- Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 4/10
- Approximate Time To Platinum: 50+ hours
- Offline: 42 5 3 1
- Online: 0
- Missable Trophies: None
- Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 1
- Glitched Trophies: None
- Cheats: None


Just Cause 2 is an open world 3rd person shooter set on the fictional Asian island state of Panau. You play as CIA Secret Agent Rico Rodriguez, aka ‘Scorpio’. Your task: to destabilize the governing dictatorship of ‘Baby Panay’ by causing ‘Chaos’ around the different regions of the island state.

This is mainly achieved by attacking military bases, pitting the three factions or gangs on the island against each other, and/or by completing as many of the sabotage events as you can. The ‘Chaos’ meter acts as a kind of in game point system, unlocking story and faction missions as well as black market items as the total rises.

All the above basically means blowing up as much stuff as possible, mainly focusing on government property. You can find targets to blow up in the 368 locations spread across the island chain. There are military bases, airports, villages, cities, towns & other small settlements that contain government property. Just keep an eye out for anything marked by the white on red Panauan Star.

Unfortunately, it does not have the greatest storyline ever, but worrying about that is missing the point of this game. This is a world inspired by a dozen popcorn action movies. It is about kicking ass in style and having fun while doing it, in a giant beautiful sandbox world.

Starting Up

The most important thing you have to keep in mind when starting for the first time is that in order to get the platinum, you WILL have to beat the main story missions on Hardcore Difficulty. I did not find this level of difficulty to be particularly taxing.

If you start on Hardcore difficulty, you can complete all the trophies in a single playthrough. You may find yourself faced by larger groups of enemies by times, but in general play it is not that much harder than the lower difficulties. Once you get used to using cover properly and use the evade button to keep moving, most enemies are not that hard to defeat. Also, if you start on this difficulty, you will acclimatize to it easier than if you move up to it. Starting on a lower difficulty first makes the jump up to hardcore feel worse than it really is.

If you start on any of the lower difficulties, you WILL have to replay the story missions again on Hardcore after completing the game. This includes any other missions needed to build up the necessary ‘Chaos’ to unlock those story missions. This could potentially add 20+ hours on top of your time to platinum.

Therefore, if you are going for that platinum, I recommend you take the plunge and start off on Hardcore. You won’t regret it.

Playthrough Tips

Since the Gameplay in Just Cause 2 is based on a free-roaming system, the bulk of the trophies can be earned without working through them in a specific order. It is simply a matter of working your way through the list.

There are however, a few things you should keep in mind while playing:

1. If you see a vehicle that you suspect you have not driven before, Hijack it. If there is any doubt in your mind at all, Hijack it. Collecting all 104 of the vehicles takes a lot of time. You should be on the lookout for new or exotic vehicles ALL THE TIME. And remember to drive every vehicle you come across within the military bases and harbours as well. Also keep any eye out for different versions of the same vehicle: a convertible version of a sports car say, or trucks with different bodies on the back will all generally count as new vehicles in their own right.

Any new vehicles added as DLC that are released on the PSN store will count as an added vehicle towards the total for this trophy. So there are more vehicles available than you need.

2. Remember your kill trophies as you are playing through, as opportunities for each one will come up in normal play. These include:

- A sniper in a tower/on a water tower: Pull him off with the grapple hook for a fall kill. This is often the quickest way to take them out anyway.

- A single soldier out in the open: Grapple him into the air and kill him for a juggle kill. A pair of submachine guns works wonders here.

- A single soldier near a wall or cliff: Attach him to the wall with the grappling hook and kill him for a hang kill. Also, you can kill him using the melee attack to receive a Piñata kill, which counts towards a separate trophy as well.

3. Keep upgrading your weapons whenever you have enough parts. Concentrate on the ones you use most first. I recommend fully upgrading the assault rifle, submachine gun & triggered explosives (C4). These can carry a lot of ammo and will do a lot of damage to property quickly.

4. When exploring the map, keep an eye out for the blue dots. They are the factions collectable items: Black Boxes, Skulls and Drug Drops. Pick them up whenever you are nearby to help towards the 'Faction Benefactor' trophy. You will thank yourself later for picking these up as you go.

Also: Keep an eye out for the yellow dots on the map. These are the undiscovered locations dotted around Panau. There is a trophy related to finding 100 locations, but having them unlocked will help you extract across the island very quickly later on in the game.

Important Point: You should probably start each Agency Mission soon after it unlocks. They will pop up once you have collected up enough Chaos points to open one up. The Agency Missions are the main story missions, & can be identified by the black star like symbol on your map by opening the PDA.


Clearing Up

Once you complete the story you will unlock mercenary mode. In this mode you will be able to travel around the map and collect all the faction/resource items & complete all uncompleted faction missions and events (challenges). This is your chance to clear up any of the trophies you have missed so far, just pick one from the list, and get to it.

[PST Would Like to Thank Savenger for this Road Map]

Just Cause 2 Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 42  11  )

  • Complete 3 stronghold takeovers.

    This trophy requires you to take over 3 strongholds in the story mode. There are 3 for the Ular Boys, 3 for the Reapers & 3 for the Roaches. You will get this after doing 1 stronghold takeover for each faction (totalling 3). For more information see the ‘Conqueror of Panau’ trophy.

  • Complete 9 stronghold takeovers.

    As explained above there are 3 stronghold takeovers for each faction, this totals 9 & you need to complete all 9 for this trophy. As you go through causing chaos and completing faction missions you will unlock more stronghold takeovers. On the map they look like a star and will be in the colours for each faction, see below for the missions available:

    – Red on the map
    – Missions = Rocket Science; A Second Amendment; Chemical Compound

    – Blue on the map
    – Missions = Free Trade; Oil For Blood; Paradise Valley

    Ular Boys
    – Yellow on the map
    – Missions = Power Surge; Pilgrimage; Boys With Toys

    If you open the PDA and press you can bring up a menu, go into ‘statistics’ and in here you can see how many stronghold takeovers you have completed.

