• Estimated trophy difficulty: TBA (My personal rating: 2.5/10) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline (breakdown): 19 (17 , 2 )
  • Online (breakdown): None
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-10 hours (With guide) (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1, if you follow guide from the beginning.
  • Number of missable trophies: None, because there is Chapter select.
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Extra accessories needed: You will need 2 PS3 controllers for Together Forever.


Welcome to the trophy guide and road map to Juju. A fun little PSN platformer that was released in December 2014. In this game an inquisitive young pink panda and his dinosaur friend secretly follow their panda tribal leader and end up inadvertently causing the release of all the naughty spirits into the world. Leading to 4 worlds of adventures and variety! Note that you will only be able to play as the pink panda character, as the dinosaur is the character for a second human player in local co-op. The game is of an average length for a PSN title and following the guide for the collectables from the beginning, will get you to 100% in about 6-10 hours.

Without further ado, lets start!

Step 1 - Play through Story Mode, getting some miscellaneous trophies along the way.

There are 4 worlds, followed by 1 final world with just the final boss. Playing through story mode naturally earns you Bad Froggy , Does.Not.Compute.Bzzz. , Twenty Thousand Leagues , Cookie Monstah and Happily ever after .

By defeating the bosses you will automatically unlock new skills, granting you New horizons and eventually You've got the power! .

You will also be very likely to earn A good start , Explorer , How's that even possible? , Can't touch this and 3 birds with one stone through playing through the levels.

Getting enough amber (3 coins in the results screen), as well as getting all the amber and coins in the teleporter mini-games (3 coins by the teleporter icon in the results) in each non-boss level will earn you Done and done as well as Explorer and 6th sense for finding all the coins, 1 secret teleport and all of the secret teleports respectively.

Be sure to check each non-story related trophy as a lot of trophies can be earned by playing and replaying level 1 of world 1.

Step 2 - Bonus levels and cleaning up remaining trophies.

Once the story is completed, presuming you have followed this guide's video playlist for the teleporters and got 3 coins from collecting enough amber in each non-boss level, then you will unlock the 4 bonus levels to work on. Earning you Pure skills and Ultimate skills

You can also replay the first level of World 1 with 2 controllers to get Together Forever

If you missed Dirty Dancing then you can get it by replaying the first boss battle against the frog and his minions on World 1.

[PST Would Like To Thank SSJ4_Haruhi for this Road Map]

Juju Trophy Guide

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19 trophies ( 17  8  )

  • Complete a level in co-op.

    You don't actually need to have a second player for an entire level to get this trophy. You can just add a second player right before reaching the end of the level and still earn this trophy once the level is completed.

    Thank you to Tiberius for confirming this.

  • Gather all Coins on one level.

    You can earn this easily and without any fuss in level 1 of world 1.

    Coin wise, you only need to get 3 Coins from collecting enough amber in a level. The game never tells you how much amber you need each level but as you'll be getting amber from the teleporter mini-games as well, then you should always have enough.

  • Gather every Coin in the game.

    To earn every Coin in the game, you will need 3 coins from earning enough amber in each level, as well as 3 Coins from getting all the amber and collecting the gold Coin that appears in each of the 3 teleporter mini-games.

    See the 6th sense trophy for a link to a full 100% video walkthrough playlist showing all of the teleporters in the game.

  • Unlock a new skill.

    You will unlock you first skill in level 5 of world 1 against your first boss battle with Frobos the frog. For boss tips, see the specific boss trophies further on in the guide.

  • Unlock all skills.

    There are 4 unlockable abilities that you can earn, all from the first boss encounters in each world.

    The abilities are (and as they have no actual names I'm just saying what they are):

    • Wings - Allows you to hover around for 2 flaps and lets you take longer jumps.
    • Ground slam - Jump once or twice and then press down on the to slam on top of enemies. Also handy for some light puzzle situations.
    • Swimming underwater - Anywhere with water can now be dived into and swum in by pressing down whilst in the water.
    • Candy throw - Use to throw candy balls. These are good at long and close range against enemies and can destroy hard candy, flip switches, and can be thrown in to tight spots where there is amber.
  • Find a secret teleport.

    Just through naturally exploring you will likely earn this on level 1 of world 1. You will know when you see a teleporter as they have an aqua blue door with a vortex inside.

  • Find all secret teleports.

    There are 3 teleporters in each non-boss level, excluding bonus levels.

    You have to get all the amber and the gold coin in one go to earn the gold Coin, or if you fail the teleporter game, die before reaching the next checkpoint to attempt the teleporter again once you reach it. Thanks to Zongorillacska for that tip. For the purposes of this trophy you only need to enter each one and play the mini-game but if you plan to only play through this game once and get all the Coins, then you will want to aim to get each teleporter coin.

