Hardcore Fan Trophy in Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge

  • Hardcore Fan


    Complete Career Mode

    How to unlock Hardcore Fan

    To unlock this trophy, you must complete Career mode. The trophy will unlock when you have finished the career. It is easiest if you select ‘international only’ and simulate all your matches. You will need to play up to the year 2023, but cannot simulate multiple matches at once. It is also easiest if you select a team such as Germany or Spain, given that they are unlikely to progress past their group stages in the World Rugby Championship.

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  • To get this quickly, simulate all matches. All you got to do is complete the career
  • When you do simuate all matches start from 2011 till 2023 you will get Hardcore Fan trohy. Thank you Mr13 for hint tip it work great as if i do with out simuate matches it will take ages to finish it
  • Go canada as you only have to sim world cups
  • Mr13 is the mann thankz
  • Do this with an Internatinol team you play less matches

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