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  • Wonder


    Meet 10 or more unique travelers.

    How to unlock Wonder

    There are a maximum of two travelers (you and one other) at any given moment. If a traveler exits the online game, a new traveler might connect. Over enough time, you will eventually have met enough travelers to unlock this. It doesn't have to be on the same play-through. During the credits at the end, it will list the companions you met during that game. I had met eight travelers during my first online game, and early on my collectible run, this unlocked.

    If you want to do this while idle, you can always just put down the controller at the start of a chapter and walk away. A great chapter to "camp" is Sunken City, where travelers will replay several times to get those symbols and the Adventure trophy.

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  • Do they all have to be in the same Journey?
  • No, during my first playthrough I teamed up with 8 different people... and during my second playthrough, about 10 minutes in the trophy popped up.
  • I'm about halfway done with this trophy. I feel bad cause I keep leaving the other player...
  • the first time I played, I met four different people... second time I played, I met two, and got the Companion Thropy. ... and now I feel conflicted. On the one hand, I want this Trophy, and on the other the game is at its very best when you play with through it with the same person.
  • It was nice and easy :) First time I've met 6 different people. Next 4 I've met next time. It's a pity that some people don't want to co-op and have fun and just ignore you or leave... :( But I've met two very nice people. They helped me a lot! :D
  • i played my first run last night. and i had no clue about how to interact with other players. Is there any kind of written etiquette on how you should interact with other players. Also sorry if I snubbed you last night just trying to get a feel for the game.
  • i'm looking players for help
  • Any1 who wants to co-op the trophies pleass ping me on PSN: AnjeddiX. Thanks alot !
  • Need help with this one and other online trophies PSN: AllFatherFantasy
  • Add me pure__96
  • If anybody can help with this one, my ID is Valtekken173
  • If someone still have this game and need this trophy please add me: aron0306 I’m on GMT -03 (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • P.S.: don’t know if there is cross play but I have the PS3 version.
  • heh Journey players im looking to get these online trophies as well PSN is eccentricchris send a friend request with Journey in the message , also im on PS3
  • Im at last level waiting for players, Just need this trophy, If someone need help, call me on the id: felipe17072002
  • Im at last level waiting for players, Just need this trophy, If someone need help, call me on the id:

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