Companion Trophy in Journey

  • Companion


    Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the journey and return to the beginning.

    How to unlock Companion

    In order to unlock this trophy, you need to play at least the final two chapters (Snow and Sky) with the same partner, staying relatively close the entire time. There are benefits to touching each other, as it refills both your cape meters, in turn allowing more jump/hang time. You don't need to be touching for the entire chapters, but at least stay within a screen or two distance - the closer the better. The most important part is to complete each chapter at the same time (both of you should sit down in the glowing meditation circle at around the same time).

    As some people want to do their own thing, or simply leave the game in middle, you might want to get a boosting partner for this. You can find boosting partners here.

    "Glitch" warning: The PS3 trophy system can not unlock any trophies while you are syncing your trophies to Sony's servers. This applies to all games, as far as I know. As this trophy unlocks towards the end of the credits, some people have been syncing the trophies during this period, and unfortunately did not obtain Companion, Crossing and Rebirth as a result. Doing the requirements again, without syncing your trophies during credits next time, should unlock them.

    The chapters are:

    1. Portal
    2. Bridge
    3. Desert
    4. Sunken City
    5. Underground
    6. The Temple
    7. Snow
    8. Sky

    After you complete the game, you can use chapter select at anytime, by pressing followed by .

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  • Boosting imminent :)
  • Not so sure about boosting, since the devs said you don't know the name nor can you communicate with the players you work with.
  • You might still look at the "Players Met" section in your XrossMediaBar menu. I find that I can see PSN IDs there for players I have been in contact with during gameplay even when I have not seen their IDs in-game.
  • I think automechtech1's point was that you can't deliberately invite someone else into your game. There isn't an invite system.
  • Yeah, the people you meet are random. No invite system, no boosting
  • this game will put the XMB's 'players met' section to work lol
  • No way to boost or communicate with players to let them know your intention. You'll have to just follow someone and hope they stick with you for most of the game.
  • I think it'd be smart to come up with like an action that communicates that you want someone to follow you. Like maybe pressing O in front of someone means "Hey, lets do this together." If you figure it like this, everyone is at sqaure one really. This means everyone is probably looking for the same trophies. It would benefit everyone involved if there were signals for certain things.
  • was about to get this trophy and 10sec b4 we to get the start of game again the guy leaves ffs
  • I just started at the sliding sand level and played through the rest of the game. I was hitting O a lot to get my partners attention and show him the way and the hidden stuff.
  • its hard to know if the other player will continue with you or exit the game after 5 min :S
  • It's the point of the game actually, this uncertainty
  • This trophy would have been the "hard" one but thanks to the HUB chapter select and the fact you can do it by only completing the final 2 stages makes it much more doable. I really enjoy the "blind date" style of the multiplayer and thanks to this I still like it, if you would need the same companion for the whole game it would have been a tricky one.
  • It's so annoying though when someone seems to be a good companion for most of the game, but then in the last area in the sky suddenly disappears on you. Waiting at the end for them to show up, in my case, didn't seem to amend this..
  • started a new journey 2 times now, went to snow level, played with same companion until the end. no trophy....?
  • I got lucky. Got this on my first playthrough. :) He/She helped me a lot with everything (Even sacrificed her/himself for me once ;___; ) But well. Just play the game in one session and "communicate" with the other traveler. The first thing I did when I met him/her was to sit down and meditate, he/she knew exactly what I wanted (the trophy), and helped me with that and the other trophies as well. Hope you all meet someone like that! ^_^ (GREAT GAME!!)
  • It's easy to achieve. I played 4 times and finished Journey 3 times with the same partner. It's easy because the game is not long. The greatest thing is that there is something fascinating when you can't communicate and the other person shows you secrets and stuff in the game. It's just awesome
