he's had in his many adventures as he, Donald, and Goofy defeat Xehanort with one final beam of light from the keyblade. Keep in mind that this trophy will not be unlocked until you reach the post game status screen.


  • Complete the Lucky Emblems section of the Gummiphone.


    Lucky Emblems are secret images that appear hidden within each of the game's worlds. They are symbols that resemble Mickey's face, and a lot of them appear in spots that are well hidden, or hard to make out at first glance. An example of a lucky emblem can be seen in the screenshot below.

    Once you see it, you will need to take out your camera with and take a picture of it, the Lucky Emblem's icon is designated by a Mickey face that is outlined, and once you have taken a photo of it, there will now be a checkmark in the bottom right corner of the icon.

    As the trophy's description states, you will need to take photos of all ninety Lucky Emblems hidden within each of the game's worlds. It should be noted that even if you delete an image before or after unlocking this trophy to make room for other trophies, it will still count towards your progress when going for it. For a list of videos with locations for the Lucky Emblems that are divided by each world, please refer to the list below (Videos courtesy of PowerPyx; keep in mind that these videos also include locations to the game's treasures as well).

    1. Olympus
    2. Twilight Town
    3. Toy Box
    4. Kingdom of Corona
    5. Monstropolis
    6. Arendelle
    7. The Caribbean
    8. San Fransokyo
    9. Hundred Acre Wood
    10. Keyblade Graveyard
    11. The Final World

    In addition to this trophy, you can also unlock the game's secret ending by finding a specific number of Lucky Symbols, which vary depending on the difficulty you are playing in.

    • Beginner: 90 emblems
    • Standard: 60 emblems
    • Proud: 30 emblems
  • Complete the Adversaries section of the Gummiphone.


    The Adversaries section of the Gummiphone lists the enemies you have encountered throughout the game. There are four categories by which the enemies are divided under, all of which are listed below.

    1. The Heartless - 60 entries
    2. The Nobodies - 7 entries
    3. The Unversed - 5 entries
    4. Others (AKA possessed toys in the Toy Box world) - 9 entries

    While you will fight a mass majority of the enemies naturally as you progress through the game's story, but enemies such as the Dark Inferno, Berserker, and Sorcerer can only be fought in battlegates, while the Flantastic Seven do not appear until later on in the game's story.

    For a list of enemies that you will face in each of the game's words, please refer to the list in this post of the guide.

  • Complete the Treasures section of the Gummiphone.



    There are a total of 245 treasures scattered around the game's ten worlds, all of which come with items such as potions, maps, synthesis materials, classic kingdom games, armor, and weapons, to name a few.

    The chests featured in the game come in two sizes, small and large. Small chests include the stuff you can find normally, while large chests include items that are important to your progress in the game's story, gummiphone, and other post-game content. For an example of how the chests look, please refer to the screenshots below.

    Top Screenshot: An image of a small treasure chest that is found in Toy Box
    Bottom Screenshot: An image of a large treasure chest that is also found in Toy Box

    They are also hidden inside other obstacles that require you to destroy them while free falling, such as the rocks in the Kingdom of Corona, and the steel crates in Monstropolis, but these obstacles require you to jump from a very high distance before attempting to destroy them.

    As with the lucky emblems, you should to refer to the list found in the Hidden Kings trophy for locations on where to find treasures in each world.

  • Complete the Synthesis section of the Gummiphone.


    There are a total of 88 items you can synthesize from the moogle shopkeeper found in Twilight Town or by any of the moogle shop points (represented by a moogle head in the minimap) near certain save spots.

    The items you can synthesize in the synthesis shop include weapons, armor, accessories, items, and other synthesis materials. Keep in mind that some materials are rare to find, and some of those can only be found inside battlegates or destroying rocks while venturing in your gummi ship. When taking on photo missions for the moogles, you will need to do tasks like going to the world where the photo of that monument needs to taken at, taking photos of enemies, and Sora's party members, to name a few.

    Additionally, there are specific synthesis materials that you can only obtain from battlegates, such as Evanescent Crystals from fighting the nobody bosses in the Twilight Town and Arendelle battlegates.

    Please refer to the Synthesis Items section of PowerPyx's wiki for a list of items you can synthesize, as well as photo missions to unlock new synthesis items to create whenever you go to the Moogle Photo Missions section.

  • Complete the Game Records section of the Gummiphone.


    The Game Records section of the Gummiphone lists the accomplishments you have made while playing through the game. Each of the nine sections of this portion of the gummiphone are divided into three different categories, all of which are listed below.

    • Combat
      • Shotlocks - 29 entries
      • Attractions - 5 entries
      • Links - 5 entries
    • Missions
      • The Flantastic Seven - 7 entries
    • Minigames
      • Verum Rex: Beat of Lead - 1 entry
      • Festival Dance - 1 entry
      • Frozen Slider - 1 entry
      • Flash Tracer - 2 entries
      • Hundred Acre Wood - 3 entries

    For the Shotlocks section, each keyblade in the game (with the exception of two) has a total of two different shotlocks, but in the case of Shooting Star and Hunny Spout, there are three (with the second shotlock being the one that varies depending on how many enemies you have locked on to with those two keyblades). All of them need to be used once in order for them to count.

    For the minigames and Flantastic Seven missions, I recommend going for the scores required for the respective minigame trophies, and the scores needed to obtain the Orichalcum+ needed for the Ultima Weapon trophy. For tips on each minigame, please refer to their respective trophies.

  • Use an attraction to defeat enemies for the first time.

    Attractions are big, flashy rides that Sora can use to defeat enemies. There are a total of five attractions in the game, all of which are found in the list below, and be sure to use them all at least once in order for them to count towards the One for the Books trophy.

    1. Pirate Ship
    2. Mad Tea Cups
    3. Blaster Blaze
    4. Magic Carousel
    5. Splash Run

    These occur once Sora attacks an enemy that has a green indicator around them, but be warned, as this indicator will expire after a certain amount of time has passed. An example of what this indicator looks like, please refer to the screenshot below.

    Once you have attacked the enemy with the indicator active, you will now be able to activate an attraction ride with . While it is active, you can attack enemies by pressing either , , or (depending on what attraction you've acquired) to use its basic attack or to use a finishing technique. The ride and/or attack(s) you have used do not matter at all when going for this trophy. Enemies defeated using attractions, regardless of which one(s) you used, will also count towards the Rook trophy.

  • Use a link to defeat enemies for the first time.

    Links are first available once you have embarked on Twilight Town for the first time, they are like summons from previous games, as they assist Sora with their unique abilities. There are a total of five Links in the game, and a list of them can be found below, as you will need to acquire and use them all at least once as this is a requirement for the One for the Books trophy.

    1. Meow Wow Balloon (Meow Wow)
    2. 8-Bit Blast (Ralph)
    3. King's Flare (Simba)
    4. Sea Spectacle (Ariel)
    5. Plasma Encounter (Stitch)

    You will unlock this trophy once you defeat your first enemy using a link, so whichever enemy and/or link you use does not matter when going for it. Enemies defeated using links will also count towards the Rook trophy.

  • Cast grand magic for the first time.