  • Complete 49 faction missions.

    As you should know by now there are 3 different factions in the game. As you progress through the game completing side stuff/objectives, main story missions & causing chaos you will unlock faction missions.

    If you open your PDA you will be able to see all of the missions on your map. They are triangular in shape and each are coloured for which faction they represent. Most of the missions are small and very easy to complete so these won’t take you long at all.

    Simply finish all 49 during the normal game mode or during mercenary mode & you will earn the trophy.

  • Cause chaos for the first time.

    You get into chaos mode by basically destroying any objects. The very first time you can achieve chaos mode is on the very first level.

    This mission will begin and you have to enter an enemy base, whilst inside here you will need to find 5 memory cards. Follow the objective markers picking up the first memory card & killing any enemies you encounter until you get to the second memory card. This will be located right next to an AA gun. Pick up the card and enter the gun by pressing , this is where you can now get this trophy. An enemy plane will fly close by so just fire at that to take it down, next just fire at any objects you think can be destroyed, this may be buildings, boxes, radars, lampposts etc. When you see 'CHAOS' come up on the screen in fiery letters you will get the trophy.

  • Complete 150 sabotages.

    This trophy requires you to complete 150 sabotages throughout the game. Sabotages count when you blow up government property. Please see the Destroyer trophy for more information.

  • Complete 1000 sabotages.

    Throughout the game the main objective is to cause chaos & the main way to cause chaos is by blowing things up. The objects you are looking for are government property and the colours that help you identify this property is red & white. Also look for a white star on the objects. There are a different number of ways to sabotage the objects, the easiest and quickest of which involve:

    - Shooting them with the fully upgraded assault rifle
    - Using C4/grenades
    - Other explosive weapons i.e. rocket launchers, AA Guns
    - Using any helicopter with a machine gun/rocket launchers. The helicopter is the fastest and most effective, especially as you will have infinite ammo.

    This won't come as you progress through the game. You will need to do a lot of side missions & complete locations to get the 1000 sabotages needed, see the Freeroamer 2 trophy for more info. I have a made list of destroyable objects and how many are needed for each:

    - Satellite Dishes = 30
    - Radars = 75
    - Pipelines = 55
    - Gas Pumps = 490
    - Propaganda Trailers = 100
    - Generators = 400
    - Transformers = 100
    - Wind Turbines = 50
    - Baby Panay Statues = 90
    - Communication Stations = 75
    - Cranes = 40
    - Broadcast Towers = 320
    - SAMs = 185
    - Fuel Depots = 1020
    - Fuel Shafts = 15
    - Gas Holders = 30
    - Offshore Rigs = 11
    - Radio Masts = 25
    - Factory Chimneys = 50
    - Silos = 90
    - Mobile Radars = 30
    - Water Towers = 221

  • Assassinate 25 colonels.

    In certain locations around Panau there will be colonels; there are 50 altogether but you only need to kill 25 for this trophy. As you wonder around Panau you may see what looks like a badge pop up that is black and white and has some white stars on it - this signals that you are near a colonel. There is also a name next to the badge so you know which colonel you are near.

    The colonels are more advanced than the normal soldier, they have more health and a very unique body armour. This armour restricts you from shooting them normally and instead requires you to go for headshots or use an explosive. Also be careful when going for the colonels because they are also protected from other soldiers so you may also need to take care of these, otherwise you may die.

    Some are located in bases, some are in villages/towns and can be on the floor or on rooftops. If you are struggling to find any of the colonels then please refer to the following thread, this was made courtesy of slaptarze at XBA.org and is used here with his permission.

    Colonel Locations

    If you need to know which colonels you still need to find then open up your PDA, press and scroll down to 'colonels'. The ones ticked off have already been killed, the ones that haven’t still need to be assassinated.

  • Complete 10 challenges.

    This is straightforward and requires you to complete any 10 challenges in the game. Please refer to the Up To The Challenge 2 trophy for more information.

    If you can find two bases close together, you can move back and forward from one to the other. It should cut down on the time this one takes.

  • Complete 50 challenges.

    This is the second of two challenge trophies. The first (above) requires you to complete 10 challenges, this trophy requires you to complete 50.

    As you go through the game unlocking stronghold takeovers/faction missions/agency missions you will also begin to unlock race challenges. If you open your PDA you can spot them on the map as being a checked race flag. There are actually 75 altogether so you know you don’t have to complete them all, any completed challenges will have a green tick in them.

    The challenges will range from easy difficulty to hard difficulty, but even hard isn’t hard at all. There are also 4 different types of challenges, these are:

    1. Car Checkpoint Race
    2. Boat Checkpoint Race
    3. Plane Checkpoint Race
    4. Base Jump/Parachuting Checkpoint Race

    With the first 3 you need to be in that specific type of vehicle and make your way through each checkpoint as they appear, a vehicle will be provided nearby if you can’t find a decent one for yourself. Also as you pass through each checkpoint you will be given some bonus time so you should never run out.

    The Base Jump/Parachuting challenges are slightly different. You still need to pass through each checkpoint but you could be free-falling through the air, using the parachute or just run through them on foot.

  • Acquire 1000 resource items.

    This trophy follows on from the Finders Keepers trophy, except instead of collecting 100 resource items you need to collect 1000. The resource items are hidden all over Panau, they can be found in towns, villages, enemy bases, faction strongholds/HQs & other random areas. 1000 items doesn't seem too much of a challenge seeing as there are 2700 items to be found altogether.

    There are four different types of resource items, read below for more info.

