• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Estimate - Not enough votes) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 12 (8, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-10 hrs (Personal Estimate - Not enough votes) (Estimated time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs:
  • Number of missable trophies:
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats

Welcome to my Trophy Guide & Road Map for Kill The Bad Guy, a strategy/puzzle game from Exkee. The game is made up of several small levels and each of them comprises of the same overall objective – Kill the Bad Guy!! Yet this is no combat game, the Bad Guy will walk a set route through each level and you must interact with, rig, and otherwise sabotage objects and scenery to be the cause of death, leaving no witnesses and making it look like an accident. As you may imagine the first levels are pretty much a tutorial to get a feel for the game and break you in gently but as the levels progress, the more elaborate and complex things get and killing the Bad Guy becomes a performance of timing and quick thinking. Upon completion of each level you will be awarded stars, many depend on things like how long it took to kill him and secondary objectives but there are no trophies directly linked to how many stars you get so don't get hung up about them.

As far as the trophies go, there's the token freebie to begin with by killing the Bad Guy for the first time and a common category these days, the reward for failure trophy for having the Bad Guy spot you setting up a trap and running for it. There are trophies for completing bonus levels which unlock by earning stars in the normal levels but once again they are just for passing each level as opposed to getting a Golden Star (awarded for earning stars in all other criteria in that level). Sadly however, one trophy (Has he lost his mind?) is unobtainable as it is glitched. The best percentage you can achieve currently is 90% completion so completionists beware.

Step 1: Earn 250 stars across normal missions

There are no trophies for completing all levels in the game, nor for getting a specific number of stars. Infact, you don't even really need to complete all of the normal levels, but you must earn a total of 250 stars across the normal missions to unlock all of the bonus levels you need for the trophies connected to them. Each mission you complete will unlock the next one but you can replay all of the ones you have done to get extra stars, should you come up short or are struggling to find a solution then check out the following playlist on YouTube, credit to the author mad deevo: Golden Star Playlist

Trophies you should unlock in this step:

First Blood!
He can keep on running
Bloody brainless Spartan!

Step 2: Bonus Level Completion

So now you should have access to all Bonus Levels, indicated by an extra level in the bottom right of the screen when selecting what level to play. Not all Bonus Levels need to be played as not all of them have trophies assigned to them. The only ones you need to complete are B1, B4 and B6. Remember that you don't need to Golden Star these Bonus Levels, just to pass them. Refer to each of the trophy descriptions for a guide and a video showing how to do them.

Trophies you should unlock in this step:

Nazi Zombiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies
Guardian angel
Hasta la vista, baby!

Step 3: Clean Up

Depending on how you played and the success rate of your assassination attempts, there may not be all that much left for you to do but the remaining trophies are all in the miscellaneous category so pick them off at your leisure. All previously played levels can be replayed at any time so refer to each description for the best level to play on and pick the rest off.

Trophies you should unlock in this step:

What the hell is wrong with you??!!
Ready to travel?
Tough job
Has he lost his mind?
Run, Bad Guy. Ruuuun!

[PST Would Like to Thank smartbomb for this Roadmap]

Kill The Bad Guy Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 8  )

  • Commit your first assassination

    This trophy will be the first one you unlock and should come within 2 minutes of starting to play the game, indeed the whole game is about killing the bad guy so you could earn this one several times over. In Mission 1 'Luciano', hotwire the nearest car as per the tutorial and wait for the bad guy to stand and face the window. Press and hold as it shows you on screen and the car will smash into the bad guy and burst into flames. Nice and easy.

  • Put a dog on a catapult

    You can earn this trophy quite early on, in Mission 7 infact. The Bad Guy will walk by the fence as you start, all you have to do is connect the one of the nearby ropes to the tree by association, then get the dead dog from the far left side of the screen and associate it with the rope around the tree to create a catapult, use the left thumb stick to get your aim down and press to catapult the dog into the Bad Guy for the kill. The trophy will pop as soon as you associate the dog to the sling. Here's a video below of this method.

  • Kill the Bad Guy 25 times

    You will unlock this naturally through progression so rest assured it will come easily. Indeed it does not even have to be 25 kills over 25 different levels, you could just repeat Mission 1 'Luciano' 25 times over, killing the bad guy each time and unlock it that way so see First Blood! for more info.

  • Kill the Bad Guy 5 times as he's escaping

    This trophy is also nice and simple. To kill the bad guy whilst he's escaping means you can not directly kill him outright with an action, for example dropping a piano on his head or something, you must spook him so he makes a run for it and then enact the killing mechanism before he goes off screen. Thankfully, fire counts as a death whilst escaping so setting him alight 5 times will do the trick. As such, replay Mission 4 'KimDotCom' and do the following:

    As the level starts, hover the reticule over the furthest pipe and sabotage it with to start a gas leak. Grab a lighter from behind the building and hover over the same pipe and hit when the bad guy is in line with the gas. He will catch fire and burn to death before he can make it off screen every time. Repeat x5 for the trophy.

