• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (5, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 18-20+ Hours (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 30+ Games
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None


Jeopardy is a PS4 version of the TV game show of the same name. The basis of the game is to choose different dollar amounts in different categories and receive the answer, and you must come up with the question. There are two rounds with 30 answers in each one, followed by a final round where you risk your winnings on getting it right to earn more money than your opponents. This version is much easier than its counterpart as the questions are given as multiple choice instead of you having to actually enter the correct answers. In addition to being multiple choice, you can pause the game so you can just google to the answer if you don't know it as well.

Trophy-wise it is mainly for playing the game and winning the games and money as well as a few miscellaneous ones as well. Most of them can be obtained without much of an issue, but there are a few that are going to require you to answer a ton of different questions in order to achieve them.


Step 1 - Play a game and win it

Start a game on any mode and make sure that after Final Jeopardy you are the winner. While playing, you should also try to get a few of the other miscellaneous non-grind trophies.

By the end of this step you will obtain the following trophies:

  • Correct!
  • 1st place
  • Welcome!

Step 2 - Clean Up Remaining Trophies:

Now is the time to go back and finish up the remaining trophies by just playing regular games. You will probably have a few of them from the previous step, so just go after the ones you still need.

By the end of this step you will have obtained the following trophies (and the 100%):

  • High Risk
  • Good Grades
  • Fastest Player Alive
  • Specialist
  • Who is Rich?
  • Jeopardy! Master
  • Trigger Happy

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Title Update 1 DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 3 (3)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 4-6 Hours over the period of 7 days (Personal opinion)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 10 Games + 7 Daily Challenges
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


The DLC for Jeopardy, Title Update 1, is a small little addition to the game that focuses mainly on online related type trophies. They are very easy and not too time consuming but will take a few days to complete due to one of them requiring you to play challenges on multiple days in a row. The other two can be done fairly quickly and won't be much an issue at all.


Step 1: Play 10 Online Games:

Just play 10 online games with either friends or random players and complete them. I would suggest using quick games to make them go faster. Once you finish all 10 of the online games, you will get the following trophy:

  • Online Veteran

Step 2: Play 7 Consecutive Daily Challenges:

This step will have to take place over a few days as you can only play a Daily Challenge every 7 hours or so. You can select Daily Challenges from the main menu as the left most option. While playing though them, you want to make sure that you earn more than 5,000 points during one of them as well. Once you finish this step, you will have the following trophies:

  • Daily Performance
  • Daily Streak

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Jeopardy! Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 8  )

  • Correctly answer a clue.

    This will more than likely be the first trophy you get as you have to answer clues in order to get money to win the game. For this one all you need to do is answer a single clue correctly. After you do that, the trophy will pop.

  • Finish a match in 1st place.

    For this trophy you must play through an entire game and after you finish Final Jeopardy, be in first place with the most money.

    If you are struggling with this one, play a game with 3 controllers (or put the AI on easy) and have your opponents go into Final Jeopardy with $0 each by not answering any questions during the first 2 rounds while you have some positive amount, and then just don't wager any of your money so you will win regardless if you get the question correct. After you win a game in first place, the trophy will pop.

  • Wager over 25,000$ once.

    Before you try for the trophy, you must first get over $25,000 in the game. In order to wager money on a question, you must hit a daily double or wait until Final Jeopardy to do so. When you get to one of those two, just select to wager over $25,000 on it. You do not have to get the question correct, just make the wager. Once you do, the trophy will pop.

  • Finish a match with at least 10 correct answers.

    In a regular game there are a total of 61 answers in them (30 in Jeopardy!, 30 in Double Jeopardy! and 1 in Final Jeopardy!). You must finish a game while getting at least 10 of those correct.

    The easiest way to do this is to choose the categories that you are most familiar with and get as many of them correct as possible. To make this easier, you can play a game with 3 controllers (or AI on easy) so that you can make sure that you will get to buzz in for any question that you know without having to beat the computer to it. Once you finish a game that you have gotten at least 10 correct answers, the trophy will pop.

  • Buzz under 200 millisecond.

