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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 25 (0, 19, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10 - 15 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + replay of Act IV
  • Number of missable trophies: None, due to level select
  • Glitched trophies: None, as of April 2020 corrective patch
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No


Kentucky Route Zero, first released by Cardboard Computer as an episodic adventure game for PC, has since been ported to consoles in January of 2020 as Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition with an additional interlude added following the final act of the story. The game tells a dream-like story filled with magic realism, unexpected visuals and music composed and performed by one of the developers. It tells the story of Conway and his old dog and the package he needs to deliver to 5 Dogwood Drive, somewhere off the mysterious Route Zero.  

The text based story is told in five acts, each with a run time of one to two hours, and five interludes that vary from 5 to 10 minute long vinettes (Limits & Demonstrations, Here And There Along The Echo) to much longer scenes that play out for you to view and interact with (The Entertainment, Un Pueblo De Nada and Death of the Hired Man). There is no wrong dialog choice you can make that would affect the outcome of the story, therefore, there is no need for a full walkthrough, but some Act specific trophies can be missed in your first run if you don't follow the guide closely. See the trophy guide and the note on missable trophies below regarding that information.


Glitch history and a note about missable trophies: 
Upon release in January of 2020, players reported a number of trophies not being awarded after completing sections of the game or completing the necessary requirements for the Act specific trophies. In April of the same year, Cardboard Computer released a patch that corrected these issues. If you are playing with an updated version of the game, you should not expect to encounter any problems on your road to the games platinum.  If you would like some background on the issue, please see the glitch thread from this site found here: Possible trophy glitches - Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

No trophy in this game is truly missable as the game allows you to select and replay any previously completed Act or interlude. Even unlocking the final interlude, Death of the Hired Man, by having a hidden conversation with a character in Act I (see Finding Carrington trophy_silver.png  for full details) can be considered as safe from being labeled missable as it is easy to reproduce the requirements after finishing the story by simply replaying Act I for two scenes and returning to the Act select screen. That being said, each Act takes over an hour or more to play through so I have labeled every Act specific trophy to let you know when to look out for them if you want to knock everything out in one playthrough. Also, note that you will be required to replay Act IV for a trophy so don't sweat it if you miss any of the trophies in that Act.

Lastly, one final note about scene placement: Every stop you make is given a scene number. If you happen to revisit locations a number of times or investigate a few locations before you head to the next designated story location, you will add scenes to your playthrough. Below I estimate which scene you will find the act specific trophies in, but my experience may differ slightly from your playthrough if you wander around the map a bit more then necessary.

Step 1: Play through the story and the corresponding interludes and try to follow the guide below to cut down on the need to replay any Acts other than Act IV

As mentioned above, all Act specific trophies are labeled as such, so try to follow the guide to knock everything out in one runthrough. Play the game as it progresses through its five Acts broken up by corresponding interludes, all located in the level select menu labeled as "The Circle"

By completing the whole of the story, you will unlock--at the minimum--these trophies:

Act I trophy_gold.png 
Limits & Demonstrations trophy_silver.png 
Act II trophy_gold.png 
The Entertainment trophy_silver.png 
Act III trophy_gold.png 
Here And There Along The Echo trophy_silver.png 
Act IV trophy_silver.png 
Un Pueblo De Nada trophy_silver.png 
"Look for me under your bootsoles" trophy_gold.png 

Step 2: Cleanup any Act specific trophies you may have missed, replay Act IV and complete the final interlude if you have not already unlocked and played through it

Assuming you followed the guide and completed all Act specific trophies, you would already have unlocked Death of the Hired Man and played through the interlude following Act V and only need to replay Act IV for the final trophy. If there is any need for cleanup, check each trophy below for where to find them and replay the necessary Acts to round out your path to the platinum trophy. Any moment of the game can be moved along faster by holding circle.png to increase the text speed and simply select the top text choice to move the story along until you get to the specific moment you need.

Once cleanup is completed and you have replayed Act IV, you will have unlocked all other trophies:

I bet a dog will eat it trophy_silver.png 
Finding Carrington trophy_silver.png 
Hypnagogic trophy_silver.png 
Paperclip Labyrinth trophy_silver.png 
Organ Performance trophy_silver.png 
Say something romantic trophy_silver.png 
You died trophy_silver.png 
Phil and Jane trophy_silver.png 
Under the horizon trophy_silver.png 
Patch speaking trophy_silver.png 
Happy Tuesday trophy_silver.png 
Here, you pick trophy_silver.png 
Act IV again trophy_gold.png 
The map trophy_silver.png 
Death of the Hired Man trophy_silver.png 
All Done trophy_platinum.png 


Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition Trophy Guide

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25 trophies ( 19  )

  • Unlock all trophies.

