-Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 32
-Online: 1
-Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-35 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 to 4
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None

Intruduction: Katamari Forever is a super unique game, with such a quirky aspect. You roll your "Katamari" and whatever it touches that is smaller then it essentially sticks to it, and you roll and roll and pick up everything from a pin needles to the sun, and make stars out of them for the cosmos. You will have some fun, loving trophy hunting with this one.

Road Map

To sum up your going to be playing through this games main story levels about 4 times, close to 4 since some levels don't have eternal mode or classic mode. When you start, you are going to work your way through the requests that King or RoboKing give you. Overall throughout your playthrough you will be gradually working your way towards the following trophies:
We Love Cousins
Present Collector

Cousin Friendly
Fashion Consious

We Love Stardust


These all are what you most likely will be dealing with once you finish story mode trophies if they weren't earned through your enitial playthroughs.

Step 1.

Complete the game on average "Katamari Forever" mode. This is were you will earn some trophies that are unmissable like "Huge Katamari", "Big Katamari" etc. Here you will also get the gold "Congratulations!"

Need help completing a level? Having trouble? Try HERE for video walkthroughs.

Step 2.

Play through all the levels on "Katamari Drive" mode since you will unlock it after beating it first on "Katamari Forever" here your still working towards trophies mentioned above and after beating it will net you the gold "Katamari Speedster"

Step 3.

Backtrack to RoboKing and King levels and unlock Eternal and Classic mode. Most of those two modes are in RoboKings levels. To see which levels have Classic/Eternal and which don't, please go HERE.

***There really is NO trend on how to unlock Eternal or classic. Simply go to a level were you don't have the modes, play it on Katamari Drive for the sake of time, and likely hood of doing better, and try and do the best you can, but you DON'T need to score good on the level, usually you will just unlock Eternal, there really is no trend, if you don't unlock it still try it again and beat your original score and that should do it. To unlock classic mode on a level, just finish it on Eternal, if it doesen't unlock do it again on Eternal but pick up/doo the task as best as possible since you have the time, then that should do it. After you beat all levels on all possible modes you will get the gold "Katamari Fanatic" and the silver "Eternal Roller".

Step 4.

Cleanup, whatever you diden't earn in the list of trophies you will work towards throughout the game, you will do so here. This is just trophies that have to do with collection or just a certain amount of things you need to do over and over. For more on how to earn any of them please see below under the respective trophy. Other then collection trophies there are a few bronze and silvers that do with mini-games, or size of the katamari and so forth, so for any of those you may be missing see the respective trophy and description on how to earn. And then thats it, you should be done at that point, story trophies, collection trophies, and etc trophies. Platinum yours now.

[PST Would Like To Thank Mystic for this Road Map]

Katamari Forever Trophy Guide

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33 trophies ( 20  10  )

  • Collected all trophies.

  • Completed all Requests in Katamari Forever mode.

    This is for beating the game basically, complete all the levels under RoboKing and King of all Cosmos. Most levels are very simple and in reality very hard to actually fail. There is one level under King where you have to heat up your Katamari to 10,000C and that one is alittle annoying but overall progressing through the levels are simple and should take you no less then 4 to 5 hours.

  • Completed all Requests in Katamari Drive mode.

    Once you complete the game, you will unlock Katamari Drive mode. Which is basically where you get less time, but more speed and you go through the main games levels over again. This is almost easier then doing the levels on normal, you will most likely do better then your normal mode scores so this should be a breeze, and due to shorter time you can complete this in 2 to 3 hours. But yes, the level where you heat up the Katamari to 10,000C makes that even more annoying. but should be easy overall.

  • Completed 100% of the Collection.

    This could be your best friend or worst enemy, and will probably be the last trophy you earn. You must collect everything there is to be collected. Roll and pick up whatever is possible to pick up.

    If you play through the game and beat regurlar, katamari drive, eternal, and classic modes, then at this point you should have 90% of your collection done, you might be lucky and have it completed by then if you were lucky enough to just happen to roll over everything. There isen't much that can be done here, if you roll up and item and go to your collection page it doesen't tell yoou where you found it, making it harder for a community to get around this but for some refrence try visiting HERE and HERE.

  • Rolled up all Cousins.

    Throughout your playthrough you will roll up some cousins, basically more playable characters after you have found them and rolled them up. For every level in the bottom right hand side of the screen there are little icons that show how many cousins are in there, and if you have found them or not, saving you some time. If you want locations for the cousins within the levels please visit HERE.

