Run, Bad Guy. Ruuuun! Trophy

  • Run, Bad Guy. Ruuuun!


    Make the Bad Guy run 5000 meters

    This trophy may come naturally, or if you are a gifted killer with an eye for situational hazards and excellent timing, it may not. This is essentially a reward for failure, the Bad Guy will never run unless he is alerted to a threat and head for the nearest exit off screen, often spelling a restart out for you. For this trophy you need to alert him so you can replay whatever level you like and spook him on purpose until the trophy unlocks, I actually managed to pull off a smart little glitch on level 1-03 (Bernard) where I let him walk around the building then set the cordon beams infront of him so he ran for it, I then put them parallel to the dumpster when he tried to run past it, then lastly behind him as he ran into the piano on the pavement. He got stuck running on the spot between the wall and the piano and all I had to do was leave him there for about 5 minutes and the trophy popped. See the video below for a visual of this method.

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