• Estimated Difficulty: 6/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Approximate time: 40-50+ hours
  • Trophy Breakdown: 53 (42, 8, 2, 1)
    • Offline: 42 (33, 7, 2)
    • Online: 11 (9, 1, 1Unobtainable due to server shutdown
  • Minimum number of playthroughs required: 4 contract playthroughs, 100 online games, plus many repeats for kills
  • Difficulty Trophies Stack: Yes
  • Missable Trophies: No, Contract Select
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Cheats: None
Important Links:
Killzone Mercenary 'Dedicated To The Cause' Contracts Guide
Killzone Mercenary Intel Location Guide
Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


There is only one goal in Killzone Mercenary, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. But you won’t find 50 Cent here and there are no Dr. Dre beats or Eminem guest appearances to be found in this gritty first-person shooter for the PlayStation Vita.

Killzone Mercenary separates itself from the previous three titles by placing you in the role of a mercenary. You are no longer an enlisted soldier following the orders of unseen superiors. Now you fight for money and money has no allegiances, so you will find yourself fighting for and against both the ISA and Helghast.

The single player campaign consists of nine intense missions that will make you rich. The multiplayer will not only line your pockets with more dough, it will also keep you coming back so you can expel your enemies with flair using newly bought weapons and VAN-Guards. Killzone Mercenary is a console quality FPS on a handheld device that should not be missed by shooter fans.
NOTE: All 11 online trophies have been rendered unobtainable due to server shutdown

Step 1: Complete all Mission contracts on Veteran, obtaining all Intel
First of all, complete all nine Mission contracts on Veteran difficulty. You don't have to do Veteran difficulty first if you'd rather familiarize yourself with the game first, but for the sake of efficiency you can do it right off the bat. Try and obtain the Intel if you can, but it isn't vital to obtain it all during your first playthrough, as you'll be replaying each Contract at least three more times. You can also attempt the contract-specific trophies if you so choose, but you’ll have plenty of time to achieve these.

Upon completing Step 1, you will earn:
Justice Served
Strike Out
Foreign Policy
Switched Off
Bridged Sides
Target Acquired
Above and Beyond
Fully Briefed
Is It Safe?
Step 2: Complete all Covert, Demolition and Precision contracts on any difficulty
Once you finish a contract, you'll be able to replay them in one of three variants: Covert, Demolition and Precision. These are the same as the Mission contracts, except you have to use specific weapons/equipment and have a set of criteria you must fulfill in order to pass. Unlike the Mission contracts however, you don't have to complete these on Veteran, so they shouldn't be too daunting. If you decide to complete these on Veteran, then you’ll receive a sizeable bonus towards the V$1,000,000 for Millionaire.

Upon completing Step 2, you will earn:
Gone Dark
Clean House
Perfect Execution
Dedicated To The Cause
Step 3: Multiplayer
This doesn't necessarily have to be 3rd step, you can really do this at any point if you so wish. You'll be required to play at least 100 matches of multiplayer in order to receive Centurion, in which time you'll likely get all other multiplayer trophies without even trying. Depending on skill and luck, you may have to boost Spangled and Killing Machine. If you intend to boost, please use the Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

Note: These trophies cannot be boosted in private matches, in order to boost them you must be playing in public lobbies. This means you'll likely need to meet up with friends in a secluded part of a map, or manage to get a lobby by yourself.

If you like, you can purchase the Botzone Soldier Training DLC for £1.99/€2.49/$3.65AUD/$2.49USD to make acquiring many of the online trophies easier. Most trophies can be earned in Botzone, with the main exceptions being Noob and Well-rounded. Please see the respective trophies for details.

Upon completing Step 3, you will earn:
Deflector  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Supply Chain  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Anti-Air  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Noob  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Centurion  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Spangled  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Well-rounded  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Redeemer  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Get Your Filthy Hands Off  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Killing Machine  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Step 4: Clean-up
By this point, you'll likely be missing a few of the miscellaneous trophies, particularly the contract-specific ones. So go ahead and clean up whatever trophies you have remaining, it shouldn't take long. Chances are you’ll still need several thousand kills, so feel free to grind it out either in multiplayer or in single player.