    In order to cast Grand Magic, you will need to use any magic spell (like Fire or Thunder, for example) at least five or more times, if done successfully, you will see a higher tier version of it that you can use at no MP cost by pressing .

    For instance, using Fire to attack and defeat enemies will result in you getting Fira, while Thunder will result in Thundra, and vice versa; and as the trophy's description says, you will need to cast grand magic for the first time in order to unlock it. Whichever grand magic spell you use does not matter when going for this trophy.

  • Defeat 1,000 enemies.

    See Rook for more information.

  • Defeat 3,000 enemies.

    See Rook for more information.

  • Rook


    Defeat 5,000 enemies.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to defeat a total of 5,000 enemies across all four enemy types that are featured in the game. This will come naturally when going for the Leveled Out and Know Thine Enemy trophies.

    You cannot check your total progress normally, but you can check how many times you have defeated an enemy by going to the Adversaries section of the Gummiphone; this is accumulative across all enemies in the game, so whichever worlds and/or enemies you want to fight against do not matter at all when you are going for this trophy, but you can easily grind for it when fighting in battlegates scattered around each world.

  • Use the gummi ship to obtain 20 unique treasures.


    When venturing to new worlds on your gummi ship, you will come across heartless symbols that represent missions where you take out enemy ships to win awards whenever you reach a high score. The missions you will take on while traveling between worlds or freely roaming around for items include the following tasks.

    1. Countdown: Defeating as many enemies as you can within the time limit
    2. Speed Skirmish: Defeat a specified number of enemies
    3. Clash: Battles against boss ships

    Treasures are designated by small red ship and green present icons, and they can only be obtained when you have acquired an A rank in those missions. In addition, if you are going to take on higher level challenges, I highly recommend leveling up your gummi ship level so you can increase its total cost to add new weapons and parts to your ship.

    As the description of this trophy states, you will need to acquire twenty unique treasures from Gummi Ship missions. You can keep track of how many treasures and which ones you have obtained by going to the "Treasures" section of the "Information" tab while pausing whenever you are traveling.

  • Use the gummi ship to find and photograph all the constellations.


    There are a total of nine constellations that you will come across while exploring in your gummi ship, be it by traveling to new worlds, or by doing gummi ship missions. These constellations represent characters, monsters, and/or bosses featured in the Final Fantasy series, and there are three in each world map. The constellations that are found when exploring in your gummi ship can be found in the list below.

    • Starlight Way
      1. Cactuar
      2. Bomb
      3. Moogle
    • Misty Stream
      1. Endymion
      2. Tonberry
      3. Imp
    • The Eclipse
      1. Bismarck
      2. Ultros
      3. Omega

    Whichever order you choose to find each constellation in does not matter when going for this trophy, and finding each of them will unlock a new blueprint for you to use when embarking on your gummi ship.

  • Score at least 12,000,000 pts. in Verum Rex: Beat of Lead.

    Verum Rex: Beat of Lead is a minigame based on the fictional Final Fantasy Versus XIII-styled video game of the same name that is found in the Toy Box world. You will first access it through story progression, but after clearing it the first time, you can replay it and go for a high score, which in the case of this trophy is 12,000,000 points.

    The key to achieving a high score in this game is to destroy as many gigas mechs as you can to create a chain combo, which will help you rack up points for each and every gigas you destroy. Destroying domes and defeating enemies while the electric floor in the center is active will grant a unique multiplier that boosts the score for destroying that gigas using either one of the two methods, and prime gigas (which first appear in the second wave of this minigame) will give you 10,000 points, which is double the amount of how much a normal gigas would give you for destroying it.

    By the time you reach the final gigas, you should be between 8,000,000 - 10,000,000 points, and as with previous mechs you have destroyed, you should go for a heat blast or zap bonus to help boost your score when going for the final blow even though it isn’t as necessary if your score is almost or over 10,000,000. If you are having trouble reaching the score needed for this trophy, refer to the video below, courtesy of PowerPyx.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Centurion Trophy / Achievement Guide (Verum Rex: Beat of Lead Minigame A Rank)

  • Score at least 70,000 pts. in the Festival Dance.

    The Festival Dance first appears as a story-related element in the Kingdom of Corona, but after you complete this world for the first time, you will unlock it as a mini game that you can play at any time.

    The key to this mini game is to walk up to each dancer to rack up points and build up a combo. Each dancer is designated by a blue or red circle, if it is red, then you will need to press , but if its blue, then you should press . Once you've paired up with that dancer, you will see pink circles that allow you and the dancer you've paired up with to clap by pressing , which racks up an additional fifty points for the first two circles, followed by 150 points and an additional three seconds added to the timer if you chain the last circle correctly. If you are building up a chain, the amount of points you earn when pairing up with each dancer will also increase as well.

    If you manage to make a combo higher than 15, you will be able to press to have Rapunzel and the dancers round up and walk in a circle to rack up big points and build up your combo chain by pressing or to match with the color of the circle you are standing on, and when you are ready, press again to end the group dance and earn the points you've scored from it.

    As the trophy's description says, you will need to earn at least 70,000 points or higher in order to unlock it. For a video of how this minigame works, please refer to the one by PowerPyx below.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Festive Dancer Trophy / Achievement Guide (Festival Dance Minigame A Rank)

  • Score at least 600,000 pts. in Frozen Slider.

    The Frozen Slider is unlocked upon completing Arendelle for the first time. You will need to talk to Elsa in order to start it.

    The key to this minigame is to collect crystals, which will add up to your score. You will earn 100 from smaller crystals, but the larger ones will give you 1,000 points. Every 500 points will increase your multiplier, and for every large crystal you collect, a cluster of smaller ones will appear in front of you at certain locations. So try to go for as many crystals as you can, even the large ones, and whichever route you choose to take will not matter when going for this trophy as long as you manage to make it through with a no damage bonus.

    Your biggest concern will be the caves that appear throughout the track, so be sure to steer carefully upon entering them and try not to bump into anything, as they will not only reset your multiplier, but it will negate the no damage bonus that you would get for completing it, so my best advice will be to go for an 8x multiplier, collect as many crystals as you can to rack up points, and to not bump into anything (especially when you're in the ice caves).

    As the trophy's description says, you will need to earn at least 600,000 points or higher in order to unlock it. For a video of how this minigame works, please refer to the one by PowerPyx below.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Shield Shredder Trophy / Achievement Guide (Frozen Slider Minigame A Rank)

  • Get an A rank on both Flash Tracer courses.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to get an A rank on both Flash Tracer courses. This is a mini game that consists of two courses that were created by Hiro to test Sora's abilities. The first course focuses on speed, while the second focuses on how fast you can defeat enemies.

    They will become available once you complete the story in San Fransokyo for the first time, afterwards, talk to either Fred for Course A, or Go Go Tamogo for Course B. The object of Course A is simple, as you will need to run through each ring and finish it as fast as you can for a better time bonus score.

    In Course B, you will need to equip a keyblade that has a better emphasis on magic than attack and use the Thundaga magic spell to clear out enemies as fast as you can. Additionally, you can also go through the rings like in the first course to improve your score while going for the A rank. The score requirements to obtain A ranks in both courses are listed below (Credit to PowerPyx for the tips and information).