  • Collected all Presents.

    Throughout your playthrough you might find some Royal Presents, little decorations for your character to wear. Presents are more well hidden/hard to find then cousins, and like cousins, you can see how many you are missing or have in a certain level by looking in the bottom right hand side of the screen and looking at the icons. For locations of the presents withing a level please visit HERE.

  • You made a katamari over 2,000,000km!

    This may take some time, the level you will be doing this on and is only possible on is "Wake up the King!" under the Kings levels. When you first complete this level you can really only max out the Katamari at around 1,750,000km. First you will want to go through all the possible levels on Katamari Drive, Eternal, and Classic mode. For more on those modes please see "Katamari Speedster", "Forever a traveler", and "Back Then".

    Second, after going through all those possible levels, and making a few stardust Katamari's here and there, head back to this level and play it on Eternal, so you don't get the time restriction or acidentally roll up the King at the end which ends the level. Now you should have made enough stars and stardust in the cosmos to roll all of them up until you reach that 2,000,000km. If you can't yet do it, go to any level and play it on eternal and make more stardust until you can reach it, but you should have enough by the time you beat all possible modes on all possible levels.

  • Obtained 50,000 points in the punishment mini-game.

    This may be one of the more tougher/luck trophies in the game. Whenever you fail to do a request for the King or RoboKing, you will be brought to a little mini game where you are being punished and must avoid erupting rocks. To gain points you must just survive, over time your points add up faster but the rocks release faster. The best strategy for this is to just move the prince/cousin to the very right side of the screen, you can avoid the rocks more then half the time and every so often have to move your character to the left to avoid alittle bit. Rememeber you can ony take 3 hits but if your hit early on don't worry as it is easier to evade when your hit 2 times. In fact I encourage you to hit yourself twice early on because if your hit later your points slow down and don't add up as fast. If you want a fast level to quickly fail on to be brought to the mini game, try the Campfire level and burnout your Katamari in the river, or the 10,000C level and run into ice cream to burn out.

  • Obtained 50,000 points in the ending mini-game.

    This is very easy, when you beat the game the first time and taken to the credits you will be able to play a mini game, 8 bit Katamari where you bounce a Katamari on a cloud and pick stuff up in the air, you lose the game if you fall off the cloud. So just be very careful, you have more then enough time to get 100,000 points if you don't fall. So just bounce up, pick up stuff in the air and 50,000 will come easily, and remember if you tap X you can slowly float downwards if your going to fast down thinking you might miss the cloud.

  • Created a katamari over 10,000km.

    See "Enourmous Katamari"

  • Created a katamari over 500m.

    See "Enourmous Katamari"

  • Turned a katamari into stardust.

    Simply go to a level under King of all Cosmos (not RoboKing) and play a level in any mode you want that you have already completed, and when you finish the level you will be asked if you want to over write your star or make stardust, choose stardust for the trophy.

  • Completed a Request.

    Just complete the tutorial of the game, it is the first level you will play upon start up.

  • Completed 80% of the Collection.

    This will come over time during your entire playthrough, for more in depth locations please see "Completist"

  • Rolled up 30 Cousins.

    This will come over time during your entire playthrough, for more in depth locations please see "We Love Cousins"

  • Collected 30 Presents.

    This will come over time during your entire playthrough, for more in depth locations please see "Present Collector

  • Watched 5 movies in a row in Movies.

    Once you have started the game and are in village square you only start with 3 movies in your "Katamari Collection" so go and progress through a few levels for the King and RoboKing and when you have seen two movies go to your Katamari Collection in village square, go to movies and watch them all in a row.

  • Played through VS Battle or Co-op 30 times.

    This can be done alone as long as you have the second controller. Go to VS Battle/Co-op mode in village square and play a battle level, simply play one controller until it is larger then player two and let them sit to win easily, then repeat so 29 more times.

  • Destroyed the katamari 50 times before completing a Request.

    This is best done on an eternal level, so go to any level you have unlocked eternal on, start it up and pick up alot of stuff, and then go to a wall, or moving object that is bigger then you and let yourself get hit or speed into the wall. This will break apart your Katamari, keep doing so until you have broken it atleast 50 times and then hit sqaure to stop rolling and return to village square for the trophy.