  • this is not hard at all. i played the game twice and both times people tagged along for the whole trip. i was pleasantly surprised by how helpful players are in this game. the ones i met showed me every hidden secret :)
  • It was a pain at first but afterwards I havent felt more pleasure getting a trophy before or since. My partner was a true companion indeed. They even traced a heart in the snow to show their appreciation. :)
  • Loved this game and even though this trophy can be a pain it's still awesome :)
  • didnt get it. linked up with another white robe for the snow level and played the whole way to the end no trophy.
  • PSN: DelicaGunz add me for this trophy(subject line Journey). I'll travel from the beginning no glyphs or anything just travel. Sporting my white and gold robes.
  • The ppl, the gamers of Journey are just so... good :) I was lucky enough to travel with someone who literally gave me my 100% for this title. It was a blast! What a great 'game' indeed.
  • No trophy starting from the snow level. Good experience however...
  • Someone quit just before the end while I was with him/her the entire journey, no trophy for me.. :(
  • I would expect this to be quite hard, but I imagine the people playing this type of game would be willing to help out. I look forward to it.
  • I'm looking for co-op partner. my PSN ID is iroter
  • Finally got this today! Found someone who stuck with me through it :)
  • if anyone wanted to boost this just have you and your friend start a level and dash as far in one direction as you can you often get with the people in your area and if its not your friend then just wait tell the person who joined leaves. worked for me hope it helps!
  • Got this yesterday. Went all the way from bridge, to the end. It was my 3rd full play through. 1 for fun, 2 the guy just dissappeared on Sky. 3 times lucky.
  • I don't know how to get this. I finished the game with the same person I played with from the dark cavern section to the end. How do you begin again with the same person?
  • PSiD: DelicaGunz We can meet at the bridge and go on from there. Lets do this.
  • This is by far the most amazing gaming experience I've ever had. The game is so simple but complex at the same time. You get a companion who you cannot speak with, do not know of age, gender, nationality, preferences, political opinions, etc. but yet you still find yourself feeling so gratefull to someone who is a total stranger but you got to end up feeling close to. I was lucky to find an amazing partner who helped me get most of the trophies the very first time I played and now I feel like I must pass it forward and to the same for someone else. Truly, thatgamecompany, you did well!
  • Add me I need help plz...... Psn I d: GRIIVI-REAPER
  • IMPORTANT. Took me 3 times tries to get this starting from the snow level. IMPORTANT: You have to walk back to the gate at the VERY beginning of the snow level. It starts you part the "tunnel" where the gate is. If you want to get this starting from the snow level, you must back track into the tunnel and start from gate together.
  • Watching my wife play this with my daughter now. Can't wait to play :) solo looks fun so online should be a whole new journey
  • FINALLY found someone to complete this one with. Just before the end, the other person made half a heart in the snow. I completed the other half. Then we touched balls. It was magic.
  • This evening I lost for the third time my companion. It's the second time it happened during the last level. Just at the beginning I lose them, awful to complete the game alone again :(
  • I ALWAYS loose my companion after the Snow level?? WTF?
  • I must've been real lucky with this one. During my first play-through I met my first companion on the second level (Bridge), and stuck around with them all the way to the end of the game :)
  • I'm looking for a parthner for this trophy add me id:LooneyVas
  • This was THE BEST trophy to earn in the entire game. It's so heart breakingly sad when you lose your companion after having played through a few chapters together, so making it to the end of this game with that same player is that much sweeter. That Game Company needs to put out more titles like this.
  • Need help getting this trophy, tried 4 times already and I always lose the player when in the higher parts of the sky...PSN: DiamondDM13 and put Journey in the request so I know what it is about.
  • will be looking to get this soon :) add psn: tommm-1993x
  • Looking for someone to get this with if anyones still playing messege me Xx-GODxLIKE-xX
  • New platform and still getting fucked over. Done this twice with clearly the same person on ps4 and trophy didn't pop.
