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  • Survivor


    Survive 10 tracks in a row in Survival.

    How to unlock Survivor

    In Survival mode you will play through as many tracks as you can before your health is totally depleted. All damage received in each track will carry over to the next one leaving you with less and less health. Furthermore the more tracks you have completed, the harder enemies will hit (not that much harder though) I found that on first waves 1 enemy took away 4% health and around track 7-8 1 enemy would take away 6% health. This is multiplied by number of enemies that hit. Meaning a red-type enemy consisting of 3 on track 7 would take away 18% health. Ouch. Remember only getting hit takes away life here. I recommend ignoring double tapping orbs and using Chi here totally, we don’t care about score here. Just focus on countering every enemy. On the other hand don’t be too shabby with the 2 defensive power-ups. They can be life savers if you somehow get confused in 2 incoming consecutive 3-redman attacks which can be some of the hardest to anticipate in my opinion.

    When starting survival mode you will only see the current+next track. I tended to restart until I either had a hard first track+easy second track (I wouldn't waste much time if it didn't went well on my first track and having 1 hard track out of the way minimized the chances of running into it as a later track which hurt more) or 2 easy tracks. Other than that there's not much to say here except practice and practice, especially the tracks you have trouble with.

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