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    Discover all cloth creatures in the desert.

    How to unlock Explore

    Please use the collectibles guide for additional pictures that will help you navigate this chapter, and obtain the other trophy and collectibles at the same time.

    There are seven sections you will need to free cloth creatures.

    This chapter is confusing to navigate. Use the mountain as a reference for North.
    I am going to do this in the way I feel is fastest & simplest to navigate.

    From when you start on this chapter, walk directly N to cloth 1:

    Make a sharp right and go E to Cloth 2:

    NW to Cloth 3, directly North of Cloth 1:

    W to Cloth 4 and Glyph 2:

    NW over ridge to Cloth 5 and Symbol 2:

    N to a tower, climb it halfway to find Cloth 6 stuck:

    After the meditation circle, you will free the final set of Cloth Creatures:

    Explore trophy unlocks here if you got all of them.
    If you'd like, you can backtrack before jumping on the carpet...

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  • This seems very random...
  • There are eight in the desert, one or two (depending on if you're alone or with a companion) trapped in the building you climb at the end, and then after highlighting the altar(?) and releasing the trapped cloth creatures from the top, the trophy popped.
  • If you follow the cloth creatures as you release them they will bring you to all the trapped ones. However, they won't bring you to the desert flower or the glowing symbols.

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