    • Course A - 60,000 points
    • Course B - 75,000 points

    Even if you don't get an A rank, completing both courses of this mini game are required when going for the One for the Books trophy, and refer to the video by PowerPyx below if you are having trouble achieving this rank in both missions.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Datascraper Trophy / Achievement Guide (Flash Tracer Courses A Rank)

  • Fully power up the Leviathan.

    The Leviathan will become available after collecting 100 white crabs in your first visit to Port Royal. This is Sora's personal pirate ship that replaces the Black Pearl for the remainder of the story in the Caribbean.

    To level up this ship, you will need to collect white crabs, which serve as the ship's EXP, that are scattered across the many islands that inhabit the Caribbean. Specific enemy ships carry white crabs as well that are earned when destroyed. Once it levels up, not only will its health and firepower improve, but the number of cannons it carries will increase as well.

    You can check its current level, how many crabs you have total, and how many more you need to level up by pressing the while setting sail in your ship. You will need to to accumulate a total of 1,700 crabs in order to reach Level 9, its maximum level, in order to unlock this trophy.

    The fastest way to level up is to head to Confinement Island and destroy all the moving barrels that inhabit the area, which will net you a lot of white crabs, afterwards, select the same island again, and all the moving barrels will return. Repeat this process as much as you can until you reach Level 9. A video showing this method can be seen below (Credit to MasterFarell Gaming).

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Fastest Way To Level Up The Leviathan Ship

  • Sink 200 enemy ships in The Caribbean.

    While setting sail across different islands in the Leviathan, you will come across enemy pirate ships that are colored red in the mini map. These ships will also include orbs that come in either red, blue, or green that can easily destroy them in a few shots.

    Green orbs are the easiest to destroy, but red ones are the most durable, meaning that it will take a few shots from your cannons to destroy it. Additionally, you can use either one of three situation commands to destroy the enemy ships when necessary.

    • Tidal Wave
    • Raging Cannons
    • Wind Chasers

    I highly recommend leveling up your ship to level 9, its max level, as you will have more main and side cannons to attack the enemy ships and deal more damage against them, and as the trophy's description says, you will need to destroy 200 enemy ships. Wherever you are located in the map, or what islands you are going towards does not matter while going for this trophy.

  • Snap your first photo.

    See Lasting Memories for more information.

  • Hold on to 50 photos.

    Sora will first obtain his camera once he has defeated the swarm of heartless that broke loose in Twilight Town and saved Hayner, Pence, and Olette. You can use it to take any photos you wish to take, such as lucky emblems, tasks for photo missions to unlock new synthesis items, and constellations, to name a few, so you should go for this while going for the Stargazer, Hidden Kings, Flanmeister, and Synthesist trophies.

    To use your camera, you will need to press the to switch to a first person view, where Sora will say "Let's see" once he begins holding the camera. The controls for the camera are as follows.

    : Change Lens
    : Take photo
    : Zoom In
    : Zoom Out
    : Change between first person and selfie modes
    : Share via PSN

    As the trophy's description says, you will need to take any 50 pictures to unlock it as long as they are all held at once. Whichever pictures you choose to take, be it for tasks related to trophies, or for fun, does not matter when going for it.

  • Collect every type of ingredient.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to collect all ingredients found in the game. This can be a really time consuming task since this will involve a lot of backtracking in each of the game's worlds.

    Ingredients can be found in hittable objects like bento boxes and chinese take out boxes; as well as items you can interact with by pressing , like fish, mushrooms, leaves that stand out from the grass, etc. Collecting these ingredients will also unlock new cuisines that you can cook with Little Chef in the Bistro.

    Additionally, there are an extra seven ingredients that you can only obtain by completing Flantastic Seven missions with at least 10,000 points or more, but you will get three of these if you score even higher than that, especially when you're going for the Orichalcum+ that you can obtain from completing all seven of them with a high enough score.

    If you are looking for the locations for each ingredient, please refer to the video below (Courtesy of Primalliquid)

  • Earn your first "Excellent" while preparing cuisine.

    See Master Chef for more information.

  • Earn an "Excellent" while preparing every type of cuisine.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to earn an "Excellent" rating on all twenty eight cuisines in Little Chef's bistro. This can be a tricky task, as it involves precise timing with each of the four cooking methods in the bistro. If exploding sparks appear alongside the swirls of imagination, that's your cue to getting an "Excellent" rating while cooking.

    • Crack the Egg - Press and as gently as you can, then press and at the same time to have the egg yolk land on the frying pan after the exploding sparks appear behind Sora.
    • Flambé the Food - Twirl the clockwise then press to prepare the cuisine once the sparks show up.
    • Chop the Ingredients - Press as fast as you can to cut each ingredient into small pieces, then press as soon as you finish cutting each ingredient to move on to the next one, continue doing this until time runs out.
    • Grind the Pepper - Alternate between and , the key to getting a perfect in this one is to tilt both directions as soon as they reach the respective circles. You will need at least four perfectly timed pepper grinds to achieve an excellent, but don't press down on either stick too soon, as timing is key in this one.

    Keep in mind that you will start out with a list of twenty cuisines that you will need to fill out once you complete searching for them as part of the story in Twilight Town, while special recipes are unlocked once you complete a mission with any one of the flans from the Flantastic Seven, since they involve ingredients that you can only get from them.

    Additionally, when you get an "Excellent" rating, your cuisine will have a "+" next to its name, this signifies enhanced stats when compared to their normal counterparts. Additionally, completing all normal recipes will unlock the Grand Chef keyblade (with the Frying Pan formchange). If you are looking for the locations of where to find each ingredient, refer to the video found in Cornucopia.

  • Get a new high score in one of the Classic Kingdom games.

    See Classically Trained for more information.

  • Get a new high score in every Classic Kingdom game.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to set a new high score in all twenty three games in the Gummiphone's Classic Kingdom app, which contains minigames that are reminiscent of the games found on the Game & Watch systems by Nintendo in the early 1980's. This will first become available via story progression in Twilight Town, where you will unlock Giantland, which is your first game.

    As with maps, you will find them scattered around giant treasure chests in each of the game's worlds (with the exception of Olympus, the Keyblade Graveyard and The Final World). The games that you will find throughout the game, as well as the world they are found in, are listed below, and be sure to look at the list of videos found in the Hidden Kings trophy whenever you are locating for the these minigames.

    • Giantland - Twilight Town
    • Mickey the Mail Pilot - Twilight Town
    • The Musical Farmer - Twilight Town
    • Building a Building - Twilight Town
    • The Mad Doctor - Twilight Town
    • Mickey Cuts Up - Toy Box
    • Taxi Troubles - Toy Box
    • The Barnyard Battle - Toy Box
    • The Wayward Canary - Kingdom of Corona
    • Camping Out - Kingdom of Corona
    • The Karnival Kid - Kingdom of Corona
    • How to Play Golf - Monstropolis
    • Mickey's Circus - Monstropolis
    • Barnyard Sports - Arendelle
    • The Klondike Kid - Arendelle
    • Mickey's Kitten Catch - Arendelle
    • Fishin' Frenzy - The Caribbean
    • Beach Party - The Caribbean
    • Mickey's Prison Escape - The Caribbean
    • Cast out to Sea - The Caribbean
    • How to Play Baseball - San Fransokyo
    • Mickey's Mechanical Man - San Fransokyo
    • Mickey Steps Out - San Fransokyo

    You will need to play all of these games at least once and set a score for each of them, which will be saved once you get a game over and/or complete the game. However, for Barnyard Sports, you will need to set a score in all three game types for it to fully count. Completing all of the Classic Kingdom games will also net you the Classic Tone keyblade (with the Boom Hammer and Clock Drill formchanges).