    Congratulations! You have traveled the Zero all the way to 5 Dogwood Drive and collected all the trophies along the way!

    For video guides of all trophies and a full walkthrough of the entire game, please see my playlist on YouTube: Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition Trophy Guides and Walkthroughs - YouTube
  • Follow the bureaucratic loop in the Bureau 3 times.

    Act II at the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces (Scene I)

    When Conway and Shannon first visit the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces they are directed to the fifth floor by the receptionist. Once in the elevator, travel instead to the first floor (Clerks Offices) Exiting the elevator, Rick will greet you and direct you to Clerk Metzstein. Once you begin talking with the three clerks, pick any dialog option that does NOT directly ask about Lula Chamberlain. This will send you from Clerk Metzstein to Clerk Bohm to Clerk MacMillan, back to Clerk Metzstein and so on. Once you have made two full laps around the office, you will be awarded this trophy. Once you have succeeded, you can now ask for Lula Chamberlain, who is the Clerk in the middle of the office, who will move the story along.

  • Listen to the organ performance in the Bureau.

    Act II at the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces (Scene I)

    This event can be done at any time before or after Paperclip Labyrinth trophy_silver.png  above. Simply go to the second floor (Conference Rooms), head behind the ongoing presentation to the balcony to the right. Once Conway arrives at the balcony, you will see a prompt for the Organ. Select this and watch the scene begin. Once you select the balcony prompt again, you will be back in control of Conway and will be awarded this trophy.

    The organ music will play for quite a while afterwards during the rest of your visit to the Bureau, so feel free to do this first or last to add to the mood of the scene.
  • Win the claw game at Sam & Ida's.

    Act IV at Sam and Ida's (usually Scene VIII)

    One of the more complicated trophies in the game. This event will only work if you play on a Tuesday, or change the date on your console to a date that is a Tuesday. If you pick the later choice, make sure to exit out of the game, change the date to a Tueday and start the game up again to continue with the scene to accomplish this requirement.

    When Shannon arrives at Sam and Ida's, head up to the upper level and move to the right area where Johnny and Ezra are playing a claw game. Choose to give Ezra a quarter which will shift control to the boy. Johnny will then list the items Ezra can attempt to win. Choose the headphones.

    Once the game starts choose the following directions:

    Drop the Claw

    If you play this section of the game on a Tuesday, you will win the headphones and receive the trophy:

  • Hypnotize Shannon in the mine.

    Act I in the Elkhorn Mine (somewhere around Scene V to VII)

    There will be a point while in the mine with Shannon, Conway will hurt his leg. Following this story event, you will have access to a mine tram. Take the tram right through the tunnel to the turntable (the tableau with the coffins and oars). If you pass this area and head straight to the right, you will miss your chance to fulfill this trophy requirement and will reach the exit. Instead select the Turtable icon above and Shannon will explain about some of the mining accidents and the memorial there. She will then hook up the electrical panel allowing you to move the turntable. When available select the strange direction choice of "The bat feeder and the scarecrow" which will rotate the turtable to the left.

    Take this new path to the right until you reach the dead end, interact with the Broken Track, then head back left to the turntable again.  Select "The animal bones and the rowboat" This will set you back on the original path to the exit. Head right to the exit and once you arrive Shannon will have another dialog option to pick: "If you wait for me here, I'll just go take another look around." Choose this option, which will switch gameplay to an area in the mine with just Shannon, holding a flashlight.  

    Shine the flashlight towards the screen by pulling down on l3.png and the camera will slowly zoom in and the light from the flashlight will begin strobing and changing colors. Once the camera has zoomed in all the way, hit any other button to wake Shannon out of this hypnotic trance and receive the trophy. Head to the right to initiate the next scene outside the exit of the mine.

  • Find Phil and Jane on the Zero.

    Act III in between Hall of the Mountain King and revisiting the Bureau

    When you leave the Hall of the Mountain King, head around Route Zero until you find the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces but do not get off the Zero yet. 

    Now head counter-clockwise until you find the TV (for me it was three full rotations around the Zero). Linger at the TV landmark until the option to take the exit for 70 appears. Pick this route, head up slightly to the Van (the icon looks like a diamond) and go to that destination.

