Threshold Trophy in Journey

  • Threshold


    Cross the broken bridge without completely rebuilding it.

    How to unlock Threshold

    Please use the collectibles guide for additional pictures that will help you navigate this chapter.

    For this trophy, you will need to have at least five symbols collected (which extend your scarf and allows you to jump high enough to accomplish this feat). After you beat the game, you can use chapter select to come back here freely.

    On the bridge stage, there are four broken segments. You would ordinarily activate all the cloth pieces to build the bridge, and then glide across. For this trophy however, you want to purposely avoid activating the first cloth, which is directly in the center of the first gap, and only activate the cloth's on either side of the broken bridge. You then double-jump to the top of the first cloth (do NOT hit or you will rebuild the rest of the bridge) and then jump up onto the first broken ledge. Glide across the remainder of the bridge and this will unlock shortly after.

    As most online companions will activate the first segment of the bridge, this is the one and only trophy I specifically suggest doing offline.

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  • This one is a pain. When I wasw going for it somebody got dropped in, and rebuilt the whole bridge. This kept me from the trophy.
  • I got this one by activating all the carpet sections except for the lowest one. Right beside the lowest step/tower is some fabric pieces; use these to jump and charge at the same time. Careful not to activate the last piece the is close by.
  • Every time I played, the other person would always build the first part of the bridge. After the fourth time, I just did it offline (the fifth time).
  • Love it when people seem to wonder how I fly over the bridge in the white cloak. They start running in circles sometimes.. ^^
  • A lot harder than I originally thought...
  • Do you really need 5 symbols for this? I thought I did it with just 3, could've miscounted though.
  • If you get someone with a white cloak, they'll probably know about this trophy and be willing to help you. If you both ping each other with O while in the air, you can essentially float endlessly. This will let you get up any of the parts of the bridge without 'building' it.
  • Just view the terms in the pause menu and decline them. This disables the online without having to sign out of PSN.
  • You can do this with just two red bridges. It is actually possible to go to the start on the ledge and keep trying to float up with the white robe.
  • Better to do this with white robe and a longer scarf.

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