  • Obtain a Keyblade that is fully powered up.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to fully power up a keyblade to its max level. This can be a bit of a stretch as some materials won't be found until later on in the game, be it by embarking to different worlds on your gummi ship, finding them in chests inside worlds you can access by story progression, etc.

    The keyblade I recommend doing this with when going for this trophy is the Kingdom Key, as it only requires materials you can easily obtain in contrast to others. The materials needed to max out this keyblade are listed below.

    • 1x Electrum
    • 1x Wellspring Crystal
  • Synthesize the Ultima Weapon.

    The Ultima Weapon is the strongest keyblade in the game, and the only keyblade that can be acquired from Item Synthesis. The ingredients needed to create it are listed below.

    • 7x Orichalcum+
    • 2x Wellspring Crystal
    • 2x Lucid Crystal
    • 2x Pulsing Crystal

    While the latter three can be acquired by defeating enemies to farm them or creating them through synthesis, Orichalcum+ can only be obtained in the following seven scenarios.

    1. Treasure Chest #12 in The Caribbean, which is found in the Isle of Exile
    2. As a prize from the mailbox in Twilight Town (you will need to get a Prize Postcard first, and the easiest way you can acquire them is by buying a single potion from the shop; be sure to save every time you get a postcard, as it is very rare)
    3. Beating a specific score in all seven Flantastic Seven minigames
      • Olympus - 20,000 points
      • Toy Box - 17,000 points
      • Kingdom of Corona - 23,300 points
      • Monstropolis - 22,000 points
      • Arendelle - 20,000 points
      • The Caribbean - 29,000 points
      • San Fransokoyo - 15,000 points
    4. Obtaining all ten treasures in the Frozen Slider minigame
    5. Finding eighty lucky symbols and taking photos of them.
    6. Defeat the Omega Machina, which will be unlocked once you have completed all other gummi ship missions in The Eclipse, regardless of grade.
    7. Treasure chest in The Final World (can only be accessed when you beat the game)

    For videos on how to obtain the Orichalcum + from the Flantastic Seven and Frozen Slider, please refer to the ones below (Courtesy of Everglow)

  • Raise Sora to LV 99.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to have Sora reach the highest level possible, which is level 99. This requires you to attain a total of 1,527,640 EXP, making it the second longest grind in the game if doing it by normal means, but with the battlegates that are unlocked after beating the game, you can make this process faster.

    The fastest method to achieving this is to do to Battlegate #1 in Olympus. If you are using a magic-centric keyblade, the key here is to use Thundaga against enemies since it will clear them out as fast as possible, but if you have the Ultima Weapon, you can use its shotlock skill, Infinity Circle, to clear out enemies faster as well, while using Thundaga if your focus gauge doesn't fill up again, but if it does, you can substitute it again with the same shotlock skill and vice versa.

    Repeat this process until you have Sora reach his maximum level and unlock the trophy. This method also works with Battlegate #9 in Arendelle, meaning that this will work for two Battlegates as opposed to one. You can find a video of this method here. (Courtesy of Gamer Guru)

    KH3 - How To Level Up Fast In Kingdom Hearts 3 (Lvl.99 In 1 Hour)


Secret trophies

  • Gather the seven guardians of light.

    Story related.  Cannot be missed.

    After completing either The Caribbean or San Fransokyo last, you will find yourself playing as Riku again as he and Mickey venture the Realm of Darkness once more to fend off the heartless before Sora joins up to help him and King Mickey save Aqua.

    The Anti-Aqua boss fight has her making use of her ability to make clones of herself to distract Sora as they fight; attacking them will only make them disappear until you find the real one; while the Vanitas fight, which takes place after you save Aqua, is pretty straightforward, but be sure to guard when possible provided if you have a counter ability set. Once Aqua and Ventus are saved, they will join Sora and his friends as the final two candidates for the seven guardians of light.



  • Reunite with Kairi.

    Story related.  Cannot be missed.

    After Sora rematerialized himself in "The Final World" and relives the events that happened prior, he will find himself revisiting worlds he previously visited (with the exception of Twilight Town) to save the hearts of his friends, which are held captive by a Lich in each of the portals it can be found hiding in. Keep in mind that the Lich's attacks vary depending on which world whose portal you go inside, and below is a list of worlds, and the person you will save them in.

    • Olympus - Riku
    • The Caribbean - Aqua
    • Arendelle - Goofy
    • Monstropolis - Donald
    • Toy Box - Ventus
    • Kingdom of Corona - King Mickey
    • San Fransokyo - Axel/Lea

    After defeating the Lich in San Fransokyo, you will be alarmed by Chip and Dale that a new shortcut that will direct Sora and Jiminy back to the Keyblade Graveyard has been discovered, which also leads to him reuniting with Kairi as they return to the graveyard together, along with their friends returning as well.

  • Begin the final confrontation with Master Xehanort.

    Story related.  Cannot be missed.

    After defeating nine members of the Real Organization XIII, you will now find yourself fighting against Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort. Whichever order you choose to defeat them does not matter, but I recommend going for the one you find to be the most troublesome through the least (for example, take on Xemnas first if you find him to be the one interrupting your attacks the most).

    After you have defeated them, you will be sent to Scala ad Caleum, where the final battle between light and darkness will take place.


  • Complete all of the Flantastic Seven missions.

    The Flantastic Seven are heartless that take the form of flan with a fruit on top of them, and unlike the other enemies you fight against in the game, they do not attack you by normal means, but rather, they allow Sora to play a series of minigames that differ depending on which world he is in. An example of a resting Flan can be seen in the screenshot below.

    Once you approach it, you will need to press to start a minigame that can only be played once. There are seven different mini games to play from in each world's flan, all of whom are designated by a different fruit above its head, and a list of them is found below.

    • Olympus: Cherry - Use the arrows to gain speed and run into as many flans as possible!
    • Toy Box: Strawberry - Avoid the rolling berries and bump into the flans to stack them up!
    • Kingdom of Corona: Blood Orange - Watch each flan carefully and try to photograph the picture-perfect moment!
    • Monstropolis: Banana - Dodge the giant flan's attacks and take out the smaller flans!
    • Arendelle: Grape - Defeat the flans as fast as possible! Block their magic to return it to the sender!
    • The Caribbean: Watermelon - Use the cannons to protect the fort from flanvasion! Ring the bell to fire all the cannons at once!
    • San Fransokyo: Melon - Bounce on the flans to stay afloat as long as possible! Don't fall into the mouths of the ones trying to eat you! (This only occurs when you head to the city at night)

    Needless to say, you do not have to complete each mission successfully, as failing to meet the requirements they need will still count towards the trophy regardless, but I highly recommend going for the following scores, since they are necessary to obtain the Orichalcum+ that you need when going for the Ultima Weapon trophy:

    • Olympus - 20,000 points
    • Toy Box - 17,000 points
    • Kingdom of Corona - 23,300 points
    • Monstropolis - 22,000 points
    • Arendelle - 20,000 points
    • The Caribbean - 29,000 points
    • San Fransokoyo - 15,000 points

    In addition, you will also be awarded with three ingredients, one from each of them will count towards the Cornucopia trophy. For a video of all the Flantastic Seven minigames, check out the one by PowerPyx below.

