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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 26 (6, 14, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6-8+ Hours (Estimated Time to Plat)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Cleanup
  • Number of missable trophies: 0, Chapter Select is available post-game
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A


Being led by the fear of extinction, Mei and the rest of her crew set out to escape dread and find a habitable planet where they can attempt to live out the rest of their names, if not at least some years. The planet they end up finding is more dangerous than they would like, but they're willing to push through the hardship and create their own safety if it means their people will survive. You'll explore a variety of islands, discover the life that already inhabits them, and fend off the impending doom by fighting to survive against aggressive alien life that are far from welcoming. 


Step 1: Play through the game while going for all of the Landmarks on each island

To save yourself cleanup later on, it's highly recommended you work on discovering all of the Landmarks on each island as you progress through the game. These will already be marked on your map as "?"s, you just need to fly near them to actually "discover" them. The exception will be 2 landmarks in Tsosi that you won't be able to get until after you return to the island from Ozu (see Scout: Tsosi Massif trophy_silver.png for more info on those). If you ever get lost during the story, just press l1.png for an indicator on what you're supposed to be doing and where you need to go. After you've completed the story, you will unlock:

Embark trophy_bronze.png 
Deploy trophy_silver.png 
Scout: Shores trophy_silver.png 
Investigate trophy_silver.png 
Scout: Tsosi Massif trophy_silver.png 
Adapt trophy_gold.png 
Scout: Ozu trophy_silver.png 
Scout: Spires trophy_silver.png 
Persevere trophy_gold.png 

Step 2: Clean-up

Thankfully, there is a pretty decent chapter select available in the game that will split up the rather large chapters into smaller sections. This is only available after you complete the game and is great for clean up purposes. If you need anything from The Shores, load up II Deploy iii Towards Scout's Prospect. If you need anything from Tsosi, Ozu, or The Spires, load up III Adapt iii Mount Up. These two loads should be able to get you everything you might still be missing after you complete the story. Please see the individual trophies for more information on how to actually get them. After this step, you will earn:

Gathered Some Findings trophy_bronze.png 
Gathered Plenty Of Findings trophy_gold.png 
Rings Revealed trophy_silver.png 
Bolstered trophy_gold.png 
Scout Prowess: Glide trophy_silver.png 
Scout Prowess: Glide Traversal trophy_gold.png 
Scout Prowess: Long Punt trophy_silver.png 
Scout Prowess: Punt Grapple trophy_silver.png 
Scout Prowess: Surge Sprint trophy_bronze.png .
Scout Prowess: Surge Sprint Legend trophy_silver.png 
Scout Prowess: Tondril Slalom trophy_silver.png 
Soothing The Hoppas trophy_bronze.png 
Griefing Griefers trophy_silver.png 
A Brute's Breakfast trophy_bronze.png 
Brute Haul Legend trophy_bronze.png 
By Tsosi's Beard trophy_silver.png 
The Far Shore trophy_platinum.png 

JETT: The Far Shore Trophy Guide

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26 trophies ( 14  5  )

  • Obtain all trophies.

    Earn all of the other trophies to unlock this Platinum. 
  • Map all landmarks on Shores.

    Shores will be the first island you reach when you start the game and all of the landmarks will be available from the start. They're already marked on your map as "?" so just make sure you travel to each one to discover it. Once all of the "?" spots have been turned into actual landmark icons, the trophy will unlock. Make sure you get all of these before leaving the island, otherwise you'll need to use chapter select to get them. 
  • Map all landmarks on Tsosi Massif.

    Tsosi Massif will be the second island you reach in the game and will be the only island where you can't discover all of the landmarks on your initial visit. You'll be able to get all of them except for a Shelter near the middle of the map and anything in the lower right corner (there's a storm that you can't fly through). After you visit Ozu and Spires, you'll make your way back to Tsosi. At this time, you can get the remaining landmarks. There is a Shelter in the bottom right that doesn't quite match up with the location of the icon, it's more so on the cliff side versus being inland, so if you're having trouble finding that one, look towards the coast. 

    You want to get all of these before you complete the mission here. Once you make your way to the Khovd, you won't be able to return without replaying a chapter after you complete the game. 
  • Map all landmarks on Ozu.

    You'll visit Ozu and Spires in the same chapter and both will need to be done upon arrival. Ozu's landmarks will all be open from the start so just make your way around the map to clear any "?" you come across. Once they've all been turned into landmark icons, the trophy will unlock. 

    Make sure you complete these before returning to Tsosi. Otherwise you'll need to replay a chapter after completing the game to get them. 
  • Map all landmarks on Spires.

    The landmarks in Spires will all be available when you first reach the island and there's not that many, so you shouldn't need to spend too much time getting them all. Just make sure you turn all of the "?" on your map into landmark icons and when you do, the trophy will unlock. 

    Make sure you complete these before returning to Tsosi. Otherwise you'll need to replay a chapter after completing the game to get them. 
  • Inspect 13 living things.

