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  • Trials


    Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf.

    How to unlock Trials

    While playing the Underground chapter, early on you will encounter a guardian that has a spotlight beam. If it spots you, it will dive at you and viciously rip off a section of your cape. You should run inside the small hiding places, and run from one to the next directly after it passes. It has a very predictable route though, so it is quite easy to sneak past it, just by sticking to the left hand side!

    At the end of the level, it is very hard to avoid being noticed (it is possible though). By holding down , you will surf down fast to escape and earn this trophy!

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  • How?!
  • what chapter is this in?
  • What the...? Someone got this? Please tell how
  • When you're underground and the monsters start coming awake, you have to hidden form them and avoid their gaze. You only have to avoid getting hit in this underground section.
  • I stayed on the left side of the screen as much as I could. I came upon walls with windows, and I jumped up through them. In the last section there's two guardians watching the ground closely. Fly over them! When you see them from the entrance, rub up with your companion to refill the highlight on the scarf all the way, and then fly up and over them as far as you can go. You should land close or on the altar looking thing.
  • Like Naminatan said: Stick to the left and jump over the last two. My trophy popped when I entered the next level (so after the altar scene).
  • Stay on the left during the whole level and in the end go straight fast. You need to complete all the level.

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