Daily Performance Trophy in Jeopardy!

  • Daily Performance


    Obtain a Daily Score of 5,000+ in a single Daily Challenge.

    How to unlock Daily Performance

    In the Daily Challenge, you must choose 6 categories out of the selection you are given to be the ones you will take on for it. Once select, you will be asked one question from each of those categories. Getting the question correct will give you points but the faster you answer will give you additional time points as well. By the end of the 6 categories, you want to have achieved a score of over 5000 points. This is very easy as long as you get most of them right and answer them quickly (I got 4/6 on my first try & still ended up with 5,600 points). Once you finish off a Daily Challenge with a score of more than 5,000 points, the trophy will pop.

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