• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Experienced Players) to 4/10 (New Players) (100% Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 11 (7, 4)
  • Online trophies: 1 (1)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-10 hours + 5-6 hours over 50 days (Estimated Time to 100% Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Many
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: Most of them (see below for details)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

WARNING: Do NOT import your save from the original Jetpack Joyride should you have it. This has been reported to cause nothing but problems with unlocking random trophies and regardless, given the ease of the list, you shouldn't have to import your data anyway because there's nothing particularly grindy on the list to begin with that can be made easier by importing your save.

Despite a patch that supposedly fixed this, some people are still having problems with trophies when importing a save, so don't import your save.


Step 1: Get Gadgets
First, you should focus solely on obtaining gadgets, specifically Token Gift, Free Ride, and Flying Pig for Rejected , Another Way In , and Crackling as well as 8 other gadgets for Mix 'N' Match . Do not focus on vehicle upgrades, outfits, or jetpacks as they count for nothing as far as trophies go and going for them will only make this step take longer. Along the way you should go for every other trophy in the game because this step should take you about 5-10 hours, depending on your skill with Jetpack Joyride and you should get 11 of the 12 trophies in this step.

Step 2: S.A.M. Challenges
Once you have everything else, just focus on playing the game for 50 days and obtaining S.A.M. on each of those days for your last trophy. See Strong Arm Tactics for more info on this trophy.

[PST Would Like To Thank Wdog-999 for this Roadmap]

Jetpack Joyride Deluxe Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 7  )

  • Fly over 2kms

    See Romeo Alpha Delta.

  • Start a game without breaking the laboratory wall

    For this trophy you will need the Free Ride gadget and once you obtain it, simply keep starting games with it equipped and killing yourself (restarting gives you the same vehicle you had it your last game) until you start with the Teleporter.

  • Win 3 Atom Blasts

    This trophy requires some amount of luck to get, though the process can be sped up with the Token Gift and Lucky Last gadgets as the former gives you a token at the beginning and is required for Rejected anyway and the latter, while not required for any trophy, ensures that your last Final Spin token gives you a prize. The Atom Blasts are denoted by a mushroom cloud much like that produced by an atomic bomb. Simply get three of these symbols in a row three times (does not have to be consecutive) and you'll obtain this trophy upon winning your third Atom Blast.

  • Get the Profit Bird twice in one game

    This trophy mainly comes down to luck, though using the X-Ray Specs and the Free Ride gadgets can help immensely. The former, while not required for any trophy, allows you to see what vehicle is in any given vehicle pickup, preventing you from wasting time on vehicles that aren't Profit Birds, and the latter is required for Another Way In anyway and allows you to start off with a vehicle, which could be a Profit Bird. If you decide to use the Free Ride gadget, keep killing yourself until you start off with a Profit Bird and once you get it, try to restart a game if you know you’re going to die before you get the second Profit Bird so you can keep your first Profit Bird.

  • Fly past the token gift without collecting it

    For this trophy, with the Token Gift gadget equipped, simply don't collect the spin token with a ribbon around it at the beginning. This token is magnetic and will get in your path, so try starting off on the ground and then flying straight up to the ceiling once it gets close so it goes past you before it can go up to you.

  • Blow up a flying pig with a missile.

    This trophy requires the Flying Pig gadget. This trophy can be a real pain since the missile and pig spawns are completely random and don’t always go at the same time. When you notice that there is a pig on the screen while a missile notice is on the right side of the screen, try to line up the notice with the pig before the missile position finalizes itself. Once the missile is in the path of the pig, just make sure you don’t die and the trophy will pop when the missile meets the pig.

  • Get toasted by a missile 3 times in a row.

    This trophy is incredibly simple. Just lose three games in a row due to a missile. When the missile notice pops up, just make sure that once it finalizes, you are directly in its path and you will get hit and die. Do this two more times without dying via laser or zapper in between and you will get this trophy.

  • Get a score of EXACTLY 200m.

    This trophy can be a real pain to get as you have to die and stop at exactly 200m. This can be difficult and sometimes is not even possible to do either, because the first random zapper in the game is too close to 200 or the game sends a barrage of missiles at you so planning anything becomes nearly impossible. Thankfully, each try doesn't take long at all. Simply try to die while heading downward into the bottom of the third zapper you see (the first one after the high zapper and low zapper that every game starts with) to prevent yourself from bouncing well past 200m. This should make you slam down to the ground and slide a couple of meters to your death. Keep doing this until you finally get that coveted score of 200m.

  • Fly over 5kms.