  • Destroy the Schwarzgeist, menace of the Ocean Between.

    Originating from Einhänder, the Schwarzgeist is the secret boss of the Misty Stream world map, which can be found inside a tornado-like vortex that can only be accessed if you have a ship that has over 200 points of speed. This may prove to be a hard challenge at first, but with the tips and recommended build provided in this guide, you will find yourself have the advantage on your side when fighting against it.

    I highly recommend doing this after you reach between level 80 - 90 in your gummi ship level to make sure the cost points for editing your ship are high enough, and to beat the game, since you will unlock the Highwind Peak gummi ship for you to purchase it in the gummi shop, and once that's done, you will need to head to the Gummi Editor and remove all weapons to replace them with the following in the list below (Credit to AxelOnyxsun on the Kingdom Hearts reddit for the following recommendation):

    • 2x Meteor/G
    • 2x Comet/G
    • 2x Firaga/G
    • 2x Rocket/G for improved movement speed
    • 2x Meteor/G for your mini gummi (1 if your cost for the mini gummi's isn't high enough)
    • 1x Comet/G for your mini gummi (only if you don't have enough cost points for two Meteor/G pieces)

    Afterwards, you will need to head to the vortex in Misty Stream to start the boss fight. The key here is to hold to lock on to the boss's attack points, then release to deal damage to it. Be sure to press to do a barrel roll while dodging its bullets, and whenever it does its barrier attack, you will need to find an open spot to take cover and prevent any damage you would take from touching the lines. Refer to the screenshots below for the best spots to take while the attack is going on.

    Once you have destroyed the boss' first form, you will now fight against its remaining piece, which is a small jellyfish-like ship. As with the main boss, be sure to lock on to attack it and deal a good amount of damage against it. Not only will you unlock this trophy for defeating it, but you will also unlock the Golden Gummiship, which is the strongest ship in the game, and the best one to use when going for A ranks to unlock treasures.

DLC: Re Mind

6 trophies

  • Earn all EZ Code merits.

    New to Re Mind is the Premium Menu, EZ Codes and Pro Codes. EZ Codes allow the player to adjust modifiers to make the game easier and more balanced for their playstyle, while Pro Codes have modifiers that make the game harder with fixed regulations (more information on this can be found on Risk-taker's description). Screenshots of the EZ Codes menu and the merits can be seen below.

    In the top screenshot, merits that aren't unlocked appear as silhouettes, while those that were obtained reveal their emblem.
    In the bottom screenshot, a Mickey emblem is shown for merits that are completed.

    Keep in mind that using the former can disable trophies (for example, the Gummi Ship Meister code will prevent players from unlocking the Salvager trophy in the base game). The focus for this trophy is EZ Codes and its nine merits (an achievement-like system which will award players if they complete the tasks assigned to that merit), which consist of the following:

    • EZ Codes
      • Battle Codes
        • Deadly Blow: Enemies and bosses can be defeated in a single hit but keep in mind that some of them are immune to this. This is beneficial for the Rage Form Challenge merit.
        • Auto-block: Allows the player to automatically block enemy attacks.
        • HP Regen: Automatically restores HP over time.
        • MP Regen: Similar to HP Regen but restores MP over time.
        • Focus Regen: Like the other two above it but restores the Focus gauge over time.
        • Form Charge: Restores the Formchange gauge over time.
        • Attraction Pass: Allows Attraction Indicators to appear more frequently in battle. This is beneficial for the Gigas Challenge merit in the Toy Box world.
        • Best Combination: Allows Team commands to appear more often in battle. This is beneficial for the Bowling Challenge merit in the Monstropolis world.
        • Overflow: Allows the Rage Form command to appear more often in battle. This is beneficial for the Rage Form Challenge merit
        • Everlink: Increases the duration of Link summons. This is beneficial for the Link Challenge merit.
        • AP Free: Allows AP to be equipped without spending points. Keep in mind that if you toggle this from on to off, all abilities will be unequipped for your entire party.
        • Survival: Triples the amount of strength and magic for both the player, their allies, and their enemies. This is required for the Survival Challenge merit but this can also help with the Rage Form Challenge merit.
      • Support Codes
        • Cooking Master: Allows the player to always earn an Excellent rating in the cooking minigames. (which will void the requirements for the Full Course and Master Chef trophies in the base game)
        • Shop Discount: Allows players to purchase items for half the price.
        • Gummi Ship Meister: Automatically sets your gummi ship level to 99 and your inventory of gummi items to its maximum. Using this and then disabling it afterwards will not restore your previous inventory. This will void the requirements for the Salvager trophy in the base game.
    • Merits
      • Aerial Challenge: Defeat 13 enemies while airborne without landing on the ground at least once. Keep in mind that magic, attraction, links, and team commands do not count for this at all.
        • I personally did this by going to Battlegate 1 inside Olympus but Battlegate 10 in The Carribean is also another recommendation. Be sure to use shotlocks to teleport often when going for this challenge. Using the Ulitma weapon's Formchange (Ultimate Form) works as well, so be sure to enable Form Charge when using it. (Credit to Sellers for informing me about this)
      • Rage Form Challenge: Defeat 20 Shadow and/or Neoshadow enemies during a single battle while on Rage Form. The Overflow, Survival, and Deadly Blow EZ Codes are recommended for this, HP Regen helps as well.
        • Battlegate 0 in the Keyblade Graveyard (which can be accessed in any of the three Skein of Severance warp points) is also recommended.
      • Link Challenge: Defeat 77 enemies while using a Link summon. The Everlink code is recommended for this, and you can easily do this an Arendelle from either the Treescape or Snowfield warp points.
      • Icebreaker Challenge: Freeze 30 enemies in a single battle.
        • The Blizzard magic spell is recommended for this, as Blizzaga can kill enemies in certain battlegates easily. Like Rage Form Challenge, Battlegate 0 is recommended for this challenge as well.
      • Gigas Challenge (Toy Box): Defeat Five Gigas enemies of any kind while attractions are active. The Attraction Pass EZ Code is recommended for this.
      • Sky Walk Challenge (Kingdom of Corona): Make it from the tower in the forest to the Kingdom of Corona while gliding, keep in mind that you can only land on the ground five times, as doing so more than five times (the set limit) will force you to teleport back to the Tower savepoint and start over. Gliding while grounded, however, will not negate this merit.
        • Walking is also prohibited so when you land, do not walk because doing so will result in an automatic failure for the challenge. For the most part, you will need to hold at all times, except for when you reach a wall you will need to run upwards to reach certain areas but be sure not to walk. However, tilting the while jumping is also fine as long as you don't accidentally have Sora walk.
      • Schwarzgeist Challenge: Earn an A Rank in the Schwarzgeist boss fight.
        • You can use the same strategy found in the Thermosphere trophy in the base game's trophy guide but this time, the way I went about doing this is to destroy it after the fourth wave of light beams while taking no damage against its attacks, which allowed me to reach the score needed to get an A Rank (1,000,000+).
      • Bowling Challenge (Monstropolis): Defeat 10 enemies at once with a single use of the Scream Strike team command. The Best Combination EZ Code is recommended for this.
        • You can do this by going to the open area with green lighting on the first floor of The Factory, which you can easily access by going to the Ground Floor warp point and using the elevator but be sure to keep Scream Strike safe until you reach the area with green lighting.
      • Survival Challenge: Complete a Two Star Battlegate with the Survival EZ Code enabled.
        • I personally did this by completing Battlegate 9 (Inside the Ice Labyrinth) in Arendelle, which you can easily access by going to the Gorge warp point.