  • Spill 100 liters of blood

    This is also a natural progression related trophy which will pop while you are just playing the game. Blood is spilt almost every time you kill the bad guy whatever the circumstances so just continue on through the game and it will come. As well as other kill related trophies, you can farm this is you really want to but avoid levels where you burn or electrocute him, basically deaths with little or no blood. Mission 8 'Miraél' is great for this one, just grab the bad guy round the ankle with the restraint type device and drag him around the level until dead, there's a ton of blood on this one so you should only have to do it a few times over.

  • Get 60 passports

    Passports are small collectible items on each level and can be picked up by hovering the reticule over them and pressing . You will know when you have got it as the reticule will flash red and the greyed out passport icon in the top left of the screen will turn yellow.

    This is way easier than it sounds because you can collect the same passport over and over again on the same level, it doesn't have to be across 60 different levels. You don't even have to finish the level either, as soon as the passport is collected, hit and to restart the level.

    As such, replay Mission 2 'Jacob' on loop. The passport is in the building site just to the north of where the bad guy starts (see screenshot below). It should take only a couple of seconds to zip the reticule over it and pick it up before you can restart again meaning you can farm this trophy very easily in about 2-3 minutes.

  • Finish Level Zombies!

    Zombies! Is a bonus level which you unlock by amassing a total of 20 stars, see the Introduction for more info on stars. It will become playable as soon as 20 stars have been collected across all levels and you can play it when you pick the level from the bottom right of the level selection screen.

    This level is tough! The objective is to kill the stream of 30 zombies that are trying to get to the bottom of the screen. You have limited resources here and time is critical, the zombies walk onto the level in random order so trying to stick to one strategy is not really reliable. There's a car you can rig, and a can of gasoline and lighter you can sabotage to make a bomb which when used properly can kill quite a few zombies but it's a question of luck sometimes with the spacing of the zombies. At the bottom of the screen you have a 3 saw blade propellant mechanisms and 2 spear guns, there's also a catapult in the centre. Once you fire each of them, you need to reload using the supplies at the bottom of the map. The best tips I can give for this is to jack the car asap and bring the gas and lighter into the middle of the map so they're easier to get to when you need them. From this moment onward, the button is absolutely pivotal as it will freeze the screen but you can move the cursor around so you can see all current zombies on screen. Once you fire a round or do something to kill a zombie, pause it and see how the land lies to plan your next move. The saws fire only in straight lines and rarely do they line up with a zombie but when they do make full use of them because they are your most stockpiled weapon. The spears are great but you have to line each shot up. I blew up a small pack of zombies with the gas and lighter early on and parked the car in the middle of the map, leaving it until it was fairly surrounded and shot it with a spear so it exploded, wiping out a good few zombies.

    Use the boxes for ones that get a bit close and don't forget to reload everything, try to do it after you have fired something immediately so you don't forget. Stay sharp, ALWAYS pause after doing anything offensive so you can plan your next move, keep the projectiles reloaded and hope for a lucky break. Took me just a little over an hour. Here's a video of my successful run:

  • Kill a Bodyguard

    The first time you will encounter bodyguards is in Mission 42 and you will earn the trophy on this level by simply moving the stop sign in the centre of the map just a couple of clicks North West and sabotaging the projectile thrower to the right. Wait for the Bad Guy and his goon to cross the road and walk round the corner towards the projectile thrower having been stopped going central by the stop sign you placed. When both are in line, fire with to murder them both and the trophy will unlock. Real easy.

  • Cut off 5 heads

    The principle is to decapitate the Bad Guy 5 times, quite an easy task in practice. On Mission 47 the Bad Guy will walk towards a hanging store sign from the beginning which you can sabotage and simply swing to take his head off when he walks under it. Repeating this 5 times will unlock the trophy as per the video below:

  • Finish Level DNKTBG

    This is the fourth bonus mission playable only when you reach the fourth set of missions. You can play it as soon as you want to, you don't need to play the other missions first. It's quite a cool mission in that rather than killing the Bad Guy you have to save him as it turns out he's actually a perfectly amicable individual, but the entire level is rigged with booby traps and all manner of contraptions ready to take him out so you must work quickly to make sure no harm comes to him. There's a video at the bottom of this description showing what to do but if you cant watch it for whatever reason, here's a play by play:

    First off you will need to know what to interact with and where to find it:

    Stop Sign – Very bottom of the screen.
    Hazard Barrier – Top left, between the tree and the furthest car up
    Firecracker – Bottom of the screen, just along from the stop sign
    Money – Centre of the alley with the shop

    Now you know where to find these items, follow the flowchart below. You can deviate the order of the actions loosely, this is just how I did mine.