  • Gather all findings from 25 living species.

    You'll earn Gathered Some Findings trophy_bronze.png as you go for this trophy. With your scanner equipped, press square.png when targeting any creature or plant to pull up some information on it. When you first scan something, there's a pretty good chance not all of the details will be available and some of the listings will be blocked out. To fill these out, you just need to keep scanning the same species a few times. Each creature/plant you scan has a chance to provide new information about the species, allowing you to fill up their tab. You need to do this with 25 creatures/plants to unlock the trophy. 

    You want to get this before you make your way to Khovd since that's the last island you can go to and most of the creatures/plants on it are the same as on the other islands. 
  • Reveal 7 hermetic ghokebloom by seeking out and dazzling rings of photoflor.

    The Hermetic Ghokebloom, for the most part, are surrounded by a ring of Photoflor (there will be 1 or 2 that have them more in a line than in a circle). 

    When you equip your light and flash it on the Photoflor, they'll light up and the Ghokebloom will bolster. You need to find 7 of these for the trophy, though there are, afaik, at least 8 available. The ones I was able to find are located on the following islands:

    Shores: 2
    Tsosi Massif: 3
    Ozu: 2
    Khvod: 1

    They are roughly in the following locations on the map:

    If you prefer to use a video guide as a reference for this one, please see below. 

  • Bolster 64 ghokebloom.

    Ghokebloom are flower patches that you need to "pop" (cross.png) to get them to bloom. You'll know when you're near one as there will be a brown-ish dirt circle on the ground with a few bloomed flowers around it. If you hold l1.png, these will also show up on your scanner. You need to bloom (or bolster) 64 of these for the trophy. Each one you bolster will increase your vapor tank (when you get it, of course) so you'll want to get as many of these as you can anyways. When you bolster one, your ghokebloom count will appear on the right side of the screen. You'll start off with 0 so as soon as your count shows 64, the trophy will unlock. 

    There are plenty of these around each island so just make sure you do a clean sweep before leaving each one and you should have this before you reach Khovd. If you don't, load up Chapter 3 Section III after you've completed the game and grind them out here. 
  • Glide for 45 seconds while remaining 47 m above the surface.

  • Glide from Spires to Ozu while remaining 47 m above the surface.

    You can get this and Scout Prowess: Glide trophy_silver.png in one go. You'll make your way to Spires in chapter III Adapt iii Mount Up. When you have to leave, you'll need to make your way back to Ozu. The flight is more than 45 seconds so again, as long as you stay above the 47m limit, you'll get two trophies. 

    It's recommended you have bolstered enough Ghokebloom to have at least 30 surges in your reserve tank for this. While on Ozu, turn on your scramjets, pull back on the ls.png, and press square.png to hop twice. This will put you above the 47m mark. Just fly straight East towards Ozu and keep hitting square.png (while holding the ls.png back) when you start to drop down so you keep yourself above 47m. Do not hit your surge. Make sure you just glide using only your scramjet the entire way. If you manage to get a Griefer on your tail while leaving Spires, double tap r1.png to release a vapor void-out to get rid of them. If you get a shock serpent on you when you get closer to Ozu, just keep pushing forward and as long as you're flying as straight as you can, you should be able to outrun them just long enough to make it to Ozu. 

    Once you've reached the main island of Ozu (not the rocks out to sea), the trophy will unlock. 
  • Jett through the hooped curls of 13 tondrils in 52 seconds or less.

    Almost every island you visit (save for Tor) will have hooped curls that you can fly through to pick up some vapor. As the description states, you need to fly through 13 of these in 52 seconds. The good news is, though, that it doesn't have to be 13 different tondrils. You can just loop through the same one (or same few) over and over again until you hit 13. This makes the trophy insanely easier than it otherwise would be and there are plenty of locations to get it done throughout the game. If you want to knock it out at the start, there's a line of 3 tondrils on the bottom right of Shores that you can easily loop to get this done quickly. 

  • Over solid ground, with scramjets toggled on, hold surge for 66 seconds without overload or interruption.

  • Over solid ground, with scramjets toggled on, hold surge for 144 seconds without overload or interruption.

    While this can technically be done anywhere depending on your flying skills, I highly recommend waiting until you reach Khovd since it's by far the most open area. You do not have to max out your surge bar for this trophy either. The surge simply needs to be active for a full 144 seconds without you breaking it or running into anything. You can actually press l2.png in about halfway and keep it there to keep your surge bar at about 50%, which will work just fine for this trophy. 

    Once you've found an open area, make sure you have a clear path for the next 2 minutes and some change, then go at it. If your surge stops or if you happen to run into anything (or if something attacks you), you'll need to start over. If you don't already have Scout Prowess: Surge Sprint trophy_bronze.png, you'll earn that along the way. Once you've hit 144 minutes, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Punt a grappled payload so that it travels 1 km or farther.

    You can do this at any point so long as you have access to the Sauma (yellow) and Pippa (pink) plants. As far as I could tell, these are the only two items you can pick up that aren't too heavy and won't deactivate your scramjet. Pick up either one with your grapple and face in any direction that doesn't have any obstacles in front of you. Turn on your scramjet and hit your surge to gain some speed. Hold and release square.png while holding back on the ls.png to punt the item in front of you. With the speed from the surge, it should be propelled well over the 1km required for this trophy. 
  • Punt volatile resin, then grapple it before it hits the surface.

    The earliest you'll be able to get this won't be until chapter III Adapt when you have to visit Tor. You'll actually learn how to create volatile resin to progress with the story, and from there on out, you'll be able to create volatile resin anywhere you can find resin deposits. For this trophy, you need to create volatile resin, punt it, then catch it with your grapple before it lands. Everything you punt will have a sort of floating animation to it so as long as you can get back under it quick enough, hit square.png to grapple it again and the trophy will unlock. 

    If you need to, hold the ls.png forward and press cross.png to dash forward, just in case you accidentally sent the resin flying further than intended. This should get you in a good enough position to catch it. 
  • Sedate a herd of hoppas.

    You can get this on the 1st island you visit in the game (Shores). Roughly in the middle of the map, there is a Sauma plant with a rather large heard of hoppas sitting around it. 

    Press cross.png to hit the plant with a Pop and it'll explode on the ground below. When the residue hits the hoppas, they'll become sedated and this trophy will unlock. 
  • Stun griefers with cinder chimneys, polypops, and vapor void-outs.

    You won't be able to get this until you reach Ozu, but it's recommended you get it done on Spires since it's much smaller and easier to get all 3 done at once. The Griefers are the enemies that sit in the tall oval-shaped structures. You need to stun them with the 3 techniques mentioned in the description. The Cinder Chimneys and Polypops are both found on Ozu and Spires. You need to do a pop nearby them (cross.png) and they'll both release a deterrent that will stun the Griefer. They look like the following:

    The Vapor Void-Out is an ability you can do once you receive your surge tank. If you have at least 2 surges in reserve, you can double tap r1.png to release a vapor cloud behind you that still stun the Griefers. If you can't get this ability to work, exit to the main menu and load back in. It should work properly afterward. 

    You can do these at separate times or all together, it's up to you. Once you've stunned at least 1 griefer with each method, this trophy will unlock. 
  • Help a brute feed on 5 pests in 44 seconds.

    Please note that it will most likely take a few tries to get this trophy to register as complete.

    You'll first come across the Brute on Tsosi. They're the little blue creatures that love to eat Pests. For this trophy, you need to either bring the Brute to the Pests or the Pests to the Brute. Pests are attracted to your shield and will eat away at it if you get to close. This will allow you to transport them to a Brute, but you'll need to be quick since if they break your shield, they'll stop following you. If you want to carry the Brute, you'll need to be super quick with it since you'll need to stun them before you can actually pick them up. Just make sure you feed 5 Pests to 1 Brute in 44 seconds or less and the trophy will unlock. 
  • Haul a brute 5 km from its point of origin.

    You'll first come across the Brute on Tsosi, but they're also found on Ozu and Khovd. Before you can carry a Brute, you first need to stun it with your light, then pick them up with your grapple. You won't be able to use your surge since the Brute is too heavy, so you'll need to use your dash to cover the distance. Hold the ls.png forward and press cross.png to do a "spin" dash forward and keep repeating this. After about 15 seconds or so, the Brute will wake up and jump out of your grapple. Stun it again (you made need to do it twice) and pick them back up with your grapple and continue along your path. Once you reach the 5km mark, the trophy will unlock. 

  • Contemplate Tsosi's visage for a time.

    When you arrive on Tsosi, you'll have to setup a home base after dealing with some Griefers. You'll be coming back to this base a few times throughout the game, so don't worry if you miss this on your initial visit. Just make sure you get it before going to Khovd. 

    When you first enter the base, you'll need to take off your gear before heading into the living quarters. In one of the doorways will be a portrait of Tsosi:

    Stand in front of the portrait and press l1.png to unlock the trophy. 

Secret trophies

  • Embark on an interstellar trip across a sea of stars to the far shore.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after you complete the tutorial and are ready to start your adventure. 
  • Deploy to the far shore and establish Ground Control on Scout's Prospect.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after you've left the Mothership and start making your way down to your new home planet. 
  • Investigate Tor's solemn cone and fathom the hymnwave.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after you've reached Tsoshi and need to make your way North to Tor. You'll return to Tsosi for some cutscenes.dialogue before it actually pops. 
  • Adapt to the far shore to overcome obstacles and survive.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after you've made your way to Ozu and shortly after to Spires. You'll return to Tsosi after completing your missions there which is when the trophy will pop. 
  • Persevere through adversity to synchronize datacores with Jao aboard the Mother Structure.

    Story Related

    This will unlock once you've completed the game and have made a safe haven for the Mother Structure to send down the rest of your people. 

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