    As the trophy's description says, you will need to complete all nine EZ Code merits in order to unlock it. When a merit is completed, not only will it show in the bottom of the screen but it will also appear in the Premium Menu, as seen in the screenshots below.

  • Reach the highest PRO Code merit rank.

    As stated in the All-rounder walkthrough, Pro Codes allow the player to take on new challenges regardless of what difficulty you have set it to. Each of these codes are graded by how many stars they have and if you choose to start another playthrough via New Game or New Game +, you will have all Pro Codes enabled by default. A screenshot of the Pro Codes menu can be seen below.

    If you want to start with them, you will need to select the third option (Challenging Adventure, which shows an image from the 1,000 heartless battle in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden in Kingdom Hearts II). The list of Pro Codes, as well as their grade, the added percentage and what each of them do, can be found below (Credit to Poet for compiling the percentage values of each Pro Code modifier depending on their grade).

    • Default Stats: Five Star (12.5%) - Resets your stats by default, regardless of your current level.
    • Zero Defense: Four Star (10%) - Your whole team's Defense is set to 0. However, Defense boosts from equipment are still applied.
    • HP Slip: Three Star (7.5%) - During battle your whole team's HP automatically decreases over time until it reaches dangerous levels.
    • MP Slip: Four Star (10%) - During battle your whole team's MP automatically decreases over time and MP recharge time is doubled.
    • No Shotlocks: Two Star (5%) - You cannot use shotlocks.
    • No Cure: Five Star (12.5%) - Your whole team cannot use cure magic.
    • No Battle Items: Three Star (7.5%) - During battle, your whole team cannot use items.
    • No Links: 5% - You cannot use links.
    • No Formchanges/Grand Magic: Four Star (10%) - You cannot use formchanges or grand magic.
    • No Attractions: One Star (2.5%) - Attraction commands do not appear outside of certain battles.
    • No Team Attacks: One Star (2.5%) - Team commands do not appear outside of certain battles.
    • No Kupo Coins: Two Star (5%) - Kupo Coins in your possession have no effect.
    • Ability Limit: Four Star (10%) - A maximum limit of 30 is placed on abilities you can install on Sora.

    If you choose to unequip any Pro Codes throughout the course of your playthrough (namely after you clear the first few worlds and fought the bosses in them to earn those extra points), then you will lose the extra percentage bonus from defeating bosses later on in the game; however, the bonus points you've obtained from previous bosses with Pro Codes on (e.g. Olympus and Toy Box,) will remain the same and will not be reduced. Turning off Pro Codes for mob fights and when fighting against normal enemies does not matter since you can only earn points for defeating bosses and if you want to get a higher score against a boss you've fought previously, you can only do so for bosses you can challenge again, such as Dark Inferno and the Data Organization XIII fights. Be sure to save before enabling Pro Codes again whenever you get close fighting against a boss.

    Keep in mind that disabling specific Pro Codes will help the player fight against specific boss battles that happen later on in the game provided if they had trouble fighting against them with specific Pro Codes on. In addition, you will gain points for defeating bosses, ranging from mid bosses, to the main bosses of each world and even secret and extra bosses. It should also be noted that you do not need to enable all Pro Codes when fighting bosses but be sure to enable most of them to make sure you get a good enough score for each boss fight you complete. A list of how many points that can be earned in bosses, sorted by point values, can be found below (Credit to Poet for the original list and Zero Sora for clarification on Yozora’s total points).

    • 5,000 Points
      • Rock Titan (Olympus)
      • Demon Tide (Twilight Town)
      • Angelic Amber (Toy Box)
      • Chaos Carriage (Kingdom of Corona)
      • Marshmallow (Arendelle)
      • Lightning Angler (The Carribean)
      • Darkubes (San Fransokyo)
    • 10,000 Points
      • Ice/Lava/Tornado Titan (Olympus)
      • King of Toys (Toy Box)
      • Grim Guardianess (Kingdom of Corona)
      • Lump of Horror (Monstropolis)
      • Sköll (Arendelle)
      • Davy Jones (The Carribean)
      • Dark Baymax (San Fransokyo)
      • Demon Tide (Keyblade Graveyard)
      • Young Xehanort/Ansem/Xemnas (Keyblade Graveyard)
      • Armored Xehanort (Scala ad Caelum)
      • Master Xehanort (Scala ad Caelum)
      • Armored Xehanort (Re Mind)
    • 20,000 Points
      • Dark Inferno (Keyblade Graveyard)
    • 25,000 Points
      • Ansem (Limitcut Episode)
      • Xemnas (Limitcut Episode)
      • Xigbar (Limitcut Episode)
      • Larxene (Limitcut Episode)
      • Marluxia (Limitcut Episode)
      • Luxord (Limitcut Episode)
      • Saïx (Limitcut Episode)
      • Xion (Limitcut Episode)
      • Dark Riku (Limitcut Episode)
      • Terra-Xehanort (Limitcut Episode)
      • Vanitas (Limitcut Episode)
      • Young Xehanort (Limitcut Episode)
      • Master Xehanort (Limitcut Episode)
    • 30,000 Points
      • Yozora (Secret Episode)

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to reach the highest Pro Code ranking, which will require the player to reach a total of 370,000 or more points in order to secure it. If you need a refresher for the base game's main bosses and their strategies, be sure to look at their respective trophies from the base game's trophy Guide while specific Re Mind bosses will have their strategies available here.

    If you are having trouble with any of the bosses that appear later on in the game's story, as well as the Data Organization XIII boss battles and Yozora (to name a few), you will need to disable any Pro Codes that prove to give you the most trouble e.g. Default Stats and/or Zero Defense. Be sure to keep specific 5 and 4 star codes (along with 1, 2 and 3 star codes) so you will keep the bonuses you will get while having those codes enabled.

  • Clear KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ Re Mind.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this trophy upon completing the main story of the Re Mind DLC chapter, which consists of an extension of the game's final chapter and additional boss fights.

    Dark Inferno χ

    This boss is fairly easy if you remember fighting it in Battlegate #14 of the Keyblade Graveyard but be sure to guard whenever any of its attacks strike to initiate a counterattack (provided if you have equipped any counter abilities beforehand). There is also an additional attack where it summons a circle of fireballs before it returns to the field. This circle operates much similar to that of the Invisible heartless' stealth attack from the original Kingdom Hearts/Final Mix, except with fireballs that aim at Sora.


