Adventure Trophy in Journey

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    Pass through 15 gates while surfing through the sunken city.

    How to unlock Adventure

    Please use the collectibles guide for additional pictures that will help you navigate this chapter.

    On the Sunken City chapter, you will be sliding down for most of the level. For this trophy, you need to pass inside 15 gates. There are over 20 gates you can pass through in a run, so don't worry if you miss a few. Get a feel for the level, and you can just try it again using chapter select.

    Take the left side through some gates:

    Go around the giant pillar in the center for some more gates:

    Continue to the left for one more gate, then a level area.
    After you complete this small area, you will be surfing sand again.

    Get the gates in front, then cut hard to the gates on the right:

    There will be another batch of gates you can pass through:

    That's the end of the gates, Adventure will unlock if you pulled it off.

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  • This will pop immediately after going through the fifteenth gate.
  • This is much easier if you go to the right hand section as there are more gates
  • Passed through at least 18 gates and no trophy. Maybe because i came from chapter select?
  • You have to get 15 in a row.
  • how does this game determine whats in a row? you have to miss some of them

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