Crossing Trophy in Journey

  • Crossing


    Reach the summit with a companion and return to the beginning.

    How to unlock Crossing

    See Companion.

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  • Love this game SOOO much, sadly, on my first playtrough, I had a genius companion which I rolled whole the game with, except for the last level :/ no trophy :/ but I didn't cvare, because it was SOOO awesome. Thx mate, whoever u are :)
  • Started at the snow level, got this trophy, but not the other one. So much for it counting from the snow level! But great game!
  • Finished the game 3 times starting from snow, each time game informed me I met only one guy, no trophy.
  • Any1 who wants to co-op the trophies pleass ping me on PSN: AnjeddiX
  • Same Here looking to Co-Op the trophies, add me PSN eccentricchris
  • Waiting for someone at beginning of snow ...
  • Thankyou fredericoasebra, I've got 2 remain online trophies :)

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