    1. 400 Armour Upgrade Parts – To know if the box contains an armour part, its icon will look like a shield with a health cross in the middle. An added bonus with the armour parts is that after you collect 5 your health will be upgraded.

    2. 950 Weapon Upgrade Parts – The icon here looks like a spanner & a gun. Use these parts to upgrade the weapons through the black market.

    3. 900 Vehicle Parts – This icon is a spanner & what looks like a wheel. Use these parts to upgrade the vehicles through the black market.

    4. 450 Cash Stash – The box icon will show a dollar sign if it is a cash stash. Cash stashes come in varied amounts & you can use the money for whatever you like.

    There are a couple of ways to help find these stashes:

    Shine – If you are high up or on the ground look for a little shine/flash. This will usually signal an item.

    Radar – In the top left of your screen near your health bar there is a small radar/signal bar. As you move closer towards an item one of the small signal bars will move up by one. When it is full it will flash, meaning you are right next to an item and this is usually confirmed by a small grey pointer coming up on screen facing in the direction of the item.

  • Acquire 100 resource items.

    As the description says, you need to find 100 resource items for this trophy, please see ‘Leaving No Rock Unturned’ for alot more information.

  • Collect 150 faction items.

    Each of the 3 factions have special items to be collected as you progress through the game. As you complete more missions for each of the factions more items will be revealed on your map. Open your PDA and look for the small blue icons that seem to glow a little bit, these are the faction items. See below for more info:

    The Reapers – 100 Black Boxes Of Contraband. These seem to be located more near the water's edge of the island, some are even in the middle of the ocean.

    The Roaches – 100 Drug Drops In Suitcases. These are located all around Panau, specifically in the towns.

    The Ular Boys – 100 Ancestral Skulls. These are mostly located in isolated areas, such as the big deserts or high up in the mountains.

    When you get close to an item a grey arrow like the one for the resource items will appear on screen to point you in the right direction. You can also spot these just like the resource items, from far away or high up look for a small shine because it could be one of these. Just collect 150/300, it doesn’t matter how many you get for each faction just as long as you total 150.

  • Discover 100 locations.

    All around Panau there are new locations to discover. These will be bases, towns, villages, airports & other random places. To discover a location all you have to do is enter its vicinity, when you do you will see 'Location Discovered' come up on your screen. If you open up your PDA undiscovered locations will appear as yellow glowing dots. Once you have discovered a place it will become a black square and the icon in it will represent the place, for example an airport location has a plane icon.

    Altogether there are 368 locations, just discover 100 and the trophy is yours.

  • Reach 100% complete in 15 locations.

    Please refer to the Freeroamer 2 trophy for more information.

  • Reach 100% complete in 100 locations.

    This is the second of two Freeroamer trophies, the first (Freeroamer 1) requires you to get 100% on just 15 locations, this trophy requires you to get 100% on 100.

    To get 100% on a location you will need to do a couple of things. Firstly you will need to find all of the different resource items (weapon parts, vehicle parts, cash stashes & armour parts), secondly you will need to complete all different types of sabotages. The number of resource items that need to be found will vary, the same goes with how many sabotages you need to complete. For example, in the bigger locations such as bases you will need to do more for 100% whereas in a small village you will only need to do a few things. All locations that can be discovered count for this trophy.

    I recommend you follow my other tips on how to find the resource items, like keep an eye on the radar and look for a little shine in the distance. When the radar disappears completely this will most likely mean you have found all resource items & if you still need some percentage then you will need to find the remaining sabotages.

    To see how close you are to completing a location just look for the small percentage near your health meter. When you finally reach 100% ‘Settlement Complete’ will show up on the screen, also any completed locations on your PDA will have a green tick on the icon.

    NOTE: I noticed early in the game that some of the SAM’s didn’t count towards the 100% completion in some areas. Yet after I completed the game & found more locations I noticed these were required. Just look for the percentage increase when you destroy one, if it goes up then they are needed in the location you are at.

  • Kill 750 enemies.

    This is pretty simple. To kill an enemy you obviously need to get all of his life down. Just do this by shooting at them, throwing grenades/C4, melee attacks, grapple hook attacks and even just running them over with a vehicle.

    All types of enemies count towards this trophy for example: Normal soldiers; Elites; colonels & I’m pretty sure bosses count.

  • Kill 50 enemies using melee attacks.

    This is a straightforward trophy, just kill 50 enemies with your melee attack. To use your melee, simply press the button and this will hit the enemy with your whip. Repeatedly hit an enemy with the melee attack to get his life down and finally kill him. If you are trying to melee an enemy who has more health such as an 'elite' then try to soften him up with gunfire first.

  • Kill 30 enemies by using the grappling hook and making them fall to their death.

    To make an enemy fall to his death you obviously need to pull him down from a high point. To pull an enemy down you need to aim at him and tap the button, this will attach the grappling hook to him and pull him forward.

    Some good situations to get this are as follows:

    1. When doing a stronghold takeover – There will be enemies in the towers with rocket launchers or sniper rifles. Just pull them down and they will die every time.

    2. When killing colonels – Some colonels are on roofs of buildings and are surrounded by normal enemies. Try to focus on these and stay near the edge of the roof, then keep whipping them and some will fall over the edge.

    Look for the 'Fall Kill' to confirm you were successful at making an enemy fall to his death.

    NOTE: This is sometimes glitched but in a good way! For example, if you constantly whip an enemy towards you at ground level (on a road) this will bring his life down bit by bit. If the last whip happens to kill him then it sometimes counts as a 'Fall Kill'.

  • Kill 5 enemies by dragging them behind a vehicle with the grappling hook.