    This will start a scene with just the old dog, walk it over to the van to the left and you can see two people standing on the hill far left. The trophy should pop once you can see the figures on the hill.
  • Watch Flora launch her paper boat.

    Act III at the Museum of Dwelling (Scene I)

    Note: Missing this event at the beginning of Act III may prevent the opportunity to complete Under the horizon trophy_silver.png  at the end of the Act. Both can be resolved in a second play of the Act if you miss them

    After Conway's dream and scene with the doctor that introduce the Act, you will be playing as Conway, outside the Museum of Dwelling. Head down towards the bottom of the screen and control will switch to Ezra. Then head left until you can see the Moon reflecting in a puddle of water. Next to this puddle will be a girl named Flora standing left of a street light. Have Ezra talk with her about her paper boat.

    Flora will set her boat off in the water and will tell you to recite some poetry when it is nearly out of site. When the boat is nearly offscreen you will be able to talk to Flora again to say that you can see the boat "Just barely, if I squint" or "No" and either option will allow Ezra to choose lines of poetry to recite, which will award this trophy.
  • Find Flora's boat in the distillery.

    Act III at the Distillery ("Where The Strangers Come From" somewhere around Scene XII)

    Note: If you miss Say something romantic trophy_silver.png   at the beginning of Act III you may not have the opportunity to complete the requirements of this trophy. Both can be resolved in a second play of the Act if you miss them.

    When Shannon and Conway are retelling the events of what they found in the graveyard, you will enter a crypt and sit on the bench in the back. After a moment you will be lowered into the Distillery where a number of glowing skeletal beings will be working.  One of these beings named Dolittle will help you with the code you need for Xanadu (The game you played earlier at The Hall of the Mountain King) and then take you on a tour of the Distillery. 

    As Dolittle, drive the cart down and slightly left past "Shipping" to a Cafeteria with long benches and get out. Walk further down to the water and wait. Soon Flora's paper boat will appear in the water and you will be awarded this trophy
  • Die in Xanadu.

    Act III at the Hall of the Mountain King

    In the middle of your visit to the area called The Hall of the Mountain King, you will meet Donald and will need to operate the Xanadu game to move the story along. After the group visits the graveyard to find the code to make the game work properly, you will finally be able to play the game.

    As you play through the meta game, you will eventually arrive at a scene titled AT EDGE OF HOLE. After the initial text, select Shannon's first text option "Go down into the hole, that seems pretty obvious" This will result in a game over with a RIP gravestone and you will receive the trophy.

    You will be able to continue from AT EDGE OF HOLE directly after, so you will not lose any progress in Xanadu. For reference, the correct choice is to use the rope to slowly go down the hole to progress to the next area.
  • Learn about 12 dishes in Sam & Ida's.

    Act IV at Sam and Ida's (usually Scene VIII)

    This can be done directly after Happy Tuesday trophy_silver.png Shannon will arrive at Sam and Ida's and head up to the second floor, where she can give Ezra and Johnny a quarter for the Happy Tuesday trophy and then will sit down with the rest of the boat's crew. The scene will move to the table soon after and Ida will come over to take the final food order.  When Shannon is given the menu, the text will show three menu options and a fourth option: "(Shannon turns the page)"  Select this option four times so Shannon will have viewed twelve menu items and you will receive this trophy.
  • Return to Equus Oils and find Carrington there.

    Act I any time after leaving Equus Oils (Scene I)

    I suggest you take care of this as soon as you reach the Marquez Farm or which ever other destination you stop at directly after Scene I at Equus Oils. 

    Return to Equus Oils to find Joseph talking with a stranger. Begin talking with the new character to meet Carrington, who is looking for a performance space for his play. Simply talking with him will give you the trophy, but continuing the conversation about the performance will unlock the final interlude of the game, "Death of the Hired Man"

    If you miss this trophy in your first playthrough, it is easily procured through level select by replaying Act I for one scene, returning to Equus Oils and talking with Carrington, afterwhich you can simply quit to the level select screen (called The Circle) and Death of the Hired Man should be available to you. In your first playthrough you will not see it or be able to play it until after you finish Act V.
  • Answer the phone in the Rum Colony.

    Act IV at The Rum Colony (Scene III)

    All of Act IV is set on a boat called The Mucky Mammoth. The boat will make around eight stops during the Act and you can choose to stay on the boat or visit the locations for most of the stops that aren't story intensive. The second stop is The Rum Colony, which Shannon will have the option of visiting with the rest of the crew. Choose to visit this location and run up to the bar but do NOT select any of the dialog bubbles that pop up. 