    • Pick up the Stop Sign and move it beneath the hanging banner
    • Sabotage the trash truck
    • Pick up the hazard barrier and move it to the alley on the right by the fruit store
    • Pick up the money and move it away from the alley, place it in a safe place (I put mine where the rope is hanging on the wall at the bottom of the screen)
    • Pick up the firecracker and move it to the tile that's 3 to the right of the hanging piano not far from where it originally is
    • Sabotage both trees on the left of the level, snap them over in a North-West direction towards the trunk of the car ahead of it
    • Sabotage the moving car and tap once complete to rev it up off the screen and out of danger
    • Move the stop sign again, this time placing it in the centre of the alley where the money was, have the sign facing North-East
    • Wait a while as the Good Guy makes his way along towards the firecracker, he will pass it by and head to the alley but turn back after seeing the stop sign.
    • Move the stop sign one block to the left and turn it so it's facing South West
    • Prepare the firecracker and set it off just as the Good Guy is set to walk over it, the explosion will make him run underneath the suspended piano and avoid being flattened

    And the rest will just play out naturally, the Good Guy will now make it to the exit without any harm and the torphy will unlock. Note that you can find the passport under the parked car at the bottom once it moves and the tooth you can get by attaching the rope at the bottom to the sling and associating a loaf of bread to it, fire it at the bad guy after he runs under the piano and grab the tooth when it falls out.

    Here's the video:

  • Make the Bad Guy run 5000 meters

    This trophy may come naturally, or if you are a gifted killer with an eye for situational hazards and excellent timing, it may not. This is essentially a reward for failure, the Bad Guy will never run unless he is alerted to a threat and head for the nearest exit off screen, often spelling a restart out for you. For this trophy you need to alert him so you can replay whatever level you like and spook him on purpose until the trophy unlocks, I actually managed to pull off a smart little glitch on level 1-03 (Bernard) where I let him walk around the building then set the cordon beams infront of him so he ran for it, I then put them parallel to the dumpster when he tried to run past it, then lastly behind him as he ran into the piano on the pavement. He got stuck running on the spot between the wall and the piano and all I had to do was leave him there for about 5 minutes and the trophy popped. See the video below for a visual of this method.

  • Finish Level T666

    This bonus level was very temperamental for me, to the point where I thought it was actually broken but it did unlock in the end and I'm not sure what I did differently but basically, you need to kill the bad guy obviously, and the only way he can be killed is by firing a spear at him once he's been frozen by walking through the liquid nitrogen leaking from the sabotaged pipe. During my first attempts he would walk through and grind to a halt and I would spear him, only he would not fracture and break up, he would just unfreeze slowly then walk off. Like I say, it just happened to work when I was about to give up on it so here's the walkthrough and a video at the end.

    The level is all about keeping the public away from the Bad Guy, if they get too close he will say 'Sarah Connor?' and shoot them, game over. You need not waste your time using any of the other props to harm him as he won't die, all you should focus on is placement of the hazard barriers and preparing the final act which isn't too hard. Here's the run through:

    • Move the closest hazard barrier to the corner parallel to the oil spill
    • Move both hazard barriers in the North East across to block off access to the West
    • Associate a spear into the sling to the West of the nitrogen pipe
    • Sabotage the nitrogen pipe
    • Take the first hazard barrier and place it East of the oil spill after the pedestrian and cop have walked over it
    • Move the barrier back to where it was
    • After T666 rounds over the North East and begins to walk South West, put back the two barriers you moved to where they were to begin with
    • Quickly get the first barrier and place it on the oil spill to prevent the pedestrian walking up towards T666 (he sometimes doesn't go that way but if he does you need to make sure he goes the other way)
    • Move the barrier but keep it selected and watch for the cop turning left into the avenue with the TV, once he is in, barricade this off
    • The barriers at the top, grab one and you'll see a cop about to exit the avenue down from the one you just blocked, quickly barricade it to stop him walking out infront of T666
    • Get the last barrier from the top and wait for that last pedestrian way ahead of T666 to turn left into the last alley, now barricade it off
    • Wait for T666 to walk past the leaking pipe and grind to a halt. Draw back the spear you loaded at the beginning and wait for him to become motionless (he should turn blue at this point but he didn't for me on any of the runs I did)
      Once he's still, release the spear to shatter him and win the level

    Job done. Here's a video showing this exact method.

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