Mirage Trophy in Journey

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  • This Trophy is for the game "Flower"! :)
  • Haha, yeah, they had a similar trophy in Flower as well. Perhaps it's a subtle nod to their other awesome title.
  • @3 It could be, I loved that game.
  • Could be a metaphor that they're working on a new Flower game, as it hasn't been forgotten :)- here's hoping!!
  • Obviously just a reference to Flower, like how they had the Flow reference in Flower.
  • anybody find this yet or have a link to how to find it on youtube or anything??
  • Why nobody make a trophy guide for this game ?
  • I found it. The flower is at the third level and it will be at you rigth after you release 3 clocth creature in the center. There is a little yellow flower in the sand !
  • this took me awhile

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