    Firstly you will need to know how to attach an enemy to a vehicle with the grappling hook so aim your crosshairs at an enemy then press & hold the button to attach the grappling hook to him. Next, turn towards the vehicle you are going to drive and aim the crosshairs right at the middle & let go of the button. The enemy should now be attached to the vehicle, so when you start driving you should drag him along with you. Just keep driving until you see 'Drag Kill' come up at the top of your screen, this will signal that you killed the enemy successfully by dragging him.

    I recommend you choose any car for this and not a motorcycle. I tried this with a bike but it takes too long for the enemy to die because it doesn’t seem to drag him around as hard and do as much damage as a car.

    If you need further help then please watch the video below (credit to Rocket Cheetah):

  • Kill 30 enemies while they're suspended in the air with the grappling hook.

    By now you are probably already familiar with attaching the grappling hook to an enemy, if not then follow this method. Aim at an enemy then press & hold the button, now for this trophy you need to hang an enemy from a high point in order for him to dangle from the grappling hook without touching the floor so aim at the top of a building for example, then let go of the button. Once the enemy is dangling you have to shoot him until you see 'Hang Kill' come up at the top of the screen. Try to get right underneath the object you will try to dangle the enemy from, this will ensure he won’t touch the floor.

    I have tried hanging an enemy from the following objects and can confirm they work for the trophy:

    - Buildings/Railings
    - Lampposts/Signs
    - Statues
    - Trees
    - Literally anything, just try it and see if it works.

    See this video for more help (credit to Pillerman Stan):

  • Kill 5 enemies by smashing them with an object tethered to your vehicle with the grappling hook.

    One of the tougher trophies in the game, although this is still rather easy. For this trophy you need to dual hook any vehicle to the main vehicle you will be driving. The vehicle that is attached to yours has to hit an enemy and kill him, you have to do this five times to get the trophy. You don’t need to do it in one go which allows you to get a new vehicle if yours gets blown up.

    To dual hook 2 vehicles together you need to first aim at any one of them then press & hold the button, next move your aim onto the second vehicle and let go of . The two vehicles will now be attached via the grappling hook allowing you to pull one behind you whilst driving.

    Now I recommend you find one of the small taxis that are being driven around Panau. As long as you find a bigger vehicle than that you will be able to drag it around pretty easily. It is basically a smaller car and therefore deals a lot more damage than a motorcycle or anything else smaller. I also recommend another method. You could try and get the vehicle in front of you & then ram it, this makes for easier kills and you can direct the car where you want more easily.

    This is a hard trophy to understand when reading it, so watch the following video for a different method & a lot more help (credit to Rooster Teeth):

  • Kill 5 enemies with the melee attack while they're suspended with the grappling hook.

    For this trophy you first need to know how to hang an enemy onto an object. To know how to do this just follow the method described above in the Hang 'em High trophy. The only difference here is that instead of killing the enemy by shooting him, you need to kill the enemy with a melee kill. When the enemy is hanging, walk up to him and constantly hit him with your whip by pressing the button. It will only take 3-5 hits to kill him depending on the enemy. If you are trying this on someone tougher than the usual soldier just soften them up with some gunfire before hitting them, 2 shots should do it. Do this 5 times and the trophy is yours. Also follow this video for more help (credit to MrUndercoverTuber):

  • Kill 30 enemies while they're falling through the air.

    To make an enemy fall through the air you need to pull him towards you by using the grappling hook. You can either do this from a standing position or by pulling the enemy down off of a roof. To pull an enemy towards you, you need to aim at the enemy and quickly tap the button. Now quickly whilst he is in the air pull out a gun and start shooting straight away. As you shoot him he will almost stay exactly where he is in the air and look like he is floating. Keep hold of the shooting button until the enemy dies and the words ‘Juggler kill’ come up at the top of the screen. This will confirm you killed the enemy whilst he was in the air.

    I recommend using any machine gun/assault rifle for this. The bullets will fly out alot faster allowing you to keep an enemy up more easily & for a longer period of time, this helps if you are shooting a more tougher enemy who has more health.

  • Kill 30 enemies by mowing them down with vehicles.

    Mowing down an enemy simply means running them over. I would stick to the normal land vehicle to attempt this trophy i.e. a car/motorcycle/tank etc., although it does work if you are driving a boat. First you may need to get some heat in order for the enemies to come after you so just blow something up or start shooting at some enemies.

    When you are being shot at hop into a vehicle and go crazy. If there is an enemy in front of you head straight for him at full pelt and run him over. If you were successful in killing him you should see ‘Road Kill’ come up at the top of your screen. Just do this 30 times in total and the trophy is yours. I recommend you use a big vehicle for this, maybe a jeep, tank (if you can find one) or a fire engine.

    NOTE: This trophy isn't glitched but the kills are. Sometimes when I killed an enemy by running him over it didn’t register so keep at it and you will get it eventually.

  • Kill 50 enemies with headshots.

    This is a very simple trophy. All you need to do is kill an enemy with a headshot 50 times. It doesn’t matter which gun you use, although for the tougher enemies you may want to use an assault rifle as it does more damage.
    To aim your gun simply pull it out by shooting straight away with the button or you could press or on the d-pad to select a weapon. Then just move your crosshairs onto the enemies head and press to fire. You will know if the headshot was successful because there is a counter that pops up at the top of the screen every time you get a headshot.

  • Kill 20 enemies in 60 seconds.

    Another simple trophy that can be obtained easily. Once again any weapons will count for this, I will recommend machine guns because they will take an enemies health away much faster which allows you to move on killing as many as you can in the shortest amount of time. Also Normal soldiers; elites; colonels & maybe bosses count for this so just shoot anyone you see.

    There are a few good situations where you can get this trophy:

    1. When doing stronghold takeovers – As you go through a base trying to kill the current occupiers there will be alot of enemies. Try to find a mounted gun and detach it to carry it with you (do this by pressing then just keep hold of and shoot anyone in sight. Also at the end of the takeover when you need to protect the technician there will be a final surge of enemies, sometimes there are more than 20 to kill & sometimes there is a mounted gun nearby so use that.

