For Medicinal Purposes Trophy in Jurassic Park: Episode 2: The Cavalry

  • For Medicinal Purposes


    Help Nima treat her wound.

    How to unlock For Medicinal Purposes

    Replay Scenario: #3 - Jungle Hike

    For this trophy, you must simply help Nima treat her wound that she received from Jurassic Park: Episode 1 - The Intruder. During the campfire break in scenario #3 - Jungle Hike, you've got to ask her if you can take care of her wound as the father, Gerry. Although, Nima will turn you down very quickly. She'll ask his daughter, Jess, to go find her some berries in the jungle to help her wound. Below are the steps in order to find the berries:

    (At the very start of the Scenario)

    • Press button to switch to Jess's father
    • Press and [hold] button to open up the Dialogue wheel
    • Dialogue: Wound. (Nima)
    • Press button to switch back to Jess
    • Move button all the way towards the right screen to see interact buttons
    • Press button to get the berries for Nima's wound

    If you wish you can simply refer to the walkthrough.

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