Upon completing Step 4, you will earn:
Firewall Down
Come In
Heads Up  
Boom Headshot!
Cutting Edge
Aces High  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
Full Deck
Blood Bank
I Want That One
Preferred Customer
Master At Arms
Low Profile
Cross Examination
Man Vs. Machine
Insertion Denied
Collateral Considered
No Way Home
Freshly Baked
Just To Be Sure
Up Close And Personal
Which will ultimately unlock:
Platinum  Unobtainable due to server shutdown
[PST Would Like to Thank Dark_Raven666 For This Roadmap]

Killzone: Mercenary Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

53 trophies ( 42  4  )

  • Collect all trophies

    NOTE: All 11 online trophies have been rendered unobtainable due to server shutdown

    You’ve fulfilled your duties as a mercenary and been paid the greatest reward: the platinum trophy. Complete all other trophies to unlock this.
  • Complete mission contract 'Justice For All'

    Story related, cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock upon the completion of the first mission.
  • Complete mission contract 'Code Of Engagement'

    Story related, cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock upon the completion of the second mission.
  • Complete mission contract 'Lightning Strike'

    Story related, cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock upon the completion of the third mission.
  • Complete mission contract 'Diplomatic Incident'

    Story related, cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock upon the completion of the fourth mission.
  • Complete mission contract 'The Package'

    Story related, cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock upon the completion of the fifth mission.
  • Complete mission contract 'Lights Out'

    Story related, cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock upon the completion of the sixth mission.
  • Complete mission contract 'Hostile Takeover'

    Story related, cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock upon the completion of the seventh mission.
  • Complete mission contract 'Blood Money'

    Story related, cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock upon the completion of the eighth mission.
  • Complete all mission contracts

    Please see Above And Beyond.
  • Complete all mission contracts on Veteran difficulty

    Killzone Mercenary’s Veteran difficulty is by far the easiest veteran difficulty of all the Killzone games. In fact it has one of the easiest ‘hardest’ difficulty shooter campaigns in recent memory. As you are cruising through the campaign you may find yourself doubting that you’re playing on veteran; well rest assure because like in past Killzone games if there is no reticle in the center of your screen, then you know you are playing on veteran.

    Even though veteran difficulty doesn’t pose much of a challenge, some tips are always welcome:
    • Drones are the biggest threat but thankfully they don't appear very often. But when they do you should use the M80 Rocket Launcher to make quick work of them. The M80 locks on the drones, stingers, vehicles, and all air support, so once you get a lock you can just fire and forget. Alternatively, the VC39 Accelerator Rifle works wonders.
    • The M80 also locks on the final form of the final boss so if you are having trouble with that section the M80 can makes things easier. Once again, the VC39 is also fantastic for this.
    • Use Blackjack’s Armoury for checkpoints. Every time you interact with it at all, you’ll receive a checkpoint, which can make completing sections that are enemy-heavy a lot easier.
    • As with all shooters aim for the head for quick kills.
    • While not as necessary in other shooters, cover is your friend. It takes quite a bit to die, but if you’re surrounded by enemies you’ll want to hide and take them out one-by-one (or four-by-four if you have explosives handy).
    • Use silenced weapons and use 'Ghosts' and other stealth approaches if you are being bogged down in too many firefights. Many sections can be bypassed with a few silent kills. These same sections will become warzones with multiple groups of spawning enemies if you choose to "go loud" through them.
  • Complete all Covert contracts

    Please see Dedicated To The Cause.
  • Complete all Demolition contracts

    Please see Dedicated To The Cause.
  • Complete all Precision contracts

    Please see Dedicated To The Cause.
  • Complete all Covert, Demolition and Precision contracts

    These substitute ‘Contracts’ are simply alternate ways to complete the game’s primary missions. They normally consist of completing the missions under a specific set of conditions.
    • Precision contracts are timed and focus on headshots and other specialty kills. They also include hostage rescue.
    • Covert contracts specialize in stealth mechanics. They require covert actions like stealthily completing checkpoints, using suppressed weapons, backstabbing enemies, and destroying cameras.
    • Demolition contracts usually include blowing something up. Also destroying vehicles, getting multi-kills, and getting kills with specific weapons and VAN-Guards.
    All of these contracts are simple and can be played on the easiest difficulty setting. Each mission contract can be played after the primary mission has been completed. But for continuity's sake you should save them for after you have completed the whole primary campaign.