    2. During agency mission 3 – In the last part of this mission you will be in a small temple area carrying a Gatling gun. You have to go on the specific path following Sheldon & at every turn there will be some more enemies to kill. Just unload on them and continue to the next turn. You may want to memorize the path you need to take & restart this part of the mission, that way you will be able to get to the enemies faster.

    Look for '## number of enemies killed in the last 10 seconds' to come up on your screen, this gives you a good idea of how many more you need within the remaining time limit.

    Alternatively you could go and try the following mission, thanks to witteijsbeer for reminding me of the mission name:

    In the very south of the Island there is a faction mission called Holy Smoke for the Ular Boys. The objective for this mission is to protect a small temple containing Optium. You will near a small temple where the enemies will attack you in waves. The waves contain a lot of enemies, the harder the difficulty the more the enemies so if you are on hardcore difficulty it would be ideal. As the waves attack you simply throw grenades/C4 or just shoot at them. You should easily be able to rack up 20 kills within 60 seconds.

  • Kill 50 enemies in a row with inventory weapons without losing health.

    For some reason the requirements for this trophy are glitched. When going for this I was shot a lot of times and almost died on a few occasions but I still managed to get it. There are a few things I still recommend:

    1. Use Assault Rifles Or Sub-Machine Guns – They will kill the enemies faster and easier meaning there is less risk of you being shot first. And aim for the head, this will see the enemy lose health much quicker.

    2. Don't Be Afraid To Hide – If you are being shot then quickly move away and hide behind a building or some other form of cover, this just allows you to regenerate your health.

    3. Know Where The Health Packs Are – As long as you know where one or a few are located then you can stand near them. Then if there is any risk of you dying or if you are badly wounded you can easily pick one up and get full health back again.

    There is one easy way to know if your chain of invincible kills is still going or if it has been broken. Every 5 kills you will get a notification at the top of your screen, for example it may say 'Perfect Combo: 5' then as you go on it will say 'Perfect Combo: 30' etc. Just get to 'Perfect Combo: 50' & the trophy is yours.

    For further help watch the video below (credit to gehirnkuchen):

    You could also try a few of the tips below, thank you to Savenger for the tips on how to get the 'Invincible Warrior' trophy.

    General Tips: Find a small base away from any main roads. Bring an assault rifle or sniper rifle. Find a spot overlooking the soldiers in the base, the further away the better. Making sure to stay in cover, pick them off one by one.

    Once they are all dead, using your grapple and chute move a couple of hundred meters away from the base. When you head back to your sniper spot, the base should have been topped up with respawned soldiers. Repeat until you hit the 50 kills required. Keep your head down and it should come easily.

  • Destroy 30 objects in 60 seconds.

    There are many destroyable objects in this game that count towards this trophy, things such as: Lamp posts, cars, boxes, gas pumps, fuel depots, barrels, statues etc.

    Just destroy as many of them as you can in the shortest amount of time, you should then get the required amount within 60 seconds. Here are two places where you can get this:

    During Mission 1 – When you pick up the second memory card there is an AA gun right next to it. Enter the gun and shoot at everything you see.

    During Mission 3 – You will be walking around a temple with a Gatling gun. There are a lot of small pillars here, all are breakable & all count towards this trophy so just shoot all the ones you can see and you will most certainly destroy 30 objects in 60 seconds.

  • Drive 30 different vehicles.

    For this trophy you need to only drive 30 different vehicles in the game. Actually you don't even have to drive them anywhere, entering the car will register it as being 'driven'. Any vehicle counts for this, please see the Trying Anything Once trophy below for a lot more information.

  • Drive all 104 vehicles.

    The amount of vehicles in the game total 104 and for this trophy you need to have driven/entered every one of them. All the different types of vehicles count towards this trophy, these are:

    - Cars
    - Planes
    - Helicopters
    - Motorcycles/Quad Bikes
    - Boats

    Most of the vehicles are more common than others & will show up regularly, some are rare and will require you to go to its specific location in order to find them. When you enter a vehicle that you have not entered before you will see 'Unique Vehicles Driven' come up on your screen with the new number that you are currently on. To see any vehicles you have/have not driven open up your PDA, then press and scroll down to 'vehicles'. The ones that are ticked off have been entered the others have not.

    Any vehicle DLC that is available for this game also counts towards this trophy.

    Also take a look at this great thread, all credit goes to ZOLANTON:

    Vehicle Thread

  • Travel 75 kilometers by land vehicle.

    The description explains this one easily & you will most likely get this from just playing the game through normally. Any land vehicle counts towards the number of km’s driven (cars, tanks, jeeps, motorcycles etc). When you reach a certain number of km’s you will see a small notice at the top of the screen. Alternatively you can open your PDA, press & go into statistics, you can see how far you have driven in here.

  • Hijack 50 enemy vehicles.

    To perform a Hijack you need to take over an enemy vehicle whilst they are still driving it. Any enemy vehicle except motorcycles counts towards this trophy (cars, jeeps, boats & helicopters).

    The best way to start a hijack is to grapple onto the enemy vehicle, just do this by aiming at the vehicle and tapping . Follow these tips to know how to hijack different vehicles:

    Cars – When on the roof you need to take care of all the enemy passengers, just aim at them as they pop out of the vehicle until only the driver is left. Now press to begin the hijack.

    Boats – Normally there is a machine gunner on the boat, first pull him off by aiming at him and tapping , when he is off aim at the boat and tap again to pull yourself onto it. Press to start the hijack

    Helicopters– Grapple onto the helicopter to pull yourself towards it. You now need to manoeuvre yourself onto the nose of the helicopter, do this by moving the . Once again to start the hijack you need to kill any passengers & then press .

