Flawless Victory Trophy in James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

  • Flawless Victory


    Win 3-0 in 'Capture the Flag'.


    How to unlock Flawless Victory

    **Unobtainable due to online server closure**

    Again this trophy was only really obtainable with a boosting partner though it wasn't able to be unlocked in private matches. The way to unlock this was to arrange a public match with your boosting partner until you both got into a match, then have your partner allow you to capture the flag and return it to your base 3 times to win the match and pop the trophy.

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  • this can not be done on your own in private match
  • @1: I found that out the hard way :(.
  • Correction: this can be done in a private match with buddy - no need to set it to public match.

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