    Anti-Aqua follows the same principles and combat strategy as before when you fought against her previously as Riku midway through the base game's story so if you want a recap of her fight's strategy, please refer to the The Hearts Joined to His trophy in the Guide for the base game.


    Terra-Xehanort's strategy is to attack and guard while avoiding attacks from his heartless guardian. Keep in mind that whenever his guardian attacks you from below, you cannot guard that attack so you should try to dodge roll to avoid it as soon as you can. He will also fire projectiles from his keyblade, which you can guard to deflect them back to him and deal damage against him so be sure to time your guards when he does so. For the most part, some of his attack patterns are the same as when you fought against him and Vanitas in the Skein of Severance alongside Aqua and Ven.

    After fighting against the above three bosses, you will continue to the Skein of Severance like you did previously but this time, you will now have a choice to play with characters other than Sora in the following boss fights (keep in mind that their health and MP are much lower than Sora's, though):

    Xigbar & Riku Replica: Riku
    Vanitas & Terra-Xehanort: Aqua
    Xion, Xemnas & Saïx: Roxas

    After fighting against each boss in said area once again, you will proceed to fight Xemnas, Ansem and Young Xehanort like before and the outcome of the events that come afterwards will remain the same but with new scenes added in between and this time, Sora's subconscious enters Scala ad Caelum.

    You will now be able to explore the aforementioned world to your leisure but your main goal in this case is to find the pieces to Kairi's heart; the locations for these are listed below and an image of what this indicator looks like can be seen below:

    1. Piece #1: Once you begin to proceed through the world like normal, you will encounter a group of Heartless' and Nobodies, along with a Shadow heartless that seems different from the rest as it is glowing with a pink aura around it. Defeat it and you will gain the first piece to Kairi's heart.
    2. Piece #2: This piece can be found in the fountain in the Breezy Quarter area, which will require you to spin four cylinders that allow water to flow in the fountain. Once you have done so, you will now have this piece in your possession.
    3. Piece #3: After obtaining the piece from the fountain, you will need to head left, where you will see a mechanism with red, blue and green traces of light circling around an orb. The three colors need to connect with their respective points on it and once they all connect, the third piece to Kairi's heart will now be in your hands.
    4. Piece #4: This piece is found in an underground location which can be accessed in an area between the windmill and the place where you will find the fifth and final piece. The key to obtaining this piece is to utilize the ability to run up walls and use your dive attack (which is done by pressing while falling from a very high distance) to destroy the cage and obtain the fourth piece.
    5. Piece #5: After collecting the other four pieces, you will watch a short cutscene where an illusion of Kairi walks towards an area that will eventually glow the same way the fountain did. Upon reaching it, you will find yourself fighting against the Darkside heartless and like the Shadow heartless you fought before, this one is glowing with a pink aura around it. Defeat it and you will have five of the seven pieces to her heart, with Xehanort revealing that he has the remaining two that you need.

    After you have completed the above task, you will now take on another boss fight, this time against Armored Xehanort's replicas.

    Replica Xehanorts

    This boss fight is completely new to the Re Mind expansion. This is a multi person fight where Riku, Roxas, Lea, Xion, Mickey, Terra, Aqua and Ven work together to fend off the replicas of Xehanort's Armored form while Sora searches for the remaining two people whose hearts he needs to reach. Throughout this fight, you will find yourself doing tasks such as attacking, dodging, guarding and using reaction commands to your advantage.

    Whenever you see any of the replicas attempt to attack you, cease your attacks and dodge/guard against them as soon as you can. There is also an instance where you will need to use Reflega against their attacks that charge towards you so be sure to time it correctly so you can initiate a counterattack.

    The final phase of this fight will mostly center on King Mickey walking towards the keyhole; keep in mind that your health is low during this part of the fight so be sure to use these tips to your advantage as you eventually reach the final boss.

    During this phase, you will need to press to counter and defend yourself from each attack by the remaining replicas. Whenever the replicas begin to fire a beam attack against him, you will need to use the pushback reaction command so he can deflect them; this is where you will need to tap (or hold) , followed by to deflect them at the right time. If the beam attacks him, you will need to repeatedly tap to have him stand up again.

    Once Mickey reaches a certain distance, be sure to time your attacks accordingly while the replicas fire one final beam, this is where you need to do a pushback by holding so Mickey can deflect the beams while he's walking. Lastly, an illusion of Sora will eventually appear and in this portion of the fight, you will need to repeatedly tap to charge up energy so both King Mickey and Sora can end this fight with the Enduring Faith reaction command, which will destroy the replicas once and for all.

    After completing the battle against Xehanort's replicas, you will now take control of Sora once more. In this segment of the chapter, you will now find yourself linking each keyhole as you reawaken seven of your allies (Riku, Aqua, Terra, Ven, Xion, Roxas and Axel) by filling up the keyhole gauge at the top left corner of the screen, a screenshot of this segment can be found below:

    After you completely fill up the aforementioned gauge, you will now need to use the Enduring Light reaction command to not only reawaken everyone but reconstruct Kairi's heart as well, allowing Sora to seal the keyhole and revive Kairi with the Power of Waking.

    Armored Xehanort

    The final boss of the Re Mind chapter, in this fight, you will have a choice of playing as either Sora or Kairi before the fight starts. Keep in mind that like the additional characters in the Skein of Severance, Kairi also has reduced health and MP so be sure to survive when playing as her.

    Most of his attack patterns are the same as when you fought him in the second phase of the final boss fight in the main story but with new attacks such as a fiery pillar attack that happens at certain intervals, along with another variation that happens where pillars come out from certain spots of the floor. When he begins to shoot fireballs, be sure to dodge or guard against them as fast as possible. Another one of his new attacks has him trying to drag you to his position while a circle of fireballs surround you, much like that of the Dark Inferno boss from earlier. Like before, you will need to time your dodges to escape from him as soon as you can to prevent yourself from being damaged.

    Once you bring his health down to a certain point, he will begin to call upon a series of meteorites to strike down at Sora and Kairi, with Xehanort appearing at random intervals. Whenever he starts to appear, be sure to guard as soon as you can to initiate a counterattack but if he uses his explosion attack, you will need to either guard or dodge it as soon as you can.

    After you deplete his health completely, the Connecting Hearts command will appear, which will allow both Sora and Kairi to summon their friends as they work together and help Sora defeat Xehanort once and for all.

    Information on Kairi's attacks

    Kairi's focus shot is Heart of a Princess, where she will summon projectiles from behind as they attack Xehanort; while her keyblade skill is Seven Wishes, where she will attack him with a flurry of keyblade strikes similar to that of Sonic Blade from previous iterations of the series.

    She and Sora also share a link command known as One Heart. This is where they hold each other's hands as wings form around them, allowing them to charge at Xehanort and attack him repeatedly.

  • Eliminate One Darkness in the datascape.

    See Analysis Complete for more information.

  • Eliminate Thirteen Darknesses in the datascape.