    After pressing there will be a short QTE where you need to press any of the four controller buttons (,,,). There are only 3 you need to press and they are random everytime. Do this 50 times and you will get the trophy.

  • Get 100 stunt driver points.

    You will get given stunt driver points for doing crazy things in the vehicle you are driving. I have managed to get points in all vehicles except planes & boats (although I think boats are possible). There are a few ways to get the points, they are:

    Driving Off Of Edges/Spinning Out Of Control – This can be random points. If you ever happen to fall off of an edge or happen to crash pretty hard & spin out of control then you may get some points.

    Ramps – There are alot of ramps scattered around villages and towns in Panau. Simply drive up to a ramp with alot of speed and fly off, you will get a different amount of points depending on how good the jump/stunt was.

    Driving At Speed – This is definitely the easiest and quickest way to get 100 points. All you have to do is get into a fast vehicle, find a straight road such as a highway & drive as fast as you can. When you reach top speed you will start to earn stunt driver points almost every 5 seconds.

    You will see a notification at the top of the screen everytime you earn a stunt driver point. Just a small extra bit of info, my two vehicle recommendations when attempting this:

    Car – Civadier 999 Cabriolet, this can be found in the Panauan Capital.

    Bike – Hamaya Cougar 600, this can usually be found all over Panau.

  • Reach 50% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.

    Please see the Perfectionist trophy for more information.

  • Open the parachute and then land on foot 300 above the starting height.

    What you need to do here is simple. You need to be on foot, open your parachute & you need to of travelled 300 metres high before you put your feet back on the ground again. To start you need to tap at a point in front of you to grapple forward, as your moving forward press to open up the parachute now don't touch the floor.

    To climb higher you simply need to keep grappling points above & in front of you. When you are sure you have travelled over 300 metres you can get close to the ground and press to close the parachute. You will see a notification at the top of your screen that may say 'Parachute Climb: 271 metres' for example, just make sure it says 300 or more and the trophy is yours.

    Here is a video to help you (credit to Rooster Teeth):

  • Base jump 1000 meters.

    To perform a base jump you need to be standing near the edge of something and jump off. You need to make sure you are at a high enough point and make sure there is nothing below you that you can land on and die.

    There are probably a number of different places to do this but the most common is located at the mile high club, its co-ordinates are; X: 29584 Y: 11435. You need to stand on one of the two blimps & jump off. Make sure you actually press to jump off, DON’T JUST RUN STRAIGHT OFF OF THE EDGE. For every 50 meters you fall you will see a notification at the top of the screen you need to wait until you see it show 1000 meters.

  • Pass under 30 unique bridges in Panau.

    There are over 30 bridges located all over Panau, all are unique and therefore count towards this trophy. Any plane can be used to attempt this trophy. If you are near a bridge without a plane then you can always by the one off of the black market.

    Look for a notification when you pass under a bridge, it will say ‘Bridge Limbo’. This will let you know that you haven’t passed under that bridge before, if you don’t see the notification it means you have already flown under it.

  • Fly an airplane close to the ground for 30 seconds.

    This can be quite a frustrating trophy to obtain. You need to fly a plane close to the ground (land) for 30 seconds or more, flying over deep water doesn't count. I recommend you find a beach with a long straight strip of land, this means you won’t need to turn much and will definitely decrease the chances of you crashing.

    My recommended vehicle for attempting this is the Peek Airhawk 225, its known spawn points are; X: 9499 Y: 5717 and X: 6569 Y: 25971.

    If you need more help then follow this video below (credit to strightjoebob):

  • Reach 75% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.

    This trophy is definitely the most time consuming to achieve in Just Cause 2. You will need to get 75% overall completion in the game. You can get this whilst in the normal game mode when you still haven’t completed the story or during mercenary mode. Mercenary mode is unlocked after the main game is completed and is just a free-roam mode allowing you to go for 100%, even though only 75% is needed for this trophy.

    Almost everything you do will add to the overall percentage completion, please check the list below for an approximation of what things are towards the percentage.

    This following list was written by rrushn of XBA.org and is used here with his permission:

    - Challenges add 0.10%
    - Completing locations to 100% adds 0.03%
    - Finding faction items adds 0.03%
    - Resource crates add 0.01%
    - Destroying military objects adds 0.005%
    - Killing colonels adds 0.14%

    Just do as many of these as you can as well as completing any leftover faction missions to get to the 75% much quicker. Unfortunately it is not known how much percentage the faction missions count for.

    TIP: I recommend you complete as many locations to 100% as you can, mainly focusing on military bases. With the big amount of resource items to collect as well as a lot of sabotages to do you should rack up a lot of % in no time.

  • Stand on foot at the highest point of Panau.

    This trophy requires you to stand on top of the highest point in the whole game. The point is located high in the snowy mountains so the easiest and quickest way to get there is by flying a plane or a helicopter. If you are ever struggling to find something to fly then just take over one stronghold for one of the factions. Once you have done this there will be helipads in the newly acquired base with helicopters parked there, alternatively you could just buy a helicopter from the black market when you have unlocked it.

    For the location of the place you need to get to follow the video below (credit to GameGuideCentral.com):

    TIP: If you are not quite sure if you have found the correct area just look for the pattern of the trees. Also look for a shiny object in between the trees, this will be an Ancestral Skull which is a collectible for the Ular Boys.


Secret trophies

  • Earned all Just Cause 2 Trophies.

    Simply obtain all of the other trophies in the game to unlock this platinum trophy.

  • Complete story mission 1 on any difficulty.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. You need to complete the first story mission in the game to unlock it.