    This is arguably the hardest trophy in the game and will seem incredibly daunting to any new players. With that said, there are ways to make it easier. First, you should wait until you have some gadgets on you to make the game easier for you. Here are some good gadgets to use:

    • Instaball
    • Freeze-O-Matic (both of the above give you a fair amount of extra distance when you die)
    • Token Gift (can get you a blast item or second chance)
    • Turbo Boost (fires out three rings that boost you and eliminate all hazards during the boost)
    • Dezapinator
    • Missile Jammer (both of the above have a chance of deactivating their respective hazards, which may save you in a pinch)
    • Ezy-Dodge Missiles (makes missiles slower and thus easier to dodge)
    • Air Barrys (gives you an upward boost when jumping from the ground, making dodging ground zappers easier)
    • Gravity Belt (makes you fall faster, making dodging air zappers easier)

    Another method of making the trophy easier is to obtain a Super Head Start and a Final Blast from the Store or from completing the daily challenge. Once you obtain the items, back up your save to a USB/Computer (from PS3/Vita, respectively) or the Cloud (the latter is only possible with Playstation Plus) so you can just download that save if you fail instead of having to buy the items again. These items boost you 1500m and give you an explosion behind you that boosts you a fair amount of meters upon death, respectively, making them very useful for reaching large distances.

    Finally, this game also adds the S.A.M. vehicle, which is fairly easy to use for about 2000m or so and can help immensely towards 5km. The only downside is that this can only be used once per day but since Strong Arm Tactics requires you to use it a whopping 50 times, you'll use it plenty of times anyway.

  • Fly 2km without touching any coins, scientists or tokens.

    This trophy is made significantly easier by equipping the Nerd Repellant gadget which arrives very early on and is the cheapest gadget at a mere 2000 coins. For this trophy, simply go for 2000 meters without touching tokens, coins, or scientists. The Nerd Repellant gadget will eliminate scientists and touching the tumbleweeds that replace them does not affect this trophy, so you'll only have to worry about coins and tokens. I recommend sticking to the ground and going to the top when you have to, because there are now no scientists to worry about and many of the coin groups are spawned in the middle of the path. This may seem difficult at first, but it shouldn’t prove to be particularly difficult as long as you focus.

  • Equip 50 unique gadget combinations.

    This requires a minimum of 11 gadgets and will be your longest grind in the game, though it isn’t that bad as you will get many of your gadgets on your way to unlocking most of the other trophies anyway, so you will only have about 2 or 3 gadgets left to unlock by the time you obtain all of the other gadget-specific trophies. To help out with coin grinding, you can focus on missions as the level up rewards are fairly large and easy to obtain. Alternatively, you can simply equip the Token Gift gadget and, if you have it, the Lucky Last gadget and attempt to win coins through the Final Spin over and over again.

    It should also be noted that all combinations work, not just special combinations (the combinations that have special names), which is good since there are only 25 special combinations anyway. To avoid confusion I recommend that every time you buy a gadget, you place it in your second slot and switch out every other gadget you own into the first slot to get all possible combinations thus far with that gadget.

  • Complete the 5th day of the Daily S.A.M. Challenge 10 times.

    This is undoubtedly the longest grind in the game, though more in terms of real-life days than actual game time as each of the 50 sessions should only take 5-15 minutes each depending on your skill with the game and your luck in receiving S.A.M. tokens. Thankfully you do not have to play for 50 consecutive days, but rather 10x 5 consecutive days so you only have to go at it in 5 day bursts instead of a 50 day marathon. Unfortunately, however, the game checks the servers to see what time it is so trying to change the time on your system will not work just like with My Singing Monsters.

    The actual challenge resets at 12:00 AM (GMT 0:00) so whatever that time is in your section of this big, green world is when the challenge resets for you (for example, in Eastern US Time (no DST), the challenge resets at 7:00 PM each day as that time zone is (GMT -5:00)).

    Also of note is that if you play the game offline, your progress on the current challenge tier will be reset, so whatever you do, do not play this game offline.

    In order to complete the challenge, you must collect three blue puzzle piece tokens that, when merged together, spell S.A.M. This activates a huge robot whose arm, which works the same as your jetpack, serves as a shield against missiles, the only actual threat while in this vehicle because anything else would be impossible to dodge as the vehicle takes up the entire leftmost quarter of the screen.

    If you still need Romeo Alpha Delta , this vehicle can be a huge help to obtaining that as one can easily gain an extra 2000 or so meters in this vehicle before the missile patterns get too hectic. It's also helpful for coin grinding as the vehicle naturally collects every coin in its freakishly large path, prompting the game to give out large coin groups en masse, which can leave you with an extra 1000-2000 coins or so per S.A.M. use depending on how long you survive.

    If you don’t need Romeo Alpha Delta or any more coins then feel free to just let S.A.M. get hit by the first three missiles that show up, thus destroying it for the day. No matter how much you rule or suck with S.A.M., you'll still gain your one credit towards the daily challenge.

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