    Here is a complete 100% video walkthrough playlist of Juju, with boss levels removed as they have no collectibles, showing you where each teleporter is. I have the videos listed in the correct level order but I have used a video from Dark Adonis who plays more than one level in a video, in his video he has put the wrong level title so in this case just read my note beneath the video on the main playlist page: LINK. As a precautionary measure I have written a teleporter location guide from the videos in the playlist, in-case the videos get removed in the future for whatever reason.

    For a written teleporter guide, please click this link for a Google Document I made: LINK

  • Complete any level without losing a heart.

    If you watch where you are going then you will very likely earn this on level 1 of world 1.

  • Complete any level without collecting an amber.

    This can be tricky so again, level 1 of world 1 is the best level for the job.

    Plagueis Xboxlivefr's video should really help you out, just be sure to do everything he does. Do not dash () into or jump onto any enemies as that will add to your amber amount:

  • Hit 3 enemies with one dash.

    There are multiple chances to get this trophy, with the earliest being on level 2 of world 1. You will come to a group of 2 sets of 3 frogs so wait until they're all on the ground and press in their direction. Thankfully if you fail the first set of 3, you have the other:

    There is also the chance to earn the Dirty Dancing trophy at this point with either 1 or 2 controllers. For one player, make the first 3 frogs dance and then rush to the next set of frogs. For two players have one character near the first set of 3 frogs and your partner near the second set of 3 frogs. Then both press so you get 4 of them dancing. Thank you to Naps and Figma for discovering this.

  • Make 4 enemies dance at once.

    This is achievable in the first of the two boss battles against Frobos the frog.

    After evading his tongue, climb up it and hit him with , the first time he summon just 2 frogs so defeat them and hit his tongue again. He will then move and summon 4 frog minions. Get them all close enough and use your move to get them all dancing at once:

    Or you can earn this trophy in the area you earn/earned 3 birds with one stone. Check my details in the 3 birds with one stone description for more details.


Secret trophies

  • Defeat Frobos and collect his key part.

    Each boss in this game comes in 2 parts. One part is a few levels in to a world and the other is the last level in the world. Each boss trophy unlocks when you defeat them for the second time.

    For Frobos' first battle, you will want to avoid being licked into his mouth. You know when he is about to shoot out his tongue as his back will glow yellow. Once avoided, climb his tongue and hit him with . He will summon 2 frogs you can either jump on or dash into. You can also collect all the mini hearts to add a heart back to your life.

    Once they're done, he will shoot out his tongue again, climb up and hit him again. Last of all he'll summon 4 frogs (if you haven't got Dirty Dancing yet then now is the moment to get it so get those frogs dancing with for that trophy) and Frobos will shoot his tongue out once more, only for it to be caught by a mechanical hand which brings a hammer down on him.

    You'll earn the Wings ability (which unlocks New horizons):

    Second time round, Frobos will be slightly more challenging. Always stay on the opposite platform to him, avoiding the 2 bees nearby, as he tries to get you with his tongue. Doing so he'll eat up a bee and get hurt. Do this again, which will hurt him and he'll jump into the background trying to suck you into his mouth. Stay as far away from the centre of the screen as possible to withstand it.

    Again go to an opposite platform and he'll open up a beehive and 3 bees. Once he eats 1 bee he'll try to suck you in again. He will do this again after eating the second bee. After eating the final 3rd bee he'll revert back into a normal sized frog and away into the river, leaving you with your first key part needed to seal all the enemies away:

  • Defeat Robos and collect his key part.

    For your first battle, jump when Robos slams or sways his arms to avoid damage. His slams lead a small fire trail so be careful to avoid them. When he gets out his electrical guns they will move towards you shooting one straight long line of electricity. Jump just as they come towards you and again as they move back. When the toy man in the vehicle comes out the robot, dash into the vehicle's glowing ball. Robos will then try to slam down on you with his spring bottom so run or dash out of the way.

    After that he'll twice do his arm slams and sways again, as well as twice using his electrical guns. Another toy man in a vehicle with a glowing ball comes out. This time jump on its top.

    Robos will then start spinning his arms round and round. His right arm is lower than his left so you'll have to jump each time his right hand comes round. After another slamming attempt he'll do his usual arm slams and sways, followed by his arm swings. Same rules apply. Avoid the electrical guns and one last vehicle pops out. Jump over it and attack its back to be done with your first Robos battle and earn the ground slam ability:

    Second time round, when Robos does his arm slams, jump on a hand and use your ground slam ability. He'll get confused and allow you to jump up to his battery pack and slam off a battery by its lever.