    Part 1:In this mission there are 5 memory cards that you need to collect, go through following the objectives until you find the last one on a bridge. Be careful when going for this one (#5) because there are two turrets located on the opposite side of the bridge and will shoot you on site. Just try to get a headshot on the two enemies here before proceeding out into the open and picking up the card.

    Part 2: Your next objective is to destroy the two SAM’s in order for you to be able to get picked up in the helicopter, kill any enemies in site and walk between the two SAM’s, at the back will be a weapons cache that contains C4. Aim at each SAM individually and press to throw some C4, now move away to a safe distance to detonate the C4 by pressing and holding . All you need to do now is survive until the helicopter arrives, when it does grapple onto it by pressing & this will end the mission.

  • Complete story mission 2 on any difficulty.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. You need to complete the second story mission in the game to unlock it. This mission is basically in two parts and is played straight after mission 1.

    Part 1: There are 3 main objectives to do in this part. Firstly you will need to kill the targeted enemy, he is tougher than your usual enemies so just equip a heavier gun and toss grenades at him. Secondly you will need to climb to the top of each tower where bombs have been set. Simply kill the enemies up here and head to each explosive. You now need to defuse them, to do this you need to press the buttons in the correct order, this is very simple and you get alot of time to do this so take your time. Lastly you need to head down the hole in the roof on the middle walkway to meet your contact, this will begin a cut-scene.

    Part 2: Follow your instructions on how to dual hook a car to another car, do this and free the orange car from underneath the debris. Now jump onto the roof by pressing to begin the hard part. Your objective is to keep the car intact as it speeds on the road to escape. There will be plenty of enemy vehicles chasing you and shooting at you. The best way to complete this section is to hijack each enemy vehicle as it comes towards you. Grapple to the roof of the enemy car and shoot each passenger inside, now press to begin the hijack. You need to press the correct buttons in the sequence, there are only 3-4 buttons so this is pretty easy. You will get the trophy at the end of this section.

  • Complete story mission 3 on any difficulty.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. You need to complete the third story mission in the game to unlock it.

    Part 1: You have to make your way to the gambling den to save someone from being executed. Once here you need to take down the 3 snipers in the tall buildings overlooking the central area of the den. After you do this go to the sniper that was holding the walkie talkie and interact with it, pick up the sniper rifle in the case here. Look down into the central area and shoot the enemy escorting the prisoner, quickly make your way down towards the prisoner to protect him and begin the escape. Simply follow him and shoot any enemies you see, once you reach the bikes part 2 will begin.

    Part 2: Get on the bike and follow Pang all the way to your next destination. Just be careful at the midway point as there will be an ambush of about 5 enemies. Just kill these and continue on your way.

    Part 3: When you arrive Pang will leave you on your own. You will be at a small enemy camp and your objective here is to collect a small dead drop from inside this camp. There are alot of enemies here including a commander (I think it was) who has alot of health and is located right next to the dead drop. Simply kill all the enemies here & approach the dead drop, this will trigger a small cut-scene. After the cut-scene an enemy helicopter will be on route, when it gets to your location you need to hijack. Once hijacked fly the helicopter to your final destination, there is a beacon here and you will be required to land the helicopter and approach the beacon.

    Part 4: After the cut-scene has finished you will be standing with a big Gatling gun and a new contact. All you need to do is follow your contact killing every enemy that gets in your way. Just keep hold of the Gatling gun to disperse the enemies much more easily and quickly. This section should be done in about 5 minutes, after this is completed the mission will end and you will get the trophy.

    PLEASE NOTE: Part 4 in this mission is a very good place to get the ‘Destruction Frenzy’ trophy & the ‘Killing Frenzy’ trophy. Please see both of those trophy descriptions for more information.

  • Complete story mission 4 on any difficulty.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. You need to complete the fourth story mission in the game to unlock it. This is not a hard mission by a long shot, but on hardcore difficulty it can be a real pain, see below for a few bits of info on the mission.

    Part 1: When you start off you will be right next to a helicopter, enter this helicopter and take off. You are required to fly to a military base not far from your current position. When you arrive be very careful because there are a few SAM’s that will shoot you down on site.

    Part 2: When you are in the base your next objective is to destroy 4 enemy fan stations, one is near the entrance, one is to the right and the other 2 are a little way up in the mountains. To destroy the fans simply detonate some C4 on them and shoot them until they explode. Once you have destroyed the last fan go to the new objective marker which is located back near the entrance of the base.

    Part 3: When you arrive at your objective a small cut-scene will play showing you 3 enemy Ninjas, you now need to kill them to continue. Just whip out a machine gun and keep hold of the button, alternatively you can aim for headshots as this gets their life down very quickly. Once they have been taken care of head to the control panel to open the door and begin another cut-scene.

    Part 4: Your final objective is to chase down & hijack the car who has taken an ally called Jade Tan. There are actually 3 cars altogether, I got rid of the other two first to make sure they wouldn’t shoot me when going for the main car, I think this is optional. Make your way to the 3 cars quickly by using the parachute & the grappling hook. The car that’s marked will be the one you need to hijack so just do what you want here to hijack it, once you are successful another cut-scene will play and the mission will finish.

  • Complete story mission 5 on any difficulty.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. You need to complete the fifth story mission in the game to unlock it.

    Part 1: Continue to sky dive for a little while and then open up your parachute, try to float towards your first objective marker on top of one of the roofs. When here after the cut-scene has finished you will have to kill the first of 3 bosses, this is the Chinese boss (Zhang Sun). I recommend you hide behind the small counter to the right & keep strafing from left to right keeping away from the C4 being thrown at you. Poke out every now and then & aim for a headshot to get his life down alot easier.

    Part 2: After the cut-scene grapple onto the helicopter which will take you to the second rooftop, once again land on the roof and wait for another cut-scene which shows you the Russian (Alexander Mirkov) who is the second boss. Hide behind a wall on the right or left hand side to avoid his shots from the mounted machine gun. When Sheldon distracts him and he turns to the side he leaves his head open, so just keep shooting at his head until you finish him off.