    We have created a supplementary guide for all Precision, Covert and Demolition contracts, providing tips and strategies for completing them all: Killzone Mercenary 'Dedicated To The Cause' Contracts Guide.
  • Collect all intel items

    In each level, you’ll find 6 pieces of intel, for a total of 54. 3 of these will be Terminal Intel - obtained by hacking a terminal - and 3 of these will be Interrogation Intel - obtained by interrogating an officer/captain or special character. None are too difficult to obtain, though given you cannot simply pick them up you’ll want to ensure no one is attacking you while you’re hacking/interrogating, as chances are you’ll die in the process.

    For a text/image guide of all intel locations, please see the following link: Killzone Mercenary Intel Location Guide.

    If you would rather use videos, then here is a playlist of every contract, courtesy of PowerPyx: Intel Location Playlist.
  • Complete a VAN-Guard hack, making no mistakes

    When you first hack a terminal in the singleplayer mode, you’ll be taught how to hack. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and don’t use the wrong piece during the hack for the trophy.
  • Visit Blackjack's Armoury during a mission

    As you’re playing, you’ll see these armouries scattered through the contracts, marked by a yellow smiley face on the map. Simply visit one of these for the trophy. Ivanov will tell you about these when you first encounter one.
  • Perform a Brutal Melee counter gesture in Multiplayer

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    Once you learn how to do this, it’s ridiculously easy. When an enemy melees you, you’ll get a moment where you can counter their melee attack and push them backwards. This counter gesture is just like a standard melee attack - a swipe of the . However the major difference here is the swipe is always upwards. This means that the second you see you’re being meleed by someone, you can just spam upwards swipe and it’ll more or less guarantee a successful counter.
    This can be earned in Botzone.
  • Collect the contents from 10 VAN-Guard capsules in Multiplayer

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    As you are playing online, VAN-Guard capsules will occasionally be sent onto the playing field, which you’ll hear announced shortly before. When it arrives, it’ll appear as a yellow dot on the map. Simply walk up to it and press or to obtain the VAN-Guard. Make sure you’re not getting attacked though, as it takes a few seconds to obtain and you’ll lose the VAN-Guard if you die.
    This can be earned in Botzone.
  • Shoot down 10 enemy VAN-Guard drones in Multiplayer

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    The VAN-Guards this includes are Vulturs, Sky Furies, Mantys Engines and Arc Missiles. Whenever someone deploys one of these, they will appear as a red dot on the map. You can really use any weapon for destroying these, but due to its lock-on feature the M80 is the best weapon for destroying these. It is recommended you continue to destroy these well after receiving the trophy, as it’s extremely beneficial.
    This can be earned in Botzone.
  • Noob


    Complete a Multiplayer game round

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    Simply complete a single match on any game mode. You don’t have to play from the start to earn this.
    For some reason games played in Botzone won't count towards this trophy, so you'll have to complete a game online.
  • Complete 100 Multiplayer game rounds

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    Simply complete 100 public multiplayer matches to unlock this trophy. The fastest way to obtain this trophy would be to play Guerrilla Warfare (TDM). TDM goes faster than Mercenary Warfare (DM) because the score limit can be reached much quicker, especially if you’re playing with a strong team. Warzone matches last much longer than the deathmatch modes so unless you are going for kills or specific trophies, you should avoid this mode.
    Games played in Botzone do count towards this trophy, however the trophy itself won't unlock from playing Botzone. If you've played 100 games in Botzone and the trophy hasn't unlocked, then simply complete a single game online for the trophy to unlock.
  • Recover after being tranquilised by an enemy in Multiplayer

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    This is pretty hard to earn legitimately, as it relies on other players. You’ll need to be shot by the M2 Tranquiliser Gun, then recover which takes about 20 seconds. Very few people use the M2, and even less don’t kill you after they tranquilise you. However as of 2016, the M2 seems to be used by regular players a lot more, so it's entirely possible you'll get this without trying.