    After completing the main story of the Re Mind expansion, you will now have access to the Limit Cut episode, which takes place a year after the events of the main game but with Riku serving as the protagonist.

    In this episode, you will find out that the data of Sora and the Real Organization XIII have been recreated in a simulation on the computer Cid is repairing in Radiant Garden. Inside this virtual world is the Garden of Assemblage, which was originally found in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The bosses you will find yourself facing off against will have enhanced stats and properties compared to their normal counterparts from the Skein of Severance (among these changes include some of their attacks from previous iterations of the series), along with their awards, are listed below (clicking their names will also play a video showcasing each boss fight in action, credits go out to Shirrako for most of the videos and 2reason2 for the Ansem and Marluxia videos):

    1. Young Xehanort - Magic Weight
    2. Dark Riku - Power Weight
    3. Saïx - Power Weight
    4. Larxene - Magic Boost
    5. Xigbar - AP Boost
    6. Ansem - Defense Boost
    7. Xemnas - Magic Weight
    8. Luxord - Magic Weight
    9. Marluxia - Magic Weight
    10. Terra-Xehanort - Strength Boost
    11. Vanitas - AP Boost
    12. Xion (Unlocked after clearing the first eleven bosses) - Breakthrough
    13. Master Xehanort (Unlocked after clearing the first eleven bosses) - Master Belt

    Whenever you clear a data battle, the color of each boss' doorway will change from blue to pink, as seen in the screenshots below:

    As the trophy description says, you will need to defeat all 13 data Organization XIII bosses in order to unlock it.


Secret trophies

  • Defeat Yozora.

    The extra boss of the game is none other than Yozora, the main protagonist of the fictional video game Verum Rex, which was first featured in the Toy Box world.

    The key to this boss is survival. Yozora's attacks consists of using beam projectiles, his sword and his crossbow to deal as much damage as the data battles against the members of the Real Organization XIII could. It may take a few tries until you get his attack patterns down and how you can counteract against them but with the right gear, as well as proper strategies, you will be able to beat him. Before starting this boss fight some here are some tips I will recommend:

    • Be sure to stock up and equip elixirs (or megalixirs), hi-ethers and hi-potions since these will prove beneficial to your survival for this boss fight.
    • Sea Spectacle, Ariel's Link summon, is the best one to use for this fight. This is because whenever Yozora uses attacks that Sora might have trouble avoiding, it will help him prevent numerous consequences from happening while also dealing damage against Yozora at the same time. While this Link is active, you can press to attack: and to dive and depending on your timing, you will get a Good! or Excellent! rating.
      • Keep in mind that whenever Sora appears, he will have some damage dealt to him, while when Ariel appears, she will be immune to all damage.

    The gear I used to defeat him consists of the following:

    • Keyblade
      • Oathkeeper
    • Armor
      • Cosmic Belt+
      • Cosmic Belt
      • Master Belt
    • Accessories
      • Flanniversary Badge
      • Breakthrough
      • Crystal Regalia

    Some of Yozora's attacks, as well as strategies on how to counteract against them consist of the following:

    • Yozora's blade attacks have a pattern that can be bizarre, if not, predictable depending on how well you time your guards. If you have a counter ability equipped, be sure to activate it as soon as you can to deal some damage against him but you should also be sure to do another guard as soon as you can before he strikes his next attack against you. In some cases, they will chip off and decrease Sora's health so be careful and remember to time your guards or dodge rolls when that happens.
    • Whenever he is charging his blade, be sure that you do not get close to him as he will strike at you immediately. If you are at a far off distance away from him, be sure to time your guards against his attacks, he will do this twice per turn. Using magic against him is also effective in this case.
    • Yozora can also summon a beam barrage that you will find yourself guarding from it most of the time but if you time your counterattacks correctly, you will be able to guard again, then counter. The best counter to use for this situation is Counter Kick due to it allowing Sora to reach him.
    • He will also summon his lasers to create a laser prism that can trap Sora and shoot him with lasers that come out from each end. When this happens, be sure to time your dodge rolls carefully or summon Sea Spectacle if you have a full MP bar. Using Thundaga after the second prism after dodging it will stagger him greatly and leave an opening for you to attack him, so be sure to time that while dodging.
    • At certain intervals, Yozora will emit a small field with his crossbow while rushing towards Sora. Additionally, he will also have an Armor Gauge at certain intervals.
    • Most of the time, the damage you deal against Yozora is very minimal due to his armor properties but whenever you see an opening, such as whenever he falls after certain attacks, you should use that to your advantage to deal damage against him and fill up your formchange meter.
    • When Yozora summons a net with his crossbow to trap Sora, it will allow him to seize his Keyblade and use it to attack him, starting with Waterza, followed by a series of slashes and ending with a series of keyblade afterimages that attack him from below. When this happens, your only choice is to survive and dodge his attacks by using dodge roll but be sure to time it appropriately, namely before his attacks strike you. To prevent this from happening, my personal recommendation is to use Sea Spectacle which is useful in helping Sora avoid this attack along with dealing damage against Yozora.
    • Yozora has another attack he will use to his advantage by stealing Sora's health and items. This is easily one of the most irritating attacks you will find yourself dealing with as he will be able to steal items such as potions, ethers, elixirs and even your kupo coin, which will allow Yozora to revive himself after he reaches zero health; this alone will give Sora a huge disadvantage if it is stolen from him. Like his keyblade stealing attack, you can easily prevent this from happening by using Sea Spectacle while dealing damage against him at the same time, provided if your MP is completely refilled. Gliding is another way to avoid this. You can also use any magic such as Thundaga to create an opening by staggering him.
    • In some cases, Yozora will summon a sphere at the center of the field, which will allow him to change the course of battle by altering the gravity, making the floor slippery etc. There are also a plethora of attacks that can easily be dodged but some attacks like the blue beam projectiles cannot be guarded so the best course of action is to use dodge roll to avoid them but be sure to time it correctly in this case.
      • In addition, there are two occasions when the scenery will change during this portion of the fight, one of which will be where he will summon illusions of Gigas mechs (much like those from the Toy Box world) against you and another where this phase will end by dragging the sphere to the ground and vacuum Sora into it after having a series of his own illusions attack him by surprise. If Sora does land on the sphere, Yozora will deal amount of damage against him.
    • At the end of the above phase, Yozora will gain armor, his charging blade strikes will now turn blue and he will now fire blue beams more often. Whenever he does a jump slash, he will now create projectiles that will attack Sora if his blade's slashes attack him. You can either guard, followed by a counterattack, or dodge roll when this happens but you can also use Sea Spectacle in this case too provided if you have MP or use an elixir or hi-ether to restore your MP.

    Once you defeat him, not only will you unlock this trophy but you will also obtain the Crystal Regalia + item, along with the Premium Menu and EZ and Pro Codes (only if you have loaded your completed playthrough from prior to Re Mind's release; if you complete the game with either set of codes (EZ or Pro), you will unlock one or the other depending on what you have selected as your third choice when starting a new playthrough with the DLC downloaded). A video showcasing some similar strategies can be found below, courtesy of SlashingShadow:

    In addition, there are two endings depending on the outcome of the match; one if you win against Yozora and another if you lose against him.

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