    Part 3: After the cut-scene parachute to your final rooftop. When you land you need to make your way down the set of stairs taking care of any enemies. When on the new floor you need to blow the two doors up, just use some C4. A cut-scene will play and will show you the Japanese man (Masaio Washio) who is your final boss. This is the easiest boss because he is constantly moving and comes up close to you. Once again headshots are the easiest option here for you although running and gunning works perfectly well.

    Kill him and that ends the mission and you will earn the trophy.

  • Complete story mission 6 on any difficulty.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. You need to complete the sixth story mission in the game to unlock it. This is quite a long mission with alot of enemies & will get frustrating if you are on the hardest difficulty. If you take your time & run past alot of the enemies then this will make it easy.

    Part 1: When the mission starts you will need to choose a faction to help you in this mission, choose the Roaches, Ular Boys or Reapers. Don’t worry, the faction missions/stronghold takeovers won’t disappear for whoever you choose. After you choose your faction & the cut-scenes have finished you will be in an enemy base.

    Part 2: Whilst in this base you need to follow all of the objective markers & kill any enemies that get in your way. Whichever faction you choose will do most of the work for you, so just stay behind them and try not to die. You will eventually come to a cut-scene where a tank like vehicle bursts through a wall, unfortunately this is where the people of your faction will die.

    Part 3: This is now the frustrating bit, you need to go to 3 AA guns and blow them up. There are alot of enemies near the 3 guns and will do anything to stop you, here is what I done:

    Go to the first AA gun & climb up the hill behind it. This will keep you out of the enemies’ firing line which means you have more of a chance to stay alive. Throw 2 C4 sticks on to the gun and detonate them.

    Once the gun is blown up the faction who is with you on this mission will drop in a technician to override its controls. Just stay with the technician killing any enemies that shoot at him until you are told to move on to the next gun.

    Do the same methods for guns 2 & 3
    You will then be told to go a final control panel located near a big bunker like door. Interact with the control panel to open this door and go inside.

    Part 4: Once inside the big door make your way directly across the room to an objective marker at the ‘personal quarters’, a cut-scene will now play. After the cut-scene there are two different methods you can do:

    1. Shoot down the enemy helicopter as quickly as you can, I recommend you have the assault rifle fully upgraded at this point to help deal alot more damage. Then go all the way down to the bottom taking care of any enemies as you go & interact with another control panel.

    2. Try and be as lucky as you can and heads straight down to the bottom ignoring all enemies and interact with the control panel.

    With whatever method you choose you need to use the control panel. Here you will need to press the buttons in the correct order that they are in, this is random. Once all of this is done just make your way to the final objective marker which is the exit & which will end the mission.

  • Complete story mission 7 on any difficulty.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. You need to complete the seventh and last story mission in the game to unlock it.

    Part 1: You need to make your way to the oil field, the fastest way to get there is to use the helicopter nearby, it is located behind and can easily be missed. When you arrive at the oil field your objective marker will slightly change & you will be directed onto the submarine in the water. Be careful when approaching because there are SAMs on board and will try to shoot you down.

    Part 2: You need to land on the submarine and hack the control panel near the doors. Again you will have to be careful because there are a small number of enemies on the deck. I recommend you shoot them & then hack the panel when the coast is clear. Enter the doors and a cut-scene will begin.

    Part 3: This is a boss battle and to be honest for the main boss in the game it’s a pretty easy one. Here are my tips for successfully defeating the boss:

    Stay at the back of the room using either the box to the left or right for cover. When the rockets come towards you move to the clear side of the box, there are about 5 rockets in total.

    When the last rocket misses you, quickly poke out and get a couple of headshots on the boss. To deal the most damage I recommend you use the assault rifle & preferably have it fully upgraded. Just keep doing this method until all his life is gone.

    In this section take note of the ammo and health boxes located to the left and right of the room. There are also ninjas that will walk towards you and attack you, just run & gun against these enemies to knock them back, slow them down or kill them.

    Part 4: After the cut-scene you will see 4 rockets, your objective is to disarm all 4 of these. Jump to each rocket by pressing , once on a rocket press to begin the disarm. All you need to do is press the correct buttons in the sequence. The boss is also on a rocket located in front of you, just shoot at him to momentarily distract him which will give you a short amount of time to defuse each rocket.Once the last rocket is defused a cut-scene will begin, the mission will be completed & so will the game.

    If you completed the game on hardcore you will unlock the ‘Top Agent’, ‘Heroic Agent’ & ‘Legendary Agent’ trophies. But you’re not finished yet, after completing this final mission & therefore the game you will unlock ‘Mercenary Mode’, please see the ‘Perfectionist’ trophy below for more information.

  • Bonus for completing the game on Normal difficulty.

    Simply finish the game in the normal difficulty mode & this trophy will unlock in the game credits.

  • Bonus for completing the game on Experienced difficulty.

    Simply finish the game in the Experienced difficulty mode & this trophy will unlock during the game credits. If you jumped straight into this difficulty then you will also unlock the Top Agent trophy.

  • Bonus for completing the game on Hardcore difficulty.

    This is the 3rd difficulty trophy in the game. To achieve this you need to complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting which is called Hardcore. The enemies are much tougher in this difficulty than in the lesser difficulties & you will lose a lot more health when you get shot, so always try to regenerate health by running away when injured or pick up health packs as often as you can. I also recommend you try and fully upgrade some of the weapons in the black market, they will become more powerful and will help dispose enemies quicker.

    If you decided to play on hardcore straight away then completing the game on this difficulty will also net you the Top Agent & Heroic Agent trophies.

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