    If you so desire, this can be boosted. Join a game of Mercenary Warfare and have your friend join you. Make sure you both have the M2 in your loadout. Choose a place on the map to meet up that is behind cover or secluded, then go there. Shoot your friend with the M2 and let him recover, then let him shoot you and recover.

    For boosting partners, please see this thread: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

    This can be earned in Botzone, but it is extremely luck-based. That being said, it has a much higher chance of happening if you set the bot level to Hard. Credit to Druoxrodest for this information.
  • Win at least one round of all Multiplayer modes

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    To unlock this trophy you will need to be on the winning team in Guerrilla Warfare and Warzone. You will also need to place in the top 3 in Mercenary Warfare which is free-for-all deathmatch. You will obtain this trophy on your way to completing your 100 multiplayer matches and getting 10,000 kills.
    You can get the Guerrilla Warfare and Mercenary Warfare wins in Botzone, however you will need to get a Warzone win online as there is no Warzone in the Botzone DLC.
  • Get crushed by an incoming VAN-Guard capsule

    This isn’t actually all that hard to do if you know how. VAN-Guard capsules will constantly fly in during multiplayer matches, crashing into several set locations around the map. When you hear them coming in, you can basically stand near a crash site and hope it hits that location.

    Alternatively, you can do this on singleplayer which is considerably easier. On the third contract, Lightning Strike, you’ll eventually have to defend a transformer from incoming Helghast. A few moments after you receive this objective, Benoit will send in a VAN-Guard capsule to help you. This lands in the back left corner of the platform you’re standing on (when facing the transformer). Just stand in the corner and wait for death.
  • Rescue an injured teammate in Multiplayer

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    To rescue an injured teammate you will need to find your downed comrade, approach them and press either or . This trophy is surprisingly difficult to get. The bleedout time is frustratingly fast so you only have a couple seconds to revive them, and most kills don’t allow for bleed outs. So your teammate will need to be downed by a weaker weapon like a pistol or downed by splash damage from an explosive. In addition to needing to be in the perfect place at the perfect time, the revival process takes quite a while to complete and you can be killed during the process.

    If you are not lucky enough to be at the right place at the exact right time then you can try to boost this trophy. It will require three players including yourself. You can find boosting partners here: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)
    This can be earned in Botzone, but it is extremely luck-based, so you would be better off simply boosting it.
  • Kill an enemy while they are interrogating a teammate in Multiplayer

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    You should unlock this trophy early on in your multiplayer career. Simply shoot or melee an enemy interrogating your teammate. Interrogations are common in Guerrilla Warfare, but are very common in Warzone because a mode in Warzone requires interrogations. You cannot do this in Mercenary Warfare due to it being free-for-all.

    If you choose to boost, find a secluded area of a map and all meet there. Doing so will require three players including yourself. You can find boosting partners here: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)
    It is currently unknown whether this can be unlocked in Botzone, if it can then it is very luck-based, due to the nature of the bots. Boosting is recommended if you cannot do it legitimately.
  • Interrogate an enemy

    You will be taught how to interrogate enemies about midway through the first mission. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll receive the trophy.
  • Achieve 1000 headshots

    The good thing about this trophy is that the total headshots is the combined sum of both single player and multiplayer. So assuming you aim for the head like you should, you will undoubtedly get this trophy on your way to 10,000 total kills.
  • Brutal Melee 12 enemies consecutively

    This trophy can be obtained in either single player or multiplayer. However it will be much more easily obtained in single player. It can easily be done on any mission while playing on the recruit difficulty level. So you can choose to start up the first mission on recruit and kill the first 12 enemies you see or you can try to unlock this trophy while playing through your ‘Covert’ contracts.
  • Kill an enemy at long range

    This description can be a little deceiving, because there’s an in-game bonus called Long Range that isn’t actually the required distance for this trophy. The Long Range bonus will appear at kills roughly 50m away, whereas the trophy will require a kill from more 100m it seems.