  • About as difficult as trying to communicate with a Puerto Rican in the next stall over that you need more toilet paper.
  • Looking for someone to boost with psn cyndreal give me a message if u what to get this done
  • Looking for help with this one. Th_Tuff_Stuff
  • Add me to get this one. We'll try to meet up Psn: SheeshaSmoker
  • Need help with this one. Psn Id: katila_ggs
  • Add me to try for this. Just had a guy in white quick just before the final 10 feet of the game!!! I will be in white start at the beginning of the Temple board.
  • PSN - DavidT_5
  • If you managed to get together to the summit (end of Snow) and be together at least for a while in the Sky, but get separated before you get to the end, proceed alone and just be patient and wait through the credits to roll and you will get trophies. Also, if you need a partner for "Companion", just restart the Snow level and one should usually appear at the beginning.
  • Finished the game 3 times starting from snow, each time game informed me I met only one guy, no trophy.
  • Man I'm stoked. I played this through for the first time last night and got this trophy. I didn't even know about it. I had the same player with me from the end of the sunken city and finished the game with them. Beautiful game by the way.
  • i need help with all co-op trophies PSN: X-destorshion
  • Still need this one, ad me: DJAtrum
  • i also neeed this add me: Grzen1u
  • I need this one. Add me: Superboy_84-
  • I can try to help you, Superboy, but your settings won't let me add you. My ID is madamebobo if you want to add me.
  • Need this one and Crossing... add me: SaintRaphael_IV
  • Need some help with all "companion" trophies. Add me with a "Journey Companion" message please? PSN ID = Petra_Kalbrain
  • Can someone help me with this trophy, unsure how ? PSN = ricgl838
  • Can anyone help me on this? PSN: zanzanegi
  • So I waited for like an hour for someone to show up at The Temple, finally someone did so we finished it together, but I didn't get the trophy? Is it beacause the other guy/girl jumped out during the credits or something? So frustrating...
  • Anyone wanna help me with companion trophy? Psn: primalintel94
  • Need help with please add PSN: BotchMayhem
  • This one is pissing me off now. 5 or 6 times now I've completed the tower and snow levels with another player. But they always seem to quit on sky level. Can't understand people playing together for 25 minutes only to quit on the ladt stsge which tskes 5. This is why I HATE online achievements.
  • Add me i need this on ps3 and on ps4
  • UPDATE only PS3 plx add me PSN: Grzen1u
  • I really need a partner I been trying to get crossing and companion trophy for a long time now.
  • For ps4 btw, I will help anyone as well add me and msg me journey so I will know april92cruz
  • Need a partner for this. Anyone out there looking for this as well? Ps4 Add PSN: Krayrelshris
  • Any1 who wants to co-op the trophies pleass ping me on PSN: AnjeddiX
  • Looking to boost this trophy and the 20 second meditation one. Shoot me a msg and we’ll he’ll each other out. PSN: Ctoala6474 * Do not msg me past July *
  • Looking for a boosting partner. PM me on here, I don't check my PSN messages (PSN is my username)
  • Can someone please help with this one? Psn is gamerzzz64
  • Also looking for a partner. Add me on PSN (Teognis).
  • I'm a new player if and looking to boost the Online trophies PSN is eccentricchris send me a friend request i'm available and answer messages..also im playing on PS3
  • What a dumb trophy in a game where you can’t even have a room. Glitched and really dumb honestly.
  • Looking for a partner for this on PS3, and PS4 PSN:Kevinbomb123
  • Trying to get this trophy on ps3. Psn: simpjkee
  • Looking for a partner to get this one and reflections. On ps4
  • Hit me up PSN: vexozap for boosting, still looking for a partner
  • I still need this.
    PSN: mttlxndr
  • Psn: royke08
  • Looking for some people for all the online trophies. PS3 PSN:Darkconsoul13
  • For the ps4
    Psn: Royke08
  • Psn: Dr strange
    All coop tropy
  • If someone needs help in this let me know on either ps3 and ps4 my ID DemonChris21
  • Because this site doesn't have edit or delete post feature i need to edit my post in primitive way 🙄 Again if someone needs help with this or other online trophies i can be happy to help on either ps3 or ps4 BUT online in this game is still very alive you can meet plenty random people in the Journey world so before you ask for help check few times if there are some random people in game FIRST because many people first ask for help and then they playing with randoms the suddenly met in game leaving me useless

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