Angry Wings Trophy in Jetpack Joyride Deluxe

  • Angry Wings


    Get the Profit Bird twice in one game

    How to unlock Angry Wings

    This trophy mainly comes down to luck, though using the X-Ray Specs and the Free Ride gadgets can help immensely. The former, while not required for any trophy, allows you to see what vehicle is in any given vehicle pickup, preventing you from wasting time on vehicles that aren't Profit Birds, and the latter is required for Another Way In anyway and allows you to start off with a vehicle, which could be a Profit Bird. If you decide to use the Free Ride gadget, keep killing yourself until you start off with a Profit Bird and once you get it, try to restart a game if you know you’re going to die before you get the second Profit Bird so you can keep your first Profit Bird.

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