    The only location I’ve found for this so far is in the 3rd contract, Lightning Strike. At the end of the mission when you have to cross a zipline, don’t cross it. At the opposite end of the zipline will be a lone Helghast soldier, so use him as target practice for the trophy.

    While not confirmed, I don’t think explosive weapons work for this trophy, as I had no success when killing him with an explosive from the same distance.
  • Attain an ace Valour card ranking

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    Every time you boot up the game, you’ll be awarded a Valour card ranking based on your performance. The more V$ you acquire in the last 24 hours, the higher your rank will be. You should easily be able to get an ace ranking just by playing.

    The suit of your card is dependent on what weapon type you’ve been using recently:
    • Clubs – make seven consecutive kills with an assault rifle or LMG
    • Hearts – make five consecutive kills with a secondary weapon
    • Spades – make three consecutive kills with a sniper rifle
    • Diamonds – make four consecutive kills with an SMG
  • Collect a full deck of Valour cards

    There are 52 Valour cards to a deck, and there are several ways of obtaining them: completing contracts, collecting all intel in a contract and scavenging cards off dead bodies in multiplayer. Every contract you finish, you’ll be granted any one random card, though this also includes cards you already have. For collecting all intel in a contract, you’ll receive three unique Valour cards, making for a total of 27 unique cards from intel alone. Then there’s collecting them online, and what card you acquire is based on the Valour card ranking of the player whose card you pick up.

    Assuming you’re going for the platinum, then chances are you’ll easily obtain a full deck before you’re done. I had two full decks by the time I was finished.
  • Earn 1,000,000 Vektan dollars

    You will unlock this trophy on your road to platinum. You will make plenty during your four playthroughs of single player, along with the 100 online matches. If you somehow don't have V$1,000,000 by this stage, you'll easily get it while grinding out 10,000 kills for Blood Bank.
  • Achieve a 10 kill streak in Multiplayer

    Unobtainable due to server shutdown

    Unlocking this trophy isn’t as hard as it sounds. You should always adhere to your play style but if you are having trouble with this trophy then we would suggest this loadout and tactic. You may need to grind out money before you can buy everything needed for this strategy.

    Your loadout should be:
    • Your best primary weapon be it an assault rifle, LMG, sniper rifle or sub-machine gun.
    • An explosive secondary weapon, grenade launcher, rocker launcher, etc. (not imperative). Shotguns can also be good, if you prefer.
    • Supply armour (for extra ammo, explosives, and a constantly refilling VAN-Guard meter), or Blast armour (for survivability).
    • Proximity mines (for up to two cheap and risk free kills).
    • Mantys Engine VAN-Guard. Using the Mantys you should be able to get around 5 or more kills per use. Porcupine is also great for maps such as Inlet or Refinery due to high places overlooking the map.
    You should play Warzone as this game mode lasts much longer than the death match modes. You should also be able to get a few free kills as you will not be trying to complete game objectives. Your objective is to kill. Some general steps are below:
    1. Have a full VAN-Guard meter.
    2. Now you should try to get a couple kills with your primary/secondary weapons but this step is not vital.
    3. Now you should (with a couple kills banked or not) find a nice corner of the map. You can choose to place your proximity mines in high traffic areas or at any entrances to the corner you are going to camp at.
    4. Activate your Mantys and get as many kills with it as you can. You should already have a couple of kills so say another 3-7 kills will put you in great shape. If your Mantys is shot down without getting any or many kills, start again from step 1. If you did get some kills and you have at least a 5 kill streak going then stay in your hidden camp area.
    5. Stay in your area until your Mantys bar refills. Hopefully you will have gotten 1 or 2 proximity mine kills along the way. Activate your Mantys and go finish off your 10 kill streak.
    Tip 1: If a VAN-Guard lands near your camping area it is worth it to hurry and try to open the capsule. You may get another Mantys or some other worthwhile VAN-Guard that will aid you in getting your 10 kill streak.