    For this trophy, you must buzz in to answer almost immediately after you are able to do so. You do not need to get the question correct, just buzz in quick enough. If you hit the buzzer before the question is done being read, it will lock you out for a second before you are able to, so make sure you time it right. There is about a 15 second window between when the question pops up and when you can buzz in.

    You can also get the trophy by buzzing in quickly after someone gets it wrong, which is a little easier to time out, so try that method if you are struggling with the start of clue buzzer. Just keep practicing to get the timing down until you are able to buzz in under the 200 milliseconds. Once you complete that task, the trophy will pop.

  • Correctly answer to all clues within a single category during a match.

    For this trophy you must get all of the clues correct in one category during Jeopardy or Double Jeopardy. To make this easier, select Family Mode and do an express game so that the questions are easier and there are only 3 clues in each category that you must get right instead of the normal 5.

    Another way you can make it a little easier is to play a game with 3 controllers (or AI on easy) so that you don't have to beat anyone to answer the clues that can screw up getting a chance at all of them. Once you answer all the clues within a single category in one game, the trophy will pop.

  • Finish a match with at least 75,000$.

    For this one you are going to need to get a minimum of $37,500 by the time you reach Final Jeopardy in order to even be able to attempt. You can earn around $18,000+ in Jeopardy & $36,000+ in Double Jeopardy if you answer all the questions correctly, not counting Daily Double wagers which can boost you higher depending on how much money you have at the time.

    When you reach Final Jeopardy, make sure to wager however much you need to get to the $75,000 point and then answer the question correctly. Once you finish a match where you end it with at least $75,000 in winnings, the trophy will pop.

  • Reach Master Rank 40.

    This one will take you the longest of all the trophies as it will require you to play numerous games in order to rank up to level 40. You rank up in the game the more you play by filling the category mastery bars.

    There are 4 different categories bars you must master (get to level 10 each): Academia, Pop Culture, Lifestyle, and Potpourri. Each time you complete one of the categories bars and raise up their level (unlocking new clues in them for future games), you gain a level yourself. You will earn about 3000xp for each category for each game you complete (you don't even have to play during them, just let the game play out to the end).

    You can view your progression for categories and yourself under the career option at the main menu. Just keep playing games to increase their levels while also raising yours. Once you reach the rank of 40, the trophy will pop.

  • Win 1,000 buzzers.

    For this trophy, you do not need to get 1,000 answers correct, you just need to be the first one to buzz in on them. With there being a total of 57 answers you can buzz in on during a single game (60 total minus the 3 daily doubles), you will need to play just almost a full 18 games where you buzz in on every question in order to achieve this one. Just keep playing games and buzzing in first on every question (answer if you wish or just let time expire). Once you have won your 1,000th buzzer, the trophy will pop.

  • Play your very first game of JEOPARDY!® in any mode.

    Select any of the different modes and just play through a full game and finish it. After you complete the game, the trophy will pop.

DLC: Title Update 1

3 trophies

  • Obtain a Daily Score of 5,000+ in a single Daily Challenge.

    In the Daily Challenge, you must choose 6 categories out of the selection you are given to be the ones you will take on for it. Once select, you will be asked one question from each of those categories. Getting the question correct will give you points but the faster you answer will give you additional time points as well. By the end of the 6 categories, you want to have achieved a score of over 5000 points. This is very easy as long as you get most of them right and answer them quickly (I got 4/6 on my first try & still ended up with 5,600 points). Once you finish off a Daily Challenge with a score of more than 5,000 points, the trophy will pop.

  • Play 7 consecutive Daily Challenges.

    Daily Challenges are ones that appear on your main menu screen as the far left selection. Once you finish one, you must wait 24 hours until the next one is available (it's based off the time on the Jeopardy! servers so advancing your system time will not help). Just keep playing them when they become available and once you finish your 7th consecutive Daily Challenge, the trophy will pop.

  • Play 10 online matches.

    Just as the description says, you must play 10 online matches. These can be against random opponents or friends if you wish. You do not need to win the games, just finish them. I would suggest doing quick games as they take less time and still count towards the playing an online match. Once you finish off your 10th online match, the trophy will pop.

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