    Make sure you are close enough to the bar, Patch the bartender and the phone that is in the middle behind the bar, slightly to the right. If you are close enough, the phone should ring and Patch will pick it up. You will be able to control his dialog and receive this trophy.
  • Share Joseph's home-made jerky with the dog.

    Act I at Equus Oils (Scene I)

    Right at the beginning of the first scene, Conway will talk with the gas station attendant, Joseph. Joseph will ask about the dog riding with Conway and you will then be able to decide if its named Homer or Blue. Joseph will give you a dog treat to give to your old pup and will send you downstairs to turn on the power so you can use his computer to locate 5 Dogwood Drive.

    You will need to head to the basement, find the game piece (it's found to the left of the sign in the basement if you turn off your flashlight), turn the power back on and check the computer (only the Marquez address works) to progress. Once you have finished those items you can finally talk to your dog and offer him the treat.
  • Walk the Seer's earthwork path in the town.

    Act V

    All of Act V is played in the same location labeled as "A Town" and you play the length of the Act as a small black cat. Traveling around the area will either let you listen in on conversations between various characters, read text about the ghost-like Seer characters roaming the town, or start an interchange between one of the characters and the cat, as it meows its responses.

    Eventually, the scene will progress to different times of the day and three title cards will appear on the screen. The first title screen will say "WE SAVED WHAT WE COULD" once the group gathers at the white building frame. The second card will read "RON DUG A GRAVE" after the cat interacts with Rita whenshe is sitting on a bench in between the building with all the loud birds and the little shop building. The third title card will precede the final elements of the story that close out the story. At any point between WE SAVED WHAT WE COULD and the end of the Act you can attempt this trophy, though I would suggest doing it either after the screen says RON DUG A GRAVE or directly following the final story moment during the aerial view, before heading back to the white building to end the Act.

    What you need to do for this trophy is interact with the mound of dirt that is right outside the hole in the center of the area (The hole the boat crew climbed out at the end of Act IV) and follow the grassy path that spirals around and ends at a second mound of dirt in front of where Ron is digging the grave outside the barn. Going from the inner mound to the outer mound following the grass path that matches the trophy image and interacting with each mound should make the trophy activate.

    I attempted this trophy about ten times throughout the Act and the only time it worked was in this direction and at this time. If you are still not seeing the trophy activate this way, wait until the funeral has ended and you will have a nice aerial view of the town. You should find it much easier to trace the path from the mound by the hole to the mound close to the barn and this should finally allow you to be awarded the trophy.
  • Complete Act I.

    Story Related, Cannot be missed

    Act I will contain somewhere between six to nine scenes all depending how many times you visit certain locations. Your path should start at Equus Oils, then to Marquez Farms (with a quick second visit to Equus Oils to meet Carrington), then to Shannon's Bait Shop, then the Onramp for the Zero / Elkwood Mines, back to the Bait Shop with Shannon, then lastly back to the Marquez Farm.
  • Complete Act II.

    Story Related, Cannot be missed

    Act II contains about five scenes if you don't wander off the direct path. You will start at the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces, travel to Saint Thomas Church (marked on Route Zero as "Self-Storage"), a quick trip back to the Bureau and then to The Museum of Dwelling. Finally landing in The Forest and meeting up with Dr. Truman to close out the Act.
  • Complete Act III.

    Story Related, Cannot be missed

    Act III will start with truck troubles and then to The Lower Depth with your new found friends. You will finally find Route Zero and arrive at the Hall of the Mountain King where you will spend most of the rest of Act III. After a brief stop at "A Van" on the Zero (see Phil and Jane trophy_silver.png ), you will end back at the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces to close out the Act.
  • Complete Act IV.

    Story Related, Cannot be missed

    Act IV takes place on The Mucky Mammoth as it sails the Echo River. The boat will make seven stops and most will allow you to choose to stay on the boat or get off and explore the destination. You will want to dock at the second stop, The Rum Colony, for a trophy (see Patch speaking trophy_silver.png ) and will be required to go to the Echo River Central Exchange, Sam and Ida's and A Neighborhood (stops five, six and seven) for the story progression but all other stops are optional with different gameplay for whichever option you pick.
  • Complete Act IV a second time.

    After your first playthrough of Act IV, or after you complete the game all the way through, you can at any point select Act IV on The Circle (the level select screen) to replay the episode. Simply play through the entire act a second time to receive this trophy.