    He'll open up his arms and shoot out bombs on to the stage so keep away from them. After that he will shoot out a laser from the top of his antenna. To avoid it stay on either the furthest left or right of the stage. He then performs another arm slam, leaving him open for another battery removal. His laser then becomes a dual laser, so stick between the two lasers and follow them as they move. After another bomb shootout he'll do 2 single laser attacks, the ones from earlier. Following that, we get another bomb session followed by dual lasers and his final arm slam so ground slam his arm and the battery pack lever to earn this trophy and another key part!

  • Defeat Octobos and collect his key part.

    The first time round you want to ground slam on the left and right water taps. Doing so, Octobos will get out a straw and blow out water you can jump on for one of the higher two taps. Avoid the hungry piranhas that Octobos summons by jumping over them, they can't be avoided in the water. He will then blow through his straw again letting you ground slam the water tap you missed.

    You'll then be flushed down further into the stage, where you'll want to again ground slam the 2 ground level water taps, but this time avoiding the piranhas. Octobos then sucks in the water allowing you to get the water taps beneath the water. Repeat this process until each top water tap is completely removed. Then repeat solely for the remaining lower taps, still whilst avoiding the occasional piranhas.

    Once all the taps are removed you'll enter one final whirlpool and be on dry land, except Octobos is moving in the walls towards you. Slam on to his tentacles when he throws them at you 4 times and your first battle is complete and you'll earn the ability to swim underwater:

    For his second battle, swim up to the surface while dodging his tentacles. Once up on a platform, dodge the piranhas and avoid the sea crustaceans that come up to the platforms. Jump over to either the left or right plug and ground slam on it. Avoid another piranha wave and he'll press a red button to release a few airborne bombs that can be avoided either on ground level or by jumping into the sea. Avoid one last piranha wave and ground slam the remaining plug.

    You'll then be brought with the water to the next area where again you evade the airborne bombs. Now he'll shake a submarine that drops heat seeking missiles. Get them to hit his left and right grabbed tentacles to loosen his grip and initiate the final part.

    Once you've risen you will want to avoid the water blasts as you make your way to the surface. Avoid the piranhas as you simply ground slam each of the 2 plugs. This will make Octobos lift up some tentacles to prevent the netted bag of bombs dropping on him. From the sky a tribal statue will come down, use to get him to cause Octobos to lose his grip and turn back to an ordinary octopus. Earning you this trophy and your third key part:

  • Defeat Cobos and collect his key part.

    This boss isn't your normal style boss. You'll be using most of your abilities to run away from him. At the end you'll need him to spit out food at you so he hits a breakable wall that lets you get to a candy launcher which destroys him for you. You will earn your final unlockable skill of candy throwing and the You've got the power! trophy:

    Second time round, it is the same except you'll be using your candy throwing ability to destroy walls, jelly squares and angry gummybears!

    When you get to the last platform wait for Cobos to catch up. When he opens his mouth throw a candy ball in to hurt him. After doing it once jump to the next platform and do it twice more to destroy him and earn your final key part!

  • Defeat Calypso.

    Calypso the bat resides on the sole level of world 5. Jump up the steps and be prepared for a challenge. Like I mentioned already in the guide, you can set the game to easy by pressing down at a specific stage so the amber icon turns to yellow hearts. All trophies are still obtainable in this mode.

    As Calypso has a lot of stuff going on in his sole battle it will be easier to watch this video for tips and attacks:

    Once defeated, you and your dinosaur friend save your panda tribal leader and restore the worlds and their inhabitants back to normal, congratulations! If you have any bonus levels remaining then see Ultimate skills.

  • Complete one unlockable level.

    See Ultimate skills for more details.

  • Complete all unlockable levels.

    The first unlockable level will appear at the far top right of World 1 once you have earned the 3 coins from earning enough amber and 3 coins from earning all the amber and 3 gold coins in the teleporter mini-games in each non-boss level. Compared to the normal levels in this game, the bonus levels are slightly more challenging and require some precision and use of most of your unlocked skills. That said, thankfully they also have multiple checkpoints like the normal levels. Like I have mentioned before, if you fail so many times the game will ask you if you want to play the level in Easy mode. You can say yes and still earn the trophy.

    Still, here is a link to a video playlist of Plagueis Xboxlivefr's Youtube videos of the bonus levels if you are finding certain parts tricky: LINK

  • Collect more than 100% of ambers in any level.

    As you will be working towards getting 3 Coins from earning enough amber in each non-boss level, then this trophy will come naturally as you play. To be safe, it is worth while playing as many teleporter mini-games as you can for a lot of extra amber.

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