    Tip 2: Have a teammate use the Vultur VAN-Guard and/or have teammates interrogate enemies. The Vultur reveals all enemy locations which makes getting kills with the Mantys even easier. Interrogations also reveal enemy locations but for a shorter period of time.

    Caveat 1: Every situation and team is different. If you are playing against a strong team with people who excel at shooting down Mantys or use Jammers and/or Arc Missiles, then this method will fail in this particular game.

    Caveat 2: Always watch out for people trying to get behind you. Never stay completely still, this way you can't be sniped or shot from afar if you are out in the open.
    Alternatively, you can do this in Botzone if you have bought the DLC. Just set the bots to the lowest difficulty and employ the same methods above and you should manage a 10 killstreak without too much hassle.
  • Brutal melee an enemy from behind whilst using the Ghost VAN-Guard

    To unlock this trophy you will need to buy and equip the Ghost VAN-Guard perk. The Ghost perk will cloak your character. While cloaked you will need to sneak up on an enemy and melee them with or . This trophy can only be unlocked in singleplayer against standard enemies - backstabbing an officer or a player in multiplayer will not count.
  • Kill 10,000 enemies

    This will most likely be your last trophy. By the time you’ve completed all the single player trophies, you should have between 3,500-4,000 kills. After completing all the multiplayer trophies, you should have between 5,500-6,500 kills, depending on which modes you do. For the last several thousand, you’ll have to choose between online and offline for the grind. Unfortunately there is no easy way to grind kills on singleplayer - no infinite enemy spawns and kills since last checkpoint don’t count if you die/fail. Because of this, the only way to grind kills on singleplayer is to complete contracts over and over. While tedious, it is faster than multiplayer.

    One efficient method for grinding kills is to repeat the 5th contract, The Package. It can be done in roughly 14 minutes (including load times), with about 100-110 kills. Therefore you can expect about 400/hour doing it this way.

    Alternatively, you can play the 4th contract, Diplomatic Incident. GameFAQs' member ThugETH discovered that if you kill all enemies and intentionally let Boris die, you'll be able to average more kills than The Package. By saving and quitting after you kill the last enemy, you will also save about a minute or two. I haven't tested this so cannot confirm, but it is said to be worth 120-130 kills every 12 minutes, for about 600/hour. Thanks to he1senberg for pointing this out to us.

    Several members have experienced infinite respawns on different contracts (Code of Engagement and The Package) randomly. They seem to occur without reason, and there is currently no known method for replicating these infinite respawns. If you are lucky enough to get an infinite respawn to occur, it is recommended you take advantage of it for as long as possible. If you die or intentionally advance the mission, it will stop the infinite respawn, so taking advantage of such an instance is entirely dependent on how long you can last. If you die during this, your kills will not count, unless you use Blackjack's Armoury to register checkpoints.
  • Make a purchase in Blackjack's armoury

    Please see Preferred Customer.
  • Buy everything in Blackjack's armoury

    In order to purchase everything, you’ll require V$285,950, based on full prices. If you buy weapons/items when they are discounted, then they will cost significantly less. For full prices, see below:

    Primary: V$78,600
    • M82: Default
    • STA-52SE: V$9,000
    • STA-3: V$8,500
    • STA-14: V$5,200
    • STA-7: V$4,600
    • STA-11: V$6,000
    • M66: V$5,100
    • LS57: V$3,900
    • M33: V$10,000
    • VC32: V$6,100
    • M42: V$5,200
    • VC39: V$15,000
    Secondary: V$66,450
    • STA-18: V$4,000
    • STA-18SE: Default
    • M4: V$4,900
    • M2: V$9,500
    • LS13: V$4,500
    • LS18: V$6,000
    • VC8: V$5,900
    • STA-12: V$9,100
    • M327: V$4,300
    • VC9: V$5,100
    • M80: V$9,400
    • VC11: V$8,250
    Armour: V$30,000
    • Combat: Default
    • Mercenary: V$6,000
    • Blast: V$6,000
    • Ballistic: V$6,000
    • Infiltration: V$6,000
    • Supply: V$6,000
    Equipment: V$24,900
    • STA-G2 Pyro: V$3,500
    • VC-G11 Gas: V$6,600
    • M98 Flash: V$3,200
    • M133 Proximity: V$8,600
    • M194 Frag: V$3,000
    VAN-Guards: V$86,000
    • Mantys Engine: V$10,500
    • Sky Fury: V$16,000
    • Porcupine: V$15,000
    • Arc Missile: V$8,000
    • Vultur: V$7,500
    • Ghost Generator: V$12,500
    • X3-JMR: V$7,500
    • Carapace: V$9,000
  • Use every weapon, grenade, armour and VAN-Guard available in Blackjack's armoury

    Once you’ve bought everything at Blackjack’s armoury, simply go through every weapon, grenade, armour and VAN-Guard and use it once. You have to actually shoot/use the item for it to count towards the trophy. This will set you back about V$10,000, due to the costs of changing equipment. If you have the ISA LMG pre-order bonus, then you'll need to use the M224-A1 LMG for this.
  • Access the Security Centre without triggering the alarm in 'Justice For All'

    This trophy is unlocked during the first mission ‘Justice for All.’ Once you get to the Security Centre with the officer inside, you need to get him to come out. If you use the D-Charge to access it, it will kill him. Clear the area out first, then move to the far side of this area where the building is heavily damaged. You'll be able to crouch under an obstacle and climb a pole. Once up, go to the valve and start turning it. Once you start though, three more Helghast soldiers will start a patrol, so take them out before you continue turning the valve as they can hear it. Once everyone is dead and the valve is turned, the vents into the Security Centre will open. In order to get the officer out, you must throw a Gas Grenade in through one of the vents. If you haven't triggered an alarm by now, you'll earn your trophy.

    Note: You’ll be required to do this as part of the Covert contract.
  • Interrogate the Captain in the Judge's chamber and save his hostage in 'Justice For All'

    This trophy is unlocked during the first mission ‘Justice for All.’ After you rappel down towards the courtroom, turn left and unlock the door to your left. In this area will be two Helghasts and a security camera. Take them all out, then hack the door to where the final officer is interrogating an ISA trooper. Once inside, simply interrogate the officer. This can all be done very easily if you have the Ghost VAN-Guard or the M2 tranquiliser pistol. Note you only have to interrogate the officer to unlock this trophy, you do not have to save the hostage’s life.

    Note: You’ll be required to do this as part of the Precision contract.
  • Destroy the Helghast Tank without using a D-Charge in 'Justice For All'

    Near the end of the first mission ‘Justice for All’ you will need to destroy a tank. Your comrade will tell you to get up close and set a D-Charge on it. If you listen to him you will not get the trophy.

    To unlock this trophy you will need to buy an explosive weapon to destroy the tank. I used the Killzone classic VC9 rocket launcher to blow up the tank and unlock this trophy.

    Note: You’ll be required to do this as part of the Demolition contract, except with a Sky Fury VAN-Guard.
  • Kill all troops before they rappel out of a dropship

    This is incredibly easy if you have the Sky Fury or Porcupine VAN-Guard equipped. With either of these, as soon as you see an incoming dropship you can just shoot at it with your VAN-Guard until it explodes, as the troops won’t get off the dropship in time. You can either buy these VAN-Guards, or simply use the supplied Porcupine VAN-Guard in the Lightning Strike contract, as a dropship appears immediately after you receive the Porcupine.
  • Complete 'The Package' without any civillian casualties

    Throughout the level, you’ll notice civilians. These guys are indicated by a white triangle on the map. For the most part, there should be no issue with them, as long as they don’t get caught in any crossfire. However for the very first civilian, you must kill the Helghast before he kills the civilian. As soon as you complete the contract without any civilian casualties, the trophy will unlock.