    Act IV is the easiest level to breeze through so you won't have to spend too much time in your second run. Hold circle.png to move the text faster and select the first option each time with cross.png to make it through the dialogs as quick as possible. In Act IV you also have the option to stay on the boat for many of the stops, so if you don't need to clean up the two or three trophies in this Act, stay on the boat when you can and you should make it out Act IV quickly without any fuss.

    Adversely, Act IV also has the most content you won't see on your first playthrough, so if instead you want to enjoy all this game has to offer, choose whatever option you did not choose on your first playthrough and visit any stops you haven't seen yet for maximum enjoyment of the game.
  • Story Related, Cannot be missed

    Act V takes place in "A Town" following the events from the preceding interlude, "Un Pueblo De Nada" You will play as a cat the entire Act and will need to travel all over the town, listening to conversations, reading text about the ghost-like beings around the town and interacting with the characters or the environment. Keep moving around the area and eventually the story will show signs of progression. Eventually, the Act will end with an event that gethers everyone together and then you will simly need to move over to the  
  • Complete "Limits & Demonstrations."

    Story Related, Cannot be missed

    Limits and Demonstrations is a quick vinette set in an art exhibition which will be accessible after first finishing Act I. Simply view the text of any or all the exhibits and use the exit door to leave the scene and end the interlude
  • Complete "The Entertainment."

    Story Related, Cannot be missed

    The Entertianment is the second interlude, accessible after finishing Act II for the first time.  This interlude is the longest experience and takes most of an hour to view. Added to that there is little more to do then listen to the performance at the bar (and later at the table to the right of your view) You do not have to worry too much about interacting with the scene at first, as the conversation will progress without you needing to hit any buttons, but it will pause if you are looking anywhere else but at the bar.

    The reason I mention this is because this scene is entirely interactive by turning the camera around the room, with stage directions, sound cues, critical reviews of the production, director's notes, audience feedback, lighting plot information, as well as a secondary performance of the inner monologue you as an audience member have if you look down at your table. All of this changes as the scene progresses and is very entertaining, but will mean that you have longer to sit to allow the conversation play out at the bar.

    Eventually Junebug's parents will sit at the table to the right of the bar and will have their own scenes as well as talk with the group at the bar.  The trouble is you will need to swivel from the bar to the table to see the conversation in its entirety which I found a bit cumbersome but the conversation and characters end up being referrenced or appearing later in the overall story, so enjoy the experience however you see fit.

    Once the performance is finally over the interlude will end.
  • Complete "Here And There Along The Echo."

    Story Related, Cannot be missed

    Here And There Along The Echo is first available after you complete Act III for the first time. It is a simple interlude that involves listening to a series of phone recordings. All you have to do is lift the receiver, dial the number written on the screen and listen to some of the recordings. Once you feel you have heard enough, hang the phone up (or hit the speaker button off if you use that method) to end the call and the interlude.
  • Complete "Un Pueblo De Nada."

    Story Related, Cannot be missed

    Un Pueblo De Nada is found in between Act IV and Act V and should be played before you play Act V as it introduces many characters and sets the scene for the final act.  Un Pueblo De Nada plays much more like its own mini-Act but is only one scene with the camera swiveling around the middle of a very small local news television broadcast center during a very bad storm. You will be able to select conversations and make dialog choices for the various crew members and visitors on set. Play out the scene to progress.
  • Complete "Death of the Hired Man."

    Story Related, Cannot be missed

    Death of the Hired Man is the final interlude of the game. It will appear in "The Circle" (the level select screen) after you finish Act V the first time - as long as you have fulfilled the requirments of Finding Carrington trophy_silver.png  in Act I. You simply need to let the conversation play out while the television is onscreen. You only have access to control the knob of the TV to change the channel, no other inputs are needed to view the conversation happening offscreen. If you prefer to turn to a channel that will play throughout the entire conversation, I would suggest turning to the Seinfeld style sitcom or the gameshow. Both seem to last the length of the scene, all the others will turn to static before the scene is done. The scene runs about 18 minutes long and will be the last piece of the story you will need to complete.

    If, for any reason, you missed meeting Carrington at Equus Oils in Act I resolving this issue is very easy: Start up Act I, play through the first scene and when you leave Equus Oils and head back to the gas station from any other location (or simply turn around and head right back there) you will meet a Stranger talking to Joseph. Talking with him will introduce Carrington and elict a conversation about finding a performance space. This will unlock "Death of the Hired Man"  Leave the gas station, head to any destination (Marquez Farmhouse is your intended story destination) and once you have arrived, quit out to "The Circle" level select screen. You should now be able to access this interlude and complete the final story trophy.

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