Golden Five Trophy in King Oddball

  • Golden Five


    Gain five extra rocks during a level.

    How to unlock Golden Five

    This one is tricky. There are a few strategies to go about it but it will likely require you to go out of your way to earn it, because there are no Levels where you can get 5 bonus rocks just by destroying enemies. The best approach is going to be to use a Level with a round rebound ball (see Headache) and get 3 rebounds back to the king. Next, get a 3 x combo to get a 4th bonus rock then do a final rebound off the round ball.

    Note that you must do it in this order, as hitting the king 4 times with your rock will kill him (see Kingslayer). There are a number of Levels where you can fairly easily get 3x combos and that have a rebound ball so keep an eye for them as you go through and persist until this pops. Here is an excellent video outlining this method, credit to odytsak for this:

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