    Note: You’ll be required to do this as part of the Precision contract.
  • Destroy all barnacles in 'The Package'

    In the starting area of The Package, you’ll see big barnacles on the walls that occasionally flick out tentacles. For this trophy, you must destroy all 14 of them. In order to do that, you must either hit them directly with an explosive, or shoot their tentacles a few times. Given the barnacles only expose their tentacles when you walk towards them from a distance, it can be hard to shoot them before they’re gone again. Because of this, I highly recommend waiting until you have the VC39 Accelerator Rifle, as it has plenty of ammo and is an explosive weapon, so a single burst will be sufficient for each barnacle. There is one barnacle that is directly behind you as you start and is often missed, so make sure to destroy it.
  • Destroy the Helghast extraction dropship in 'Lights Out'

    At the very end of the contract when you’re asking to board the dropship, destroy it with whatever explosive weaponry you have. I used the M80 Rocket Launcher. Once you destroy it, you’ll receive this trophy and either fail the mission (restarting you at the last checkpoint), or simply be stuck, in which case you’ll have to kill yourself to proceed.
  • Burn an enemy in the Lab 01 incinerator in 'Blood Money'

    When you enter Lab 01 in Blood Money, you’ll witness the ISA pushing a Helghast scientist into an incinerator and making Kentucky Fried Helghast (well, Vektan Fried Helghast). Head down to the incinerator and ensure an ISA troop follows you inside, then shoot him once with the M2 Tranquiliser Gun. He’ll collapse inside the incinerator and won’t get up for about 15 seconds. In this time, quickly run outside the incinerator and press the button on the wall of the incinerator to cook him.

    Alternatively, you can simply shoot the switch from a distance when an ISA trooper is inside the incinerator.

    Note: You’ll be required to do this as part of the Demolition contract.

Secret trophies

  • Ensure Dr Savic. dies in 'Hostile Takeover'

    See Reprieve but instead of saving the good doctor, kill him after the cutscene. Killing him before the cutscene won't give you the trophy, and it will fail the mission (forcing you to restart from the latest checkpoint).

    Below is a method for obtaining both Executioner and Reprieve in one go, courtesy of Vaile23:
    When Savic slumps against the wall, kill him and executioner unlocks, then immediately run through the door and kill yourself by standing in the fire in the hallway. When the checkpoint reloads, Savic is slumped but still alive. Carry on and you will get the reprieve trophy at the end of the mission.
  • Ensure Dr Savic. lives in 'Hostile Takeover'

    Towards the end of mission seven ‘Hostile Takeover’ you will come to a room where two ISA soldiers are interrogating Dr. Savic (if needed see collectible ID: 38/02: Eyes Only - Cmd. Benoit in the linked collectibles guide for the exact location).

    To unlock this trophy you will need to make sure Dr. Savic survives your heroic rescue. Open the door and quickly kill the two ISA interrogators without killing the good doctor. This is easily done by shooting one soldier and melee killing the other. The trophy pops at the end of the mission.
  • Lock the Admiral in the Vault and detonate the demolition charges in 'Blood Money'

    At the end of Blood Money, you’ll have to place two D-Charges inside the Vault. Once planted, a bunch of ISA troops and Admiral Grey will enter the Vault. Simply rush past all the ISA and out of the Vault, then press the button to lock Admiral Grey inside. Once done, simply detonate the D-Charges with .

    Note: You’ll be required to do this as part of the Covert contract.
  • In 'Exit Wounds', successfully melee Benoit from behind.

    At the end of Exit Wounds, you’ll have to defeat waves of Benoit’s mercenaries while trying to shoot down his Intruder. Once his Intruder is down, Benoit will fight you on foot. To do this easily, simply have the Ghost VAN-Guard equipped and activate it. While active, simply walk behind and melee him for the trophy. Make sure you’re actually behind Benoit when you start to approach him though, as when you get close to him your Ghost VAN-Guard will be disabled.

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