  • Rolled up 7,650 objects before completing a Request.

    This is pretty much unmissable if you complete the all the requests. You will earn this on any level that requires you to roll up to atleast 1Km starting from meters.

  • Played through all mini-games.

    There are four mini games in total.

    The ending mini game-beat the game once
    Beautiful Katamari Normal-Beat the game on Katamari Drive mode
    Beautiful Katamari Hard-Beat the game on Katamari Drive mode
    Roll up the fans mini game-Finish all classic levels

    For more on the modes Katamari Drive and Classic see "Katamari Speedster" and "Back Then"

  • Listened to 5 songs in Music.

    You start the game with 3 songs in your Katamari Collection so you will want to go and play a few levels first and then you can go back to Katamari Collection later and you will easily have every new song you encountered, simply play 5 of them, you don't even have to listen to the whole song, then exit for the trophy.

  • Viewed a photo in the Photo Album.

    In the second stage under RoboKing, roll the Royal Present (Which is ontop of a table, very hard to miss if you explore the very small house in a large size) which is a Camera. After the level is completed, restart it and when your playing press L1, then X and take a picture, now exit the level and go to your "Katamari Collection" in the village square and view the picture, then exit for the trophy.


Secret trophies

  • Viewed the Network Rankings 5 times.

    You can do this the very first time your in village square, just go to the ranking boards, and when your in, exit. Repeat 4 more times.

  • Played though 50 single player Requests in a row.

    You do NOT have to do this in one sitting/session. Just don't go to a battle/co-op level and play 50 single player levels in a row.

  • Performed the Prince Hop exactly 7 times before completing a Request.

    Do this on an Eternal level, just so you won't have to worry about doing an extra one by accident, or completing the request but only doing 6 hops. So enter an Eternal level, do 7 hops by pressing either R2 or moving the sixaxis controller up, and then hit square to finish the level.

  • Performed the Dash exactly 6 times before completing a Request.

    Do this on an Eternal level, just so you won't have to worry about doing an extra one by accident, or completing the request but only doing 5 dashes. Enter and Eternal level, and do 6 dashes, by moving the analog sticks back and forth opposite of eachother, then hot sqaure to finish the level.

  • Performed the Quick Turn exactly 5 times before completing a Request.

    Do this on an Eternal level, just so you won't have to worry about doing an extra one by accident, or completing the request but only doing 4 quick turns. Enter an Eternal level and do 5 quick turns by clicking the analog sticks over and over so your charachter completely turns around the Katamari. Then hit square to exit the level.

  • Punished over 50 times.

    You get punished by not completing a request, so I suggest you go to the heat level where you must warm up your Katamari to 10,000C and just ruin it to 0 so you get punished. Do this 50 times, and when your being punished, do not hit start then hit play again, to be on the safe side let yourself die or just try to play the punishment mini game.

  • Created 200 katamaris.

    Self explanatory, make 200 Kamatari's. If you have beaten all possible modes on all levels you shoul be close to this, if you still don't have it enter an Eternal level and just hit square to stop it immediatly and then make it into a star. Repeat until you have this.

  • Turn 50 katamaris into dust.

    Do this under the Kings levels to be on the safeside until confirmation. But go to a kings level you have already completed and finish it, and when he asks you if you want it to be made into a star, or stardust, choose stardust. Do this 50 times. To make it quicker do this on an Eternal level so you can just end the levels immediately.

  • Completed all Requests in Classic Katamari mode.

    *There is no trend on how to unlock Classic Katamari Mode or Eternal Mode. What I suggest you do, which will get the modes unlocked, is to go to a certain level that still needs the modes unlocked and play it. When playing it shoot for the highest possible score you can get, although I can confirm you can score below 10 points and still unlock either mode, you just may need to constantely replay it. Repetition is the key here, if you can't score the level well, just keep playing it and finishing it. You will never have to play a level more then 10 times over again, you WILL unlock it before then, but the higher you score, the more likely you will unlock either mode, and therefore won't have to play the level as much. Remember only certain levels have Eternal/Classic, to see as a refrence please visit HERE. Otherwise, keep in mind that if a level has Eternal, and Classic mode, you will unlock Eternal first, and once you do start playing on that for the sake of ending the level early or just taking sweat off you in terms of effort.

  • Completed all Requests in Eternal mode.

    Please see "Katamari Fanatic"

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