Ancestors Trophy in Journey

  • Ancestors


    Find a mysterious creature hidden in the temple.

    How to unlock Ancestors

    On The Temple stage, light up all the glyphs required to progress. Instead of ending the chapter by sitting on the meditation circle, go back down and explore.

    Go towards the bottom of the center beam, two flights up for Ancestors:

    Or go to the same place you grabbed Symbol 3 & the Glyph:

    There may be other creatures as well, feel free to look around.

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  • flOw!! :)
  • Wow thats pretty awesome.
  • Hint: Fill the chamber completely and return to the room the cloth "dragon' comes out of.
  • I completely filled the room, but the dragon did not appear.
  • You have to fill the room and go down
  • aaa flowwwww :)))))
  • Is the creature only there for a limited time? I searched the whole place many times and i could not find it.

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