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    Uncover all 10 ancient glyphs.

    How to unlock History

    There are 10 hidden glyph's, view them all across multiple play-through's to unlock this trophy. Note that you must complete that chapter by walking into the meditation circle at the end, then after the cutscene walk thru the new path in order to save your collectible progress. See the collectible guide for full location information.

    The chapters with glyphs are:

    • Portal - 1
    • Bridge - 1
    • Desert - 2
    • Sunken City - 2
    • Underground - 1
    • The Temple - 1 (On this chapter, there are some story related glyphs that are required to progress. There is also one hidden glyph that needs to be activated for this trophy.)
    • Snow - 2
    • Sky - 0

    After you complete the game, you can see which chapters you have collected/missed glyphs on. Simply walk up to each chapter's building, and you will see frames on the wall - one or two frames depending on the amount of glyphs that chapter has. If the glyph is filled in, you collected it. If it's a blank frame, you need to jump into that portal and collect it. There is also one glyph on the chapter itself, see the collectible guide to locate it.

    Simply walk up to the stones surrounding the glyph to light them up, which will result in you collecting it.
      Here is a glyph that needs to be activated:

    Here you can see one being activated:

    Here is one that is full:

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  • I was missing the first two. At the portal I know I went in that building, but didn't think there was anything there. So I also missed the circle button explanation. Popped right after the second one.
  • Thanks plenty for this History trophy guide. I used it to know how many glyphs are there totally and the number of glyphs on each chapter. I also watched a video posted on You Tube by Slashbuddy24, that I found useful to trace each glyph, although I was missing only one glyph in the Temple. Here is a link for the video for anyone trying to get the History trophy. Link: https://youtu.